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Nutro Rotations Dog Food Review: Detailed Analysis

This review is for all doggos and their owners! Today’s Pet owners want to ensure that their dog food contains actual, natural nutrition and flavor rather than artificial colors and ingredients. Many pet parents feel that Nutro rotations take care of it all.

But what’s so special about it? Well, “rotations” here means changing your pet’s diet on a whim. If you’re a dog lover, you already know that dogs have a tough time when it comes to changes in their food, but they can very well get bored with their current diet.

Dogs can comfortably experience even more diet variation thanks to NUTRO ROTATIONS dog food. In contrast, a proper dietary transition with other products can last six days. Each flavor has at least five components that work well together and have similar protein, fat, and fiber profiles.

I have done a detailed analysis and review of your favorite Nutro Rotations Dog Food in this article.

ProductsTypeSpecial FeatureOur RatingAAFCO Nutrient Profile (Life Stage)
Nutro Rotations Salmon and BarleyDry FoodReal salmon3Adult Maintenance
Nutro Rotations Chicken and Brown RiceDry FoodFor large dogs3Adult Maintenance
Nutro Rotations Lamb and PotatoWet FoodFarm raised lamb3.5Adult Maintenance

At A Glance: Nutro Rotations Dog Food

Here’s a brief overview of Nutro as a brand:

  • Farm-raised animal meat
  • All ingredients are organically sourced
  • Made my Mars petcare
  • It costs about 30 dollars for 5 lbs

About The Nutro Rotations Dog Food

Nutro Rotations Dog Food

2.5 Overall Editor Rating

Nutro Rotations Dog Food

  • High quality protein source
  • Made with non-GMO ingredients
  • Provides small bites
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Nutro Rotations is a dog food line branching out of the dog food brand Nutro. Nutro Brand, a pioneer in pet nutrition for over 90 years, offers several dog food products produced with authentic, ethically sourced ingredients for wholesome, natural nutrition.

You can see other lines from Nutro on the market, such as Nutro Max, Nutro Ultra, and Nutro Farm’s Harvest. A Nutro official said 600 quality checks are performed daily in their facilities.

Each production facility in the United States only employs materials from reputable vendors. The company intends to confirm that the contents of the package match what was promised initially.

Who Makes Nutro Rotations Dog Food in 2023?

Who Makes Nutro Rotations Dog Food in 2023

Mars Petcare is said to have been making Nutro Rotations dog food in the past; as of now, it has been discontinued.

Mars, Inc., the world’s leading pet care business, is a privately owned enterprise that operates Mars Petcare US in the United States. Mars Petcare US creates many of the best-selling pet care products, such as PEDIGREE Food and Treats for Dogs, CESAR Canine Cuisine, IAMS Pet Food, SHEBA cat food, WHISKAS, NUTRO Pet Food, EUKANUBA Pet Food, etc., in addition to its items that are sold by some of the biggest chains in the U.S.

With its headquarters in Franklin, Tennessee, Mars Petcare US employs more than 3,700 people to manufacture, market, and distribute its premium pet food in 20 locations scattered around the nation.

Five-Factor Analysis of Nutro Rotations Dog Food

Five-Factor Analysis of Nutro Rotations Dog Food

Here’s where things get interesting, folks! We shall carefully analyze the Nutro Rotations dog food based on its recipes, ingredients, nutrition, price, and recall history. I really hope you stick around for the ride as I pick apart every aspect of this dog food brand.

1. Recipes | ★★★

Let’s get to it, then! Here are three recipes that I think are worth looking over:

Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe

  • GMO-free
  • No by-products or meal
  • No wheat, soy, or corn
  • Nothing artificial

Real chicken, whole brown rice, blueberries, spinach, and an egg create this traditional flavor. With a specially formulated protein and fiber blend, this dry food for large-breed adult dogs has been developed to help keep the big boy fit. It includes glucosamine and chondroitin from natural and vital antioxidants for a healthy immune system. It is intended to maintain healthy joints.

