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Luvsome Dog Food Review: Pros, Cons, And Ingredients

When we wonder what to do for our next meal, it can often be confusing to decide what kind of cuisine to go for or which category of healthy food options to choose. However, when it comes to pets, we humans are even more careful when choosing the right food for them.

The market these days is filled with plenty of options for dog food, be it wet food, dry food, treats, and so much more. Walking into the aisle that contains pet food almost feels like finding yourself in a maze of products while you’re thoroughly confused about which route to take.

You may have heard about some brands, but you still need to determine whether they will be good for your dog. Luvsome Dog Food, for example, is a popular choice among dog owners. However, is it suitable for your doggo? Will it be beneficial for them?

Fortunately for you, we’re here to answer all your questions. I’ll provide an in-depth review of the brand’s products and how they fare based on five important factors: recipes, ingredients, nutritional analysis, price, and recalls.

So, if you have been searching for Luvsome Dog Food reviews, we’ve got you covered. Let’s get into it, shall we?

ProductsTypeSpecial FeaturesOur RatingAAFCO Nutrient Profile (Life Stage)
Luvsome Healthy Weight FormulaDryRich in protein and contains 35% less fat than the original recipe3.5All life stages
Luvsome Natural Real ChickenDryPacked with the goodness of real chicken4All life stages
Luvsome Skin & Coat with SalmonDryGreat for older dogs4All life stages
Luvsome Filet Mignon Flavor and Porterhouse FlavorWetA perfect balance of nutrients in a big pack3.5All life stages

At a Glance: Luvsome Dog Food

Here are some key highlights of Luvsome Dog Food that will be discussed in detail later in this review.

  • An affordable and decent option for dog owners.
  • The brand has never had any recalls.
  • Luvsome can be purchased on multiple platforms along with the Kroger stores.
  • Although the recipes are limited, there are options for wet and dry food and dog treats.
  • Some of their products focus on older dogs.

About Luvsome Dog Food

Luvsome Dog Food

4.0 Overall Editor Rating

Luvsome Dog Food

  • Filled with essential vitamins and minerals
  • Chicken meal is the first ingredient in this formulation
  • Contains 35% less fat in comparison to the original recipe
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Luvsome Dog Food, or the brand Luvsome in general, is owned by Kroger, one of the biggest retail companies in the United States of America with multidepartment stores and supermarkets nationwide.

Kroger has been around since 1883, creating a loyal customer base and giving them access to various products, including dog food, through a brand like Luvsome. Because of the company’s popularity, many pet owners eventually learned about Luvsome, looking into their recipes for their dogs.

Not only are Luvsome’s products available at Kroger stores, but you can also find them on Amazon and several other websites, making it easy for individuals to buy and access them even from the comfort of their homes.

Who Makes Luvsome Dog Food in 2023?

Kroger is responsible for making products in the various ranges belonging to Luvsome Dog Food. The company’s headquarters are in Cincinnati, Ohio. But the manufacturing of these dog food is done outside of this facility.

The information regarding where exactly Luvsome Dog Food is manufactured needs clarification. But most grocery companies, such as Kroger, delegate this task to third-party manufacturers, where their pet food is usually produced.

That said, the company invests in quality and delicious ingredients from trusted sources to bring the best possible products for their customers, constantly searching for healthy and delicious pet options.

Five-Factor Analysis of Luvsome Dog Food

Five-Factor Analysis of Luvsome Dog Food

The products from Luvsome Dog Food contain options for treats, wet food, and dry food. I will present you with a five-factory analysis of the brand that will give you a better idea of the available commodities and their overall worth.

1. Recipes

The recipes from Luvsome Dog Food are formulated to make choices available for your puppies and older dogs. Let’s now look at some of the interesting recipes from this brand and delve deeper into the formulations.

