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Member’s Mark Dog Food Review (2023, Updated)

Get ready for wagging tails, folks! This updated review for 2023 has got your furry friend’s best interests in mind. Member’s Mark, the pup-pleasing private enterprise that’s part of the retail giant Walmart, is here to share their top-notch and affordable dog food options. You can find them exclusively at Sam’s Club stores and online.

If you’re feeling lost in a sea of dog food options, don’t fret! This review will take you on a journey to discover what sets Member’s Mark apart from the pack. From the ingredients they use to the recipes they offer, you’ll have all the information you need to make an informed decision.

To ensure a fair and comprehensive review, I’ve picked five of Member’s Mark’s top dog food products and put them through the wringer. I have evaluated them based on five crucial factors: the recipes, the ingredients, the nutrition, the price, and their recall history. So take hold of the leash, and let’s jump in!

ProductsType Special FeaturesOur RatingAAFCO Nutrient Profile
(Life Stage)
Member's Mark Chicken & Brown Rice (Puppy)DryGrowth Support3.5/5All Life Stages
Member’s Mark Complete Dog FoodDryComplete Nutrition2.5/5All Life Stages
Member's Mark Exceed Lamb & Rice RecipeDryReal Lamb4/5Adult Maintenance
Member's Mark Grain-Free Salmon and Pea RecipeDryWild-caught Salmon4/5Adult Maintenance
Member's Mark Grain-Free Chicken & Vegetable RecipeDryHigh Protein And Grain-Free4.5/5Adult Maintenance

At a Glance: Member’s Mark Dog Food

Here are some highlights about Members Mark’s dog food that will be discussed in detail later in this review.

  • A high-quality and affordable option for pet owners.
  • Uses real meat as the primary ingredient and wholesome ingredients like sorghum, brown rice, Menhaden fish meal, flaxseed, dried egg product, and brewer’s yeast.
  • Most products are grain-free, with no by-products or artificial preservatives.
  • All 30-35 lb products are priced around or under $40.
  • Had a recall in 2021 for Member’s Mark Beef Stick Dog Treats due to potential metal contamination.
  • Some ingredients, like animal fat and Menadione Sodium Bisulfite, are controversial and might cause concern.

Before we get to the products, let us discuss the brand and its history.

About The Member’s Mark Brand

Member's Mark Dog Food

4.0 Overall Editor Rating

Member’s Mark Dog Food

  • It Contains essential vitamins and nutrients
  • No added Fillers or artificial preservatives
  • High in protein
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The private enterprise Member’s Mark is acquired by Sam’s Club, a part of Walmart. The company sells various goods, such as food, accessories, and personal care goods. Member’s Mark products are designed to be high-quality and competitively priced. They are available exclusively at Sam’s Club stores and on their website.

The company also presents a diverse range of pet food choices for dogs with different breeds, sizes, and dietary needs.

Who Makes Member’s Mark Dog Food in 2023?

Sam’s Club produces the Member’s Mark dog food. Nestle owns Purina, the biggest producer of pet foods and snacks in the nation.

For this reason, there are rumors about Purina making Member’s Mark dog food in the USA.

Member’s Mark products are sourced from different manufacturers and suppliers as private label brands, and the company may change its suppliers over time.

The best way to find out more about a member’s Mark product, including who makes it, would be to contact Sam’s Club customer service or check the product packaging for contact information.

Five-Factor Analysis Of Member’s Mark Dog Food

I have examined four key factors that will help you determine the quality and value of Member’s Mark dog food. These factors include recipes, ingredients, nutrition, price, and recall history. By evaluating these factors, you will better understand how Member’s Mark dog food stacks up against other brands in the market.

1. Recipes

First, we’ll look at all 5 recipes individually and see what they have in common.

Member’s Mark Chicken & Brown Rice (Puppy)

  • Chicken is the number 1 ingredient
  • No by-product meals
  • No artificial preservatives
  • Natural fiber for digestion
  • No corn, soy, or wheat

At the heart of this formula is real chicken, making it the number one ingredient in the product. Its high-quality protein helps support the growth and development of your puppy.

In addition to the chicken, the formula also contains brown rice. The presence of brown rice in the formula provides a healthy source of carbohydrates that provides your pup with the energy they need to play and explore.

Brown rice is a good alternative to other sources of carbohydrates, such as corn and soy, which are sometimes used in other dog food formulas. The recipe contains no corn, soy, or wheat, which are filler ingredients most dog owners like to avoid, while some favor them.

