Merrick Pet care review

Merrick Petcare Review 2022 – Is It a Scam?

What is Merrick Pet Care?

Merrick is a pet food brand that offers food for dogs and cats. It was founded by Garth Merrick in 1988. Merrick offers hand-crafted, natural, and highest quality pet food. The Merrick petcare reviews show that their dog and cat foods are freshest and liked by the pets.

They make food in small batches to ensure the highest possible quality. The ingredients are sourced from trusted farmers to ensure it meets the US and international standards.

Merrick Pet Care Products

Merrick mainly offers both cat and dog foods in the form of wet cat and dog foods, dry cat and dog foods, and treats for both. Food toppings and freeze-dried foods are also available.

Merrick dog and cat foods are available in Pate, Stew, Minced, and chunks in gravy texture.

Special Merrick products are also available for brain health, immune support, and digestive health. 

These products come in flavors like chicken, beef, turkey, sweet potato, salmon, duck, salmon, and rabbit.

Merricks specializes in products for different life stages like a puppy, kitten, adult, and senior. 

Following are 5 best Mariick pet care products in this Merrick Petcare review:

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Merrick Prices

Marrick dog foods and Marrick cat foods have different prices. The price of these products ranges from $5 to $60. Merrick petcare reviews show that customers are happy that they can get these high-quality products at affordable rates.

How to contact Merrick?

Merrick can be contacted through the phone number 1-800-664-7387 and live chat on the website.

Merrick also has an online forum and FAQ section.

Is Merrick a scam?

Merrick is definitely not a scam. Merrick petcare reviews show that it is a trusted pet food brand offering quality cat and dog food.

Our research for Merrick petcare review confined it as a quality brand.

Merrick Recall

Our research shows that Merrick was recalled in 2018. It was recalled because of potentially elevated beef thyroid hormone in Merrick beef-based dog treats.

Do we recommend Merrick Petcare?

Yes, we definitely recommend Merrick Petcare because of the high-quality ingredients, wonderful mission, and their sustainable practices. As we discussed in this Merrick Petcare review, one of their product was recalled in 2018. However, no serious incidents were reported. They voluntarily recalled the product. So we do not’s have any reason not to recommend them.

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 Written by: Usman H. Yahya  Reviewed by: Stephanie G. Gabriel

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