Here are some of their most popular recipes:

Luvsome Healthy Weight Formula

  • Contains 35% less fat in comparison to the original recipe
  • Chicken meal is the first ingredient in this formulation
  • Filled with essential vitamins and minerals

The imperative bit that sets this particular recipe apart is that it contains 35% less fat when compared to Luvsome’s original recipe, making it a healthier option for your dog.

With chicken meal being the topmost ingredient, it packs in the protein your dog requires to develop their muscles. It also aids in boosting their immunity. By maintaining the health of their joints, chicken meal keeps your pet active for extended periods.

The soybean hulls in this recipe are a source of dietary fiber for your dog, and this works well if you’re looking for a concoction with fewer calories.

Luvsome Natural Real Chicken

  • Real chicken is the primary ingredient
  • Contains whole grain corn and whole grain wheat
  • Rich in fiber and carbohydrates

This recipe combines grains like corn, wheat, brewers’ rice, and barley to ensure your dog gets its substantial share of dietary fiber and carbohydrates.

Since chicken is the primary ingredient in this product, it packs in a solid amount of protein. It contributes to the percentage of healthy fats. By consuming this recipe, your pet derives nutrition from the poultry by-product meal.

Luvsome Skin & Coat with Salmon

  • The key ingredient is real salmon improves the skin and coat health of dogs
  • Improves the skin and coat health of dogs
  • Serves as a tasty treat

If you have been looking for a recipe that will keep your dog’s skin healthy and its coat shiny, this is the one you should be grabbing. The reason that this product helps accentuate the beauty of your adorable dog is that it has salmon as its main ingredient.

Salmon contains omega-3 fatty acids in plenty. As a result, it aids in supporting your pet’s immune system, helps with inflammation, and preserves the health and appearance of their skin and coat.

Luvsome Filet Mignon Flavor and Porterhouse Flavor

  • Power-packed combo of ingredients
  • Helps in a dog’s initial stages of development
  • Boosts the immunity of dogs

The 12-bowl variety pack contains beef in the form of filet mignon and porterhouse steak, with six quantities of each type. These recipes aim to provide your dog with a mix of delicious flavors along with nutritional benefits.

Beef helps build your dog’s muscles, keeps their skin and coat healthy, and assists in their holistic development. As it’s a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids, these recipes are a positive burst of protein for your dog.

Our Verdict | ★★★

The only drawback about Luvsome’s recipes is that there isn’t enough variety. However, the recipes contain plenty of nutrition to make up for it.

2. Ingredients

The recipes from Luvsome Dog Food contain numerous ingredients.

However, let’s zoom in on some of the most common and primary ingredients utilized in their products:


Since chicken is rich in protein, it is a wonderful source of energy for dogs. It makes their skin and coat shine due to omega-6 fatty acids and helps build lean muscle mass.


Although grains such as wheat are often considered non-essential in dog food, they do bring about certain benefits, as they contain a balance of proteins and carbohydrates, ensuring your pet enjoys a wholesome meal. Wheat can often aid digestion while filling your dog with loads of energy.


Not only is corn safe for dogs when fed to them in moderate amounts, but it is also packed with antioxidants, carbohydrates, and protein. The amino acids present in corn helps in the maintenance of a dog’s skin, muscles, and hair.


Brewers’ rice is a recurring ingredient in several of the products from Luvsome Dog Food. Considered a highly digestible carbohydrate, it fills your dog with energy.

Controversial Ingredients

Now that we have discussed some of the central ingredients from the brand Luvsome Dog Food, it’s time to shed light on the ingredients that could be considered iffy. Those controversial ingredients include:

Brewer’s Yeast

Since brewer’s yeast is a by-product of brewing beer, it can be toxic to dogs. It can also harm the health of your dog’s intestines and stomach.

Corn Gluten Meal

Corn gluten meal is often considered a cheap protein source in dog food. It’s not a highly digestible ingredient and can also cause dog allergies.

Our Verdict | ★★★

Although the brand contains controversial ingredients in its recipes, it is also filled with protein, including elements such as chicken and beef. However, if your dog is allergic to elements such as grain and soy, you must be careful with Luvsome’s products.