It is free from by-product meals. By-product meals are lower-quality ingredients derived from animal parts unsuitable for human consumption.

The formula also contains natural fiber to aid digestion, helping keep your puppy’s digestive system healthy and functioning properly.

Member’s Mark Complete Dog Food

  • Grown Whole Corn is the number 1 ingredient
  • Second ingredient is poultry by-product meal
  • Bite-sized kibbles
  • Added vitamins and minerals
  • linoleic acid

Corn is the number one ingredient, which means that it makes up a significant portion of the product. Corn is a common ingredient in dog food and provides a source of carbohydrates that dogs need for energy. However, listing it as a main ingredient when it is controversial, even as a filler ingredient, is a cause for concern. The primary ingredient in dog food should always be meat or meat-based, for the very least.

The second ingredient doesn’t make this product any better in our eyes. The poultry by-product meal is produced from the remains of chickens that have been processed for meat. The ingredients include the heads, feet, inedible eggs, and internal organs of the birds.

However, bite-sized kibbles are a great choice for dogs of all sizes and ages. This can prevent choking hazards if your dog is a fast eater.

The dog food also has Vitamins A, E, and C listed in the nutritional profile. Vitamin A is important for maintaining good vision and a healthy immune system. Vitamin E acts as an antioxidant and helps to protect cells from damage, and Vitamin C supports collagen production and improves joint health and overall immunity. However, Vitamin C is not an AAFCO-required nutrient, as dogs can produce their own.

Moreover, linoleic acid is present, an essential fatty acid that plays a role in the health and well-being of dogs. This is an omega-6 fatty acid that is required to keep shiny fur and healthy skin.

Member’s Mark Exceed Lamb & Rice Recipe

  • Real lamb is the primary ingredient, followed by brown rice, ground barley, and animal fat
  • No by-products, artificial preservatives, or fillers
  • Alternate available with pasture-raised lamb

At the heart of this formula is real lamb, which is the primary ingredient. This high-quality source of protein is essential for building and repairing muscle tissue and supporting the growth and development of bones, teeth, and other vital organs.

In addition to the lamb, the formula also contains brown rice, ground barley, and animal fat.

It’s worth noting that brown rice is a good source of energy, ground barley is a good source of fiber, and animal fat provides a source of healthy fatty acids that are important for maintaining heart health and skin health.

Another thing that puts this recipe on top is that it does not contain any by-products, artificial preservatives, or fillers. By-products are lower-quality ingredients that are derived from the parts of animals that are not fit for human consumption, while artificial preservatives are chemicals that are used to extend the shelf-life of food products. Fillers, such as corn and soy, are used to bulk up dog food formulas, but they do not provide much nutritional value.

It’s worth mentioning that Member’s Mark Exceed Lamb & Rice Recipe is also available in an alternate formula with pasture-raised lamb. This alternative is designed for pet owners looking for an even higher quality source of protein for their dogs.

Member’s Mark Grain-Free Salmon and Pea Recipe

  • Real wild-caught salmon is the number 1 ingredient, followed by peas and potatoes
  • Omega-3 fatty acids, protein, and other essential nutrients are plentiful
  • No by-products, artificial preservatives, or fillers
  • Fosters the growth of a healthy brain and eyesight

This recipe is a true catch-of-the-day, with real wild-caught salmon as the number one ingredient. It is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which foster the growth of a healthy brain and eyesight. This is especially helpful if your dog is dealing with cognitive decline or vision loss.

Paired with the perfect sidekicks of peas and potatoes that are both high in fiber and vitamins and low in fat. They can add much-needed variety to dog food.
All dog owners would appreciate that this recipe does not contain any by-products, artificial preservatives, or fillers.

Member’s Mark Grain-Free Chicken & Vegetable Recipe

  • Added vitamins and minerals and trace nutrients
  • Grain-free
  • High in protein (34%)
  • No by-products, artificial preservatives, or fillers
  • Glucosamine for hip and joint health
  • Omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids

First of all, this dog food is grain-free, which is great for dogs that have grain sensitivities. And with 34% protein from chicken, your always-overly-excited friend will surely have plenty of energy to run and play.

The recipe also includes added vitamins, minerals, and trace nutrients to ensure your dog gets a balanced meal.

Another thing to love about the Chicken & Vegetable Recipe is that it is free from any by-products, artificial preservatives, or fillers.

