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Extreme Dog Fuel Elite Nutrition Dog Food Review

As dog parents, we always look for the best food for our furry buddies, right? But many dog food brands make false claims about the quality of their food, leading us to buy and regret them later.

Imagine going to a pet food store and finding all the brands, being honest with the ingredients they put into a recipe, telling us where the product is lacking, and so on. But that’s unlikely to happen anytime soon. And so, here I am to help you out.

Today, I’ll discuss one of the most talked-about Extreme Dog Fuel Elite Nutrition dog food.

Yes, this brand has many customer reviews raving about its products. But are they true, or are they just some other paid promotions?

From this detailed analysis of the dog food from this brand, you will have clear information about what they are offering and if they are a good fit for your doggo.

So, are you ready to find out?

Product Overview

Extreme Dog Fuel has multiple dog food products under its name. Here I’m going to talk about three most-loved recipes by dog parents.

Look at the following table to get a better idea.

ModelBrandWeightDoes It Meet AAFCO Requirements?
Pro-Athlete 30-20Extreme Dog Fuel40lbs.Yes
For Active Dogs 26-18Extreme Dog Fuel40lbs.Yes
For Puppies & Active Dogs 26-14Extreme Dog Fuel40lbs.Yes

About Extreme Dog Fuel Elite Nutrition Dog Food

Extreme Dog Fuel Elite Nutrition Dog Food

4.0 Overall Editor Rating

Extreme Dog Fuel

  • High quality source of carbohydrates
  • Maintains body condition during peak work periods
  • Extremely palatable
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Extreme Dog Fuel company is owned by Keith Dodson, who has over twenty-five years of experience studying food safety and animal nutrition. Also, he has more than thirty years of quality assurance expertise.

The brand believes in providing high-quality food at affordable rates. And that’s what they boast about on their official website.

They have many authorized dealers in the US. You can get their complete list from their website. Also, if you want, you can buy directly from the brand online.

Who is This Product For?

The Extreme Dog Fuel brand has a variety of dog food formulas that work on your dog’s specific needs.

You can get specialized food for athletic, active, pregnant, and growing puppies and dogs of all stages.

Also, they have two professional formulas filled with vitamins, minerals, and meat for balanced nutrition.

5-Factor Detailed Analysis of Extreme Dog Fuel Elite Nutrition Dog Food

5-Factor Detailed Analysis of Extreme Dog Fuel Elite Nutrition Dog Food

Here I’ll focus on five important factors, including recipes and ingredients, usability, nutritional analysis, price, and recall history of this brand, to help you make an informed decision.

1. Recipes and Ingredients

This dog food brand offers six formulas for your four-legged buddy. Here I’ll talk about three of their dry dog food recipes.

Pro-Athlete 30-20

This recipe is perfect for dogs of all stages. Whether you have a growing puppy, a nursing dog, or a pregnant dog, the Pro-Athlete formula from the house of Extreme Dog Fuel will meet their needs.

This formula is filled with high-quality minerals and vitamins that your dog needs to recover and heal from any injury faster.

What I like the most about this recipe is that it contains probiotics. This recipe will be a good match if you have a dog with digestive issues.

As I don’t like by-products and fillers in my pup’s food, the absence of soy, wheat, glutens, and corn in all the recipes from this brand has made me happy!

For Active Dogs 26-18

As the name suggests, this recipe from the house of Extreme Dog Fuel is meant for active working dogs.

It’s filled with high-quality carbohydrates, so your pup gets all the energy they need for regular activity.

This recipe is great for dogs with joint issues, as it contains chondroitin, glucosamine, and vitamin E.

The omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids make your dog’s coat healthy and shiny.

For Puppies and Active Dogs 26-14

For Puppies and Active Dogs 26-14

This dog food formula is meant for dogs of all life stages. If you feed it to your puppy, it will become healthy and strong when they enter adulthood.

My pup had issues with gaining weight. I can see a noticeable change after feeding one bag of this formula. Also, it has become more active.

If you are a parent to a pregnant dog, you can feed them this formula containing vitamin B12 and folic acid. It helps prevent depression, fatigue, poor memory, heart disease, and congenital disabilities.

2. Usability

When it comes to the usability of Extreme Dog Fuel Elite Nutrition dog food, I’m satisfied.

It is very easy to feed your furry buddy. All you need is to add water to it, and you are done.

If you’re unsure about how much of this brand’s dry dog food you need to feed your dog, you can look at their measurement list, which’s sorted according to your dog’s weight.

