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Farmina Dog Food Review (Feeding Guides)

Numerous dog food brands are available today, ranging from economical to premium options. Choosing one that will benefit your pet dog can be difficult.

I was in the same position a few months before when I stumbled upon a premium brand – Farmina Dog Food. It has gotten my dogs excited for meal times, which has been a great relief after a long ordeal of hits and misses with popular dog foods.

Although it has its origins in Italy, Farmina is an easily available and high-grade brand that I will review for you. Are you planning to introduce your pup to Farmina Dog Food? Then read the article to learn more about the brand. Also, get a glimpse of its recipes, ingredients, nutrients, price, and recall history!

ProductsTypeSpecial FeatureOur RatingAAFCO Nutrient Profile (Life Stage)
Farmina Natural & Delicious - Grain-Free Dry Dog Food Adult Medium BreedDryGrain-free and suited for active dogs3.5Adult
Farmina N&D Dry Dog Food Grain-Free - Herring And Orange Medium & Maxi AdultDryBoosts the immune system4Adult
Farmina N&D Canine Wet Dog FoodDryImproves digestion and higher nutrient absorption3Adult

At a Quick Glance: Farmina Dog Food

To all the eager pet parents, before we go into discussing the brand in detail, here’s a quick glance at it:

  • Came into existence in 2013
  • Produces high-quality dog food
  • Recipes are grain-free 
  • Meets AAFCO and European Union standards

All About Farmina Dog Food

Farmina Dog Food

4.5 Overall Editor Rating

Farmina Dog Food

  • Nutrient-dense, High-protein recipe
  • Coated with freeze-dried beef, pork, and lamb
  • The world’s finest ingredients
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An Italian family-run company, Farmina, produces pet food while making highly nutritious and natural pet foods based on reliable scientific research. Farmina entered the US market in 2013 and has been offering its premium products ever since.

The brand aims to offer your dog a complete range of products. It has quickly become a favorite of pet parents because of its AAFCO approval and also because it adheres to the standards set by the European Union.

Farmina is famous for using and promoting sustainable farming practices and conducting cruelty-free research only. Farmina Dog Food’s high-quality ingredients and emphasis on research make it premium. Dog food is free of artificial preservatives and GMO or genetically modified organisms.

Who Makes Farmina Dog Food In 2023?

If you’re wondering who makes these products, it’s Farmina Pet Food Holding. It’s headquartered in Italy. The company manufactures all dog foods in its four manufacturing facilities in Italy, Brazil, and Serbia.

5 Factor Analysis of Farmina Dog Food

5 Factor Analysis of Farmina Dog Food

Are you ready to know if this brand of dog food is the best fit for your furry friend? Let’s find out with my 5-factor detailed analysis.

1. Recipes

Farmina Dog Food offers a wide range of products for every dog, depending on the age, breed, and even size. Here are some of the most popular recipes offered by the brand:

Farmina Natural & Delicious – Grain-Free Dry Dog Food Adult Medium Breed

  • Free of grain and gluten
  • Help boost the immune system
  • An abundance of essential nutrients.

The Farmina N&D is a unique recipe that contains pumpkins. It’s a kibble that contains abundant protein, made with limited and selected carbohydrate ingredients.

Do you want to ensure your pup gets the much-needed nutrients without spiking the blood sugar level? Then this will be an excellent option for your dog, irrespective of size and age. Natural and essential omega fatty acids can help promote healthy skin, helps manage weight, and manage your dog’s skin or coat.

Farmina N&D Dry Dog Food Grain-Free – Herring And Orange

  • Has real fruit and vegetables
  • A balanced meal
  • Best for dogs with grain intolerance

The recipe has herring and orange, which is excellent for dogs with gluten intolerance. It is also packed with the goodness of fish. But it can cause a noticeable odor.

Other ingredients include dry oranges, apples, pomegranates, and spinach. All these provide essential nutrients and antioxidants. On the other hand, sweet potatoes offer both fiber and healthy carbohydrates.

But remember to consult a vet before feeding it to your dog.

Farmina N&D Canine Wet Dog Food

  • Free of binders and gums
  • Great for picky eaters
  • No grains, fillers, or preservatives
  • Works as a food topper

This wet dog food has the presence of only high-quality food ingredients in it, which will help meet your dog’s dietary as well as nutritional needs.

The recipe also stands out as it’s GMO-free. This wet food for dogs can help improve intestinal health and increase nutrient absorption. After feeding this recipe, you will notice a noticeable improvement in your dog’s overall health. Shocking right? But it’s true!

Our Rating

Given the range of recipes offered by Farmina Dog Food, it is an ideal choice for pet parents with dogs who are picky eaters. I like that I can try different recipes without having to change the brand and upset my dog’s digestive system!

2. Ingredients

After recipes, the second most important thing about a pet food brand is the ingredients it uses in the formulas. Some of the most common ingredients that go into Farmina Dog Food are:

Animal Protein

Farmina Dog Food uses animal meat as the primary protein source, like chicken, eggs, fish, and lamb.

Some recipes include dehydrated chicken meat derived from Italian chickens that are freshly slaughtered and completely free of feathers or other animal waste products. This ingredient has a high biological value protein and a digestibility of 95%.

The manufacturers also add fish from Scandinavia with low chloride and higher protein content, which will greatly benefit your dog. Farmina products also contain dehydrated lamb that comes from New Zealand and is completely healthy.


We all know the high nutritional value of eggs, so can’t ignore their significance for canines. Farmina Dog Food uses dehydrated egg content that preserves the nourishing elements and offers more protein.