And here’s a bonus – this dog food also includes glucosamine for hip and joint health. With added omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids, this recipe is also great for promoting healthy skin and a shiny coat.

The Verdict | ★★★★

The category that disappointed me was Member’s Mark Complete. The nutritional content fell short for a product claiming to provide complete and holistic nutrition. The better and excellent option for everyday dog food for all dog types is Member’s Mark Grain-Free Chicken & Vegetable recipe.

2. Ingredients

The company has different formulations and ingredients depending on the product line and specific flavor. However, the first five ingredients on any ingredient list are where you’ll find the substances that make the most of a dog food product. I have looked at our 5 chosen recipes and picked out five common ingredients included most frequently as the first five ingredients on the label.

Real Meat

There’s a claim that Member’s Mark dog food contains chicken that contains about 300% more protein than raw chicken. Real salmon and lamb are also used as primary ingredients.

Brown Rice

This is not a by-product of brown rice but real brown rice. Brown rice can give your dog much-needed carbohydrates without stressing its digestive system.

Menhaden Fish Meal

A good sign of any dog food is when they tell you exactly what seafood is present so you can judge the quality of nutrition. Menhaden fish provides Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acids. These can promote healthy skin and coats for your pet.


Flaxseed is important not only for humans but dogs as well. It provides essential and rare amino acids, Omega-3 fatty acids, fiber, and protein.

Dried-Egg Product

This is a source of pure calcium. It has been dried, which translates to not being processed and not losing its original nutritional value.

Controversial Ingredients

To ensure you make all the best decisions for your puppy friend, I’ve listed all the ingredients that have been a cause of concern for all dog owners.

Brewer’s Yeast

A lot of people prefer to avoid this. The supporters say it strengthens a dog’s immunological function and helps prevent fleas. Some dogs are allergic to yeast, and it is best to check if they are before introducing this diet.

Menadione Sodium Bisulfite

We head into the very controversial ingredient territory with this ingredient. There’s an ongoing debate about this, but there’s evidence that Menadione causes toxicity in the liver and cell damage. Supporters argue that Menadione in small amounts is fine.

Animal Fat

Although animal fat is the most concentrated form of energy, it might cause inflammation in the pancreas.

Authors note: Putting an ingredient in the controversial list does not mean it is necessarily bad for your dog. The ingredients included in this are heavily debated, and research about them might be ongoing. This information is strictly so you can make an informed decision.

The Verdict | ★★★★

Using real meat as their no.1 ingredient puts Member’s Mark above a lot of other dog food. They are transparent about what type of animal they use, where the manufacturers obtained it from, and what parts they use. The binding ingredient is often easily digestible brown rice and high-quality grain. Although a fish “meal” is included instead of real fish, it is only after the protein requirement has been fulfilled by real meat. Fish is used for extra nutrition like Omega-3 fatty acids. This ingredient lineup has earned 4 stars from me!

3. Nutritional Analysis

To give you an idea of the nutritional content of Member’s Mark dog food, I’ve compiled the following table based on the information available on the guaranteed analysis given on each product label:

NutrientContent (per serving)
Calories350-400 kcal/cup

It is usually better if the protein composition is more than the fat component because a fully grown dog requires a minimum of 10% of its everyday calories from protein and a minimum of 5.5% from fats.

4% percent fiber is an adequate amount for the digestive system of an adult dog that requires 2.5% to 4.5% of fiber.

As a dry food, Member’s Mark has the regular amount of moisture which is 10 percent.

The calorie amount of 350-400 kcal/cup is also average.

Author’s Note: Please keep in mind that the nutritional content may vary depending on the specific formula of Member’s Mark dog food that you choose.

The Verdict | ★★★

Overall, nutrition-wise. Member’s Mark Dog Food is just like any other dry dog food. However, the protein quality is better than average, as we have learned from the ingredients analysis. On the other hand, some people would object to animal fat being the main source of fat in dog food. My rating for the nutritional components is 3 stars because everything is on the better end of the spectrum.

4. Price

When it comes to price, Member’s Mark Dog Food stands out as a cost-effective option compared to many other premium dog food brands. This makes it a great choice for pet owners who prioritize high-quality food for their dogs without breaking the bank.

With prices hovering around or below $40 for a 30-35 lb bag, this dog food offers excellent value for money. Additionally, the fact that real meat is the primary ingredient and no fillers or by-products are included makes it an even more attractive option for conscientious pet owners.