3. Nutritional Analysis

NutrientContent (per serving)

The table above displays the average nutritional content present in most of Luvsome Dog Food’s products. After looking at the percentage of protein, you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that your pet will receive a substantial amount of protein through their products.

The fiber content seems manageable enough for a dog’s everyday meals, and the carbohydrates at 50% strike the perfect balance for your dog to have all the energy required for daily activities.

Author’s Note: Please remember that the nutritional content can vary from recipe to recipe in the Luvsome Dog Food products. Check the guaranteed analysis for every recipe to ensure it meets your pet’s dietary requirements.

Our Verdict | ★★★★

The overall level of nutrients present in Luvsome Dog Food’s recipes seems quite satisfactory. They ensure to provide a well-balanced diet to your pet, keeping them healthy and thriving.

4. Price

Luvsome Dog Food is a relatively affordable brand when it comes to dog food. For instance, a 25 oz bag of treats costs about $9, and the wet dog food from this brand, too, costs less when compared to the other brands in the market.

Our Verdict | ★★★★

Certain dog food brands can be heavy on your pocket. Luvsome Dog Food, however, aims to provide more cost-effective options to its customers, making the brand more accessible.

5. Recall History

Luvsome Dog Food has never had any recalls, a huge plus sign for the brand.

How Does Luvsome Dog Food Fare to its Competitors?

How Does Luvsome Dog Food Fare to its Competitors

Some of Luvsome’s competitors include Pedigree, Blue Buffalo, and Hill’s Science Diet.

One feature that makes Luvsome Dog Food an attractive option for prospective buyers is that it has recipes rich in nutrition at an affordable price compared to some of the major brands in the pet food industry.

Although it has a few ingredients that may not be suitable for all dogs, pet owners can choose the products based on their dog’s age, breed, and allergies.

Luvsome Dog Food: To Buy or Not to Buy?

After evaluating several factors, it’s safe to say that Luvsome Dog Food is an excellent budget-friendly option for those looking for good quality ingredients and recipes for their dogs.

The mixture of essential nutrients, such as protein, carbohydrates, and fiber, makes the recipes from this brand substantial for not only the puppies in the initial stages of growth and development but also the older dogs.

Make sure to verify the list of ingredients for each product to verify whether it will be healthy for your pet. You would do well to browse through the list of their wet dog food products, dry dog food recipes, and delicious treats that your furry little friend will enjoy consuming.


  • Decent quality products at an affordable price range
  • The products can be purchased in-person or online across numerous websites
  • Real meat used in most of the recipes
  • The brand has never had any recalls to date


  • The brand doesn’t offer too much variety in terms of its products
  • The presence of certain controversial ingredients could be concerning to some customers

Our Rating



Nutritional Analysis


Overall Rating: 4.0


Who owns Luvsome Dog Food?

The Kroger company owns Luvsome Dog Food.

Are the Luvsome Dog Food products available at Kroger’s stores?

Yes, the products from Luvsome Dog Food are available at Kroger’s stores.

Can I buy Luvsome Dog Food from Amazon?

Yes, Amazon does have the recipes and items belonging to Luvsome Dog Food.

Does Luvsome Dog Food have dry and wet dog food options?

You can find dry and wet dog food options among Luvsome Dog Food’s products.

Can I find recipes for older dogs in the ranges from Luvsome Dog Food?

Yes, Luvsome Dog Food makes recipes catering to older or adult dogs.

Has Luvsome Dog Food ever had any recalls?

No, Luvsome Dog Food has never had any recalls.


The reasons you might want to consider Luvsome Dog Food for your pet include good quality ingredients, affordability, and high levels of nutrition.

Before introducing your pet to a new brand, conduct thorough research and consult your vet. They can give you their expert opinion about the recipes that will be best suited for your adorable companion.

I hope this review has provided you with a comprehensive view of the brand and its products so you can make an informed decision.

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