Although many Farmina Dog Foods are entirely grain-free, some may include grain ingredients like oats and spell. These two ingredients tend to be less processed than most grains. They add an abundance of nutrients and fiber to the dog’s diet, making the recipe ideal for pups that need vitality and energy.


Farmina also includes a few vegetables to ensure their recipes meet canine dietary needs. You can find sweet potato as a common ingredient as it is a gluten-free source of complex carbs, dietary fiber, and even beta-carotene.

If you want to offer more fiber, pick Farmina products because they contain pea fiber, a mix of soluble and insoluble dietary fiber.


Until now, the ingredients might sound like that of any other brand, but what makes Farmina unique is the inclusion of powerful supplements. Manufacturers add turmeric, marigold, green tea, aloe vera, and rosemary to your dog’s food.

I know it might sound strange, but Farmina conducts extensive research on each supplement before adding it to your dog’s food to ensure the pup gets maximum benefits.

Not just that, Farmina also adds chelated minerals, often found in high-quality dog foods, to help absorb protein more easily. Farmina also incorporates prebiotics and probiotics, like inulin, to boost digestion.

Our Rating

Whether quality, quantity, or variety, Farmina Dog Food stands out regarding ingredients. It is a great dog food brand that offers a balanced diet to canines to maintain overall health.

3. Nutritional Analysis

Let’s look at the most important numbers now. Yes, you’ve guessed it right; it’s the nutrient level of the dog food. This table will tell you about the nutritional analysis of Farmina Dog Food as per the product labels.

NutrientContent Per Serving
Calories3,890 kcal/kg

As per the guaranteed analysis given by Farmina Dog Food, their recipes have a dry matter protein level of 30%, while the fat level is 20%, and carbohydrates are around 35%.

Our Rating

Farmina is a great choice for me as it has above-average protein and fat content in the products, while carbs are below the average when you compare it to any other dry food.

Some recipes include brewers yeast and alfalfa meal, which has a protein-boosting effect. However, it still contains a good amount of meat protein.

4. Price

Farmina is a premium brand that offers complete and balanced canine nutrition but comes at a premium price. Compared to other dog food brands in the market, Farmina will be on the higher end.

The Farmina N&D Herring & Orange Dry Dog, Food Grain-Free Medium & Maxi Adult, costs $119.95 for a 26.4 lb bag.

Our Rating

Although the products offered by Farmina Dog Food are on the expensive side, the premium ingredients and safety standards used to manufacture will make it worth the price. If you want only the best food for your pup and don’t mind spending a little extra on health, this is ideal!

5. Recall History

A product recall is a good indicator of the company’s safety procedures and how proactively they take care of it. Given the strict procedures set in place, Farmina Dog Food has never been recalled yet.

Our Rating

Farmina Dog Food is a safe and high-quality option as the manufacturers follow all the strict norms and procedures for sourcing and making the recipes.

What Sets Farmina Dog Food Apart from its Competitors?

What Sets Farmina Dog Food Apart From Its Competitors?

The company says it gives due diligence when selecting the raw material. But is it true? After a lot of research and from my own experience, I can confidently tell you that the company sources ingredients from all over the world to ensure your pup gets nutritional and biological value.

As a pet parent, you can let go of your worries about the quality. Farmina uses products that are safe and meet the nutritional needs of dogs. And you know the best part? The raw materials used are even fit for human consumption.

All the above ensures that the finished product promotes your dog’s overall well-being!

Should You Purchase Farmina Dog Food?

If you’re still wondering whether to buy Farmina Dog Food or not, my answer would be a definite yes if you’re looking for something premium. You will get top-tier recipes made with natural ingredients blended into delicious recipes.

The brand uses scientific research to ensure each formula offers the right nutrition to your pet dog!


  • Premium dog food
  • Formulas based on scientific research
  • Local and global ingredients 
  • Free of fillers, preservatives, GMOs, and byproducts
  • Wide range of recipes 
  • No history of product recalls


  • Can be expensive
  • Not easily available
  • It may require shipping

Our Rating



Nutritional Analysis


Recall History

Overall Rating: 4.5

I would give it full marks since Farmina Dog Food is a premium and safe dog food brand. However, the higher price and unavailability taints the otherwise great reputation of this brand.

Since the company is based in Italy and primarily available through online retailers, I have faced longer shipping distances, which led to delays and unavailability.

Farmina Dog Food Feeding Guide

Almost every pet parent knows it’s best to start slowly and gradually increase the intake of new dog food. Here are the feeding guidelines given by Farmina:

Dog Weight (Adult)Recommended Daily Quantity (Grams/Cups)
1 kg18 - 32 g / 0.25 - 0.33 c
5 kg60 - 110 g / 0.66 - 1 c
10 kg105 - 180 g / 1 - 1.75 c
20 kg175 - 310 g / 1.75 - 3 c
30 kg235 - 415 g / 2.5 - 4.25 c
40 kg290 - 515 g / 3 - 5.25 c
50 kg345 - 610 g / 3.5 - 6 c 
60 kg400 - 680 g / 4 - 6.6 c
70 kg450 - 750 g / 4.5 - 7.5 c

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Vets Like Farmina?

Yes, vets like Farmina Dog food, as it includes a balance of nutrients and is relatively safe with no product recalls.

Is Farmina AAFCO Approved?

Yes, Farmina Dog Food is AAFCO approved. It also meets nutritional standards set by European Union to measure safety.

What Are The Benefits Of Farmina Dog Food?

Farmina Dog Food can help improve the digestion and immunity of your pup. It can also promote overall wellbeing.

Final Thoughts

Farmina offers the right nutrients to your pups. Even though it is expensive, quality ingredients make it worth the money. Can you afford the product? Want only the best for your dog? Then, this is a good pick. But do talk to your vet before introducing it.

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