The Verdict | ★★★★

Not only does it offer top-notch quality, but it also won’t drain your wallet. All in all, the affordability of Member’s Mark Dog Food is certainly noteworthy, and its combination of quality ingredients and affordability earns it a well-deserved 4-star rating in my book.

5. Recall History

Given the possibility that an item may include extraneous components, including metal, Sam’s Club prompted a recall for Member’s Mark in 2021. The Member’s Mark Beef Stick Dog Treats having UPC 19396-80473 were the only items included in this recall (193968047313).

Since Sam’s Club is secretive over the manufacturing of their dog meals, it is hard to know exactly for sure if there have previously been any dog food recalls connected to a 3rd- party manufacturer, even though I was unable to locate any other information regarding Member’s Mark dog food recalls.

How does Member’s Mark Dog Food Fare to its Competitors?

How does Member's Mark Dog Food Fare to its Competitors

Some of the popular dog food brands that are often compared to Member’s Mark include Purina, Hill’s Science Diet, Royal Canin, Iambs, and Pedigree.

Member’s mark affordability and grain-free, by-product-free recipes give it an edge over its competitors. A supposedly premium brand like Pedigree is filled with fillers, while Member’s Mark offers real meat as the main ingredient.

Member’s Mark takes a back seat when it comes to the amount of formulas they offer and targeting specific health issues. Still, overall their dog food could work out for most dogs.

Member’s Mark Dog Food: To Buy or Not to Buy?

The protein-rich composition of Member’s Mark Dog Food is one of its distinguishing qualities. Real meat is commonly the first part in the brand’s recipes, which helps assist dogs’ healthy muscle growth and maintenance.

The meal is also free of artificial preservatives, colors, or tastes, making it a fantastic selection for pet parents seeking non-toxic and nutritious food for their companions.

Another advantage of Member’s Mark Dog Food is that it is available in various formulations, including grain-free, limited ingredients, and sensitive stomach options. This can make it easy for pet owners to find food that meets the specific needs of their dogs.

Pros and Cons to Consider Before Buying Member’s Mark Dog Food


  • Member’s Mark dog food packaging includes an in-depth feeding manual to enlighten pet owners on how to feed their dogs properly.
  • Real meat is commonly the first part in the brand’s recipes, which helps assist dogs’ healthy muscle growth and maintenance.
  • Another advantage of Member’s Mark Dog Food is that it is available in various formulations, including grain-free, limited ingredients, and sensitive stomach options.
  • The Veterinary Oral Health Council, the organization that looks out for animal oral healthcare, endorses The Member’s Mark dental dog treats. These are gluten-free and have been successfully shown to help dogs with plaque and tartar buildup.
  • The different recipes contain protein, fat, and carbs in different proportions. You may choose which is the best for your dog.
  • Sam’s club membership will save you a lot of money on items other than dog food.


  • The one thing you should look out for is allergies. To get the most out of this high-quality, reasonably priced dog food, consult your veterinarian to find out whether your dog has any allergies or other medical problems. It will help you choose the appropriate type of food for them.
  • The Member’s Mark dog food contains high vegetable content; to digest it, dogs may need a lot of water.
  • The product will only be available in some petcare stores but only at Sam’s club stores or online. You would need to get a membership.

What do I recommend? I think Member’s Mark dog food is definitely worth a try. It checks all the right boxes, and customers have been satisfied.

The best part? You can treat your furry friend to all the benefits of premium dog food without worrying about the sky-high prices. Trust me, your wallet and your pup will thank you for choosing Member’s Mark Dog Food.

It’s a no-brainer – you should go for Member’s Mark Dog Food.

Our Rating



Nutritional Analysis


Overall Rating: 4.0

Member’s Mark Dog Food is a high-quality, affordable option for pet owners.

I appreciate that most of their products are grain-free, with no by-products or artificial preservatives. Though, I have some concerns about controversial ingredients like animal fat and Menadione Sodium Bisulfite.

All of their 30-35 lb products are priced around or under $40, making them an affordable option for dog owners on a budget.

Overall, I give Member’s Mark a thumbs up for providing high-quality, affordable dog food options that are suitable for all life stages.

Member’s Mark Dog Food earns a rating of 4 out of 5.


Overall, Member’s Mark Dog Food is a solid choice for pet owners looking for a high-quality dog food option made with real meat, is available in various formulations, and is relatively affordable. The wide range of options makes it easy to find food that meets your dog’s needs.

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