How to keep ants out of cat food

How to keep ants out of cat food? 7 easy ways

When it comes to feeding your cat, ants can be a real issue. They would snatch their food and sometimes deprive them of it. After all, would you eat your food if it contained a swarm of ants? Here’s how to keep ants away from your cat’s food.

8 easy ways to keep ants out of cat food

1. Clean the food bowls regularly

Ants are drawn to crumbs and any food that has been left behind. Wash the bowls at least once every two days, preferably more often. If you have an ant issue, this is critical.

Rinse thoroughly with fresh, clean water and use a cat-safe detergent.

2. Prevent ant invasion

Food should be stored in an airtight plastic bag. Instead of leaving cat food in the package, move it to a plastic container after opening the bag. There is a variety of these available that are specifically made for pet food.

3. Make sure the feeding area is clean

Keep the food area clean to deter ants from being involved in it in the first place. When your cat has finished eating, sweep up any crumbs or discarded food. To discourage ants from approaching, mop the floor with vinegar or lemon mixtures.

It may be best to leave the bowl out during certain hours but leave it inside when your cat is not eating.

4. Do not serve food in an open space

Create a barrier around your cat’s food bowl. Certain substances are effective at repelling ants.

  • With chalk, trace a circle around the cup.
  • A newspaper should be placed under the bowl, and a line of ground cinnamon, coffee grounds, chili powder, or ash should be around the bowl.
  • Petroleum jelly the lip of the food jar.
  • Vinegar or lemon juice may be sprayed on the floor around your pet’s bowl. 1 tbsp. Vinegar or lemon juice 1 tbsp. Water Fill a spray bottle with the mixture and spread it around the bowl to create a boundary.
Ants in cat food
Ants in cat food

5. Change the feeding area

Additionally, you can relocate the bowl. As a result, the ants would be unable to locate it. If ants begin to enter the room, relocate the bowl away from the ant colony.

6. Use essential oils

  • Peppermint essential oil can be used in damp cloths to clean up around your cat’s bowl. The pungent smell will deter ants.
  • Try wiping the bowl floor with a cotton ball covered in citrus oil to deter ants.
  • Although essential oils are organic products, they can be toxic to cats. Keep essential oils wet and well-diluted if you apply where it might accidentally lick them.

7. Use petroleum jelly

An effective way of preventing ants from reaching the food is to smear petroleum jelly around the exterior of the food bowl. The ants struggle to climb the slippery floor.

Also, you can add this as an extra line of defense to the outside of the moat container.

8. Use a lure

If you place commercial ant bait under a cat-safe box next to the bowl, you can generally keep the ants away from the bowl. Make sure there is only a tiny hole for the ants to enter. At the same time, make sure your cat cannot reach the bait. Make sure there is a small hole in the bowl just big enough for ants to enter the bait. Nonetheless, do not allow your pet to chew on the bait.


We discussed how to keep ants out of cat food? Remember that, it’s your duty to feed your cat properly. If there are a lot of ants, your cat might catch an allergy or refuse to eat the food. As a result, there can be various health issues. Always make sure to feed properly, on time, every time.

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