Can Dogs Eat Potatoes? Raw, Microwaved, or Boiled?

Yes, dogs can eat unseasoned, unsalted, and cooked potatoes in moderation. Cooked potatoes are a great source of vitamins, iron, and magnesium. They can improve the immune system and nervous system of your dog.

Never feed your dog raw potatoes. Since potatoes belong to the nightshade family (just like tomatoes), they contain solanine. It is a highly toxic compound for dogs. So, it is a good idea to cook or boil the potatoes before serving them to your dog.

170g of potato contains 160 calories, 36g carbohydrates, 4.2 g protein, 3.6 g fibers, and 0.2g fat.

Health benefits

Potatoes contain vitamins and minerals that include vitamin C, B6, iron, and potassium. These vitamins come with the benefits of improved immunity and heart health, as well as reducing the risk of various cancers. They provide your dog with health benefits, such as increased immunity and reduced anxiety.

Vitamin C has been demonstrated to support a healthy immune system and therefore may help reduce inflammation in the body. It can also reduce cognitive aging by reducing free radicals which may have a negative effect on the brain.

Potassium is an electrolyte and a critical mineral for your dog’s health. It helps with the electrical charges in your dog’s heart, nerves, and muscles. If there is any deficiency in your body, you may notice your dog being tired all the time.

Iron is a vital mineral for dogs. Without enough iron, the body can’t produce energy to keep cells functioning.


  • Feeding your dog raw potatoes is not safe, because they contain solanine and can be dangerous or deadly.
  • Potato skins contain oxalates. It’s not a problem if your dog eats them in moderation, but too many might cause kidney problems.
  • For diabetic dogs, potatoes should be avoided as they can lead to an increase in blood sugar levels.
  • Giving a dog too many carbohydrate-rich foods like potatoes will make them gain weight or other health problems.

How to feed potatoes to a dog?

How to feed potatoes to a dog
  1. Always consult your vet before introducing a new food.
  2. Buy organic potatoes.
  3. Wash and remove the potato skins.
  4. Cut it into small pieces.
  5. Boil it thoroughly. You can also cook or microwave it.
  6. Do not add salt, ketchup, or seasonings.
  7. Serve it by mixing it with regular dog food.
  8. The quantity of the potato should not exceed 10% of the normal dog diet.
  9. Feed potatoes occasionally. Do not feed regularly.

Can dogs eat sweet potatoes?

Yes, dogs can eat boiled sweet potatoes in moderation as they are a rich source of vitamins (A, B6, C) and minerals (Potassium, calcium, magnesium, and iron). However, do not feed raw sweet potatoes as they contain solanine.

Can a dog eat mashed potatoes?

Yes, a dog can eat mashed potatoes given that you roast them properly and do not add salt, seasonings, or any other additives. Just be aware that mashed potatoes have very little nutritional value for your dog.

Can a dog have jacket potatoes?

Yes, dogs can eat jacket potatoes ( baked potatoes) given that you remove the skin and do not add any oil, salt, seasonings, or additives to it.

Are potato plants poisonous to dogs?

Yes, potato plants can be toxic for your dog as they contain solanine (α-solanine and α-chaconine.). It is found throughout the plant, especially in green potatoes. So, do not let your dog eat leaves, tubers, or sprouts of the potato plant. If a dog has eaten any part of the potato plant, contact your vet immediately.

Can dogs eat potato chips?

No, you should not serve potato chips to your dogs. As they are fried in a lot of oil and contain additives like salt and butter, your dog can have gastrointestinal and heat issues after eating potato chips.

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