Their packaging is very good, allowing you to carry them anywhere.

3. Nutritional Analysis

Now that you know about the recipes offered by Extreme Dog Fuel Elite Nutrition dog food, it’s time to look at their nutritional value.

It will help you decide if it will meet your dog’s daily nutritional requirements.

NutrientContent (per serving)
Crude Protein (min)26-30%
Crude Fat (min)14-20%
Crude Fiber (max)3.5%
Moisture (max)10%
Calories421-485 kcal/cup

Looking at the chart above, you can tell that the Extreme Dog Fuel Elite Nutrition dog food follows the AAFCO standards well. It has good protein, fat, and fiber content.

Here are the primary ingredients used in this brand’s dry dog food recipes and the nutritional value they carry:

Chicken meal is the first ingredient used in most dry food varieties from this brand. So, what exactly is a chicken meal?

Well, it’s a meat concentrate. After going through a cooking process named rendering, you get a “meal.”

Did I tell you that chicken meal has about 300% more protein than fresh chicken?

However, some dog parents prefer fresh meat to these meat meals, and I’m one of them.

You can find brown rice as another primary ingredient used in their dog food recipes. It contains essential amino acids, manganese, magnesium, and B vitamins. And not to mention the high-quality carbohydrates that your dog gets from it.

The chicken fat in the recipes is a great source of linoleic acid. How does it help?

Well, it is one kind of omega-6 fatty acid essential for your pup’s health. It helps to maintain a healthy immune system, have shiny skin, and have proper overall growth.

This brand used sorghum as one of its first five ingredients. It is a cereal grain that is a bit starchy. And when it comes to its nutritional value, it has something similar to corn.

I don’t like corn in my dog food. But as this brand claims it’s gluten-free, I’m okay with it. It is an excellent source of antioxidants, dietary fiber, niacin, B1, zinc, iron, and B2.

The dried peas in the recipes are full of carbohydrates. Also, they have a greater content of dietary fiber.

When it comes to the protein content in dried peas, it is about 27%.

Looking at the list of ingredients, I found some that are controversial. I’ll talk about them here.

The brand has used brewers yeast in its dog food recipes. This is a by-product if you know about the process of making beer. And it can result in allergies in dogs. However, it depends on your dog.

That being said, this ingredient has a high content of minerals and other nutrients.

Canola oil is another ingredient that can be controversial. This oil used by many brands is often taken from genetically modified rapeseed.

But again, it is a powerhouse of omega-3 fatty acids.

4. Price

The mission of this brand is to provide dogs with the highest quality ingredients at the lowest price.

I’m highly impressed with the pricing of Extreme Dog Fuel Elite Nutrition dog food recipes.

The price for Extreme Dog Fuel Elite Nutrition for Active Dogs 26-18 in a 20-pound bag is $21.49.

The price varies depending on the variety you choose.

5. Recall History

Now, this is the section I’m feeling happy to write about!

Extreme Dog Fuel Elite Nutrition dog food has NOT faced any recall to date.

What Sets Extreme Dog Fuel Elite Nutrition Dog Food Apart from its Competitors?

What Sets Extreme Dog Fuel Elite Nutrition Dog Food Apart From Its Competitors?

What I liked the most about this brand is that they claim to offer the best nutrition for your dog at the lowest price possible.

Looking at the ingredients list, they have paid special attention to your dog’s nutrition. They want to maintain the quality of their formulas. And they have kept their pricing low too.

Should you Purchase Extreme Dog Fuel Elite Nutrition Dog Food?

It’s a YES from my side. This food is for you if you want pocket-friendly dog food with great nutritional value.


  • No glutens, soy, wheat, and corn
  • Formulas for all life stages
  • High-quality ingredients sourced from southern central US
  • Vigorous quality check
  • Great for dogs with digestion issues as it contains probiotics
  • The price of their products is pocket-friendly
  • No recalls


  • Not many varieties of recipes to choose from. They have a total of six recipes
  • No fresh meat in their list of ingredients

Our Rating



Nutritional Analysis


Overall Rating: 4


Here are some frequently asked questions about Extreme Dog Fuel Elite Nutrition dog food.

Is Extreme Dog Fuel Good for pregnant dogs?


Can I feed Extreme Dog Fuel to aging dogs with joint issues?



Extreme Dog Fuel Elite Nutrition dog food is great at providing your dog with balanced nutrition.

So, are you going to purchase it?

Let me know in the comment below!

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