Lamb & Potato Recipe

  • GMO-free
  • No by-products or meal
  • No wheat, soy, or corn
  • Nothing artificial
  • Farm-raised lamb

This canned food for pets with dietary restrictions contains farm-raised lamb as its first component. It is grain-free canned dog food packed with flavor that dogs of all sizes adore. It is produced with all-natural components and vitamins, minerals, and other vital nutrients. This savory version uses real lamb, potatoes, flaxseed, cranberries, and chickpeas.

Salmon & Barley Recipe

  • GMO-free
  • No by-products or meal
  • No wheat, soy, or corn
  • Nothing artificial

This delectable alternative combines barley, tomatoes, peas, carrots, and real salmon. This grain-free dog food is made with high-end natural ingredients, and along with tasting excellent, it also nurtures sensitive skin while providing dogs with a silky, lustrous coat.

2. Ingredients | ★★★★

Secondly, let’s move on to the ingredients. If the ingredients don’t make sense, nothing else makes sense.


Here, we can see that all recipes use ingredients that are real and in their true form. However, if we talk about salmon, it’s best to remember that salmon is mostly water, which makes it shrink when cooked. The final food in your dog’s bowl might have less salmon than the brand wants you to believe. Nonetheless, specified and real meat is always a win.

Vegetables and Fruits

Peas and carrots are generally suitable for your dog. You can feed these to your dog raw if you’d like, as long as there are no spices. Due to their antioxidant, medicinal, and pigment-producing properties, blueberries and cranberries are good to use in dog food.

It’s the tomato pomace, which I’m worried about being used in the recipes. Tomatine, a potentially poisonous component of tomatoes, can be seriously damaging if ingested in high numbers.

Grains And Cereals

Brewer’s rice would be chipped-off if I had to explain it. Usually, brown rice is a safe choice for nutritional value, but unfortunately, we do not see it here. Rye and barley are both very average when providing essential nutrients aside from moderate caloric energy.

3. Nutritional Analysis | ★★

It’s time to get into the nitty-gritty and find out what all these ingredients translate to in terms of actual nutritional value. Here’s an analysis that represents the whole product line.

NutrientContent (per serving)
Moisture10% max

When compared to all other dry dog foods, Nutro Rotations has a very average score in terms of its nutritional value. Using this product line means you’re not losing or gaining anything here. However, this is forgivable because that is not the main point of this product anyway; its purpose is to introduce variety to your dog’s diet, which is where it shines.

4. Price | ★

Ummm, this is an immediate no. This product costs about 30 dollars per 5 lbs. For something that has an average nutritional value and is very okay in terms of ingredients, this product line doesn’t deserve the overpriced tag it has.

I don’t look away from products just because they are expensive; they must also be worth the money spent. We must consider that only some have this much money to spend on dog food. However, If you can spend this kind of money, I am fine with asking you to check out more kibble in this price range.

5. Recall History | ★★★★

The background of Nutro recalls is brief. While investigating this particular manufacturer for your dogs, there are a few situations you should be aware of.

As recently as 2015, some dog treats were withdrawn due to the possibility of mold formation.

Two puppies’ dry food recipes were recalled after discovering synthetic materials in the factory’s manufacturing facility in 2009. That year, Nutro recalled many cat food varieties due to improper zinc and potassium amounts.

Due to melamine contaminants, numerous dry dog food brands were recalled in 2007.

It’s essential to note that Nutro appeared on the FDA’s list of products possibly connected to canine dilated cardiomyopathy instances, even though no recalls had been carried out.

How do Nutro Rotations Compare to The Competition?

How Do Nutro Rotations Compare To The Competition?

Since Nutro is more widely distributed than its privately owned rivals, many dog owners start with the company’s goods when introducing their dogs to a grain-free diet. Taste of the Wild and Nature’s Hug are some companies that you can look to for grain-free and natural ingredients if this is something that you find worth prioritizing.

Here’s What We Think of Nutro Rotations

I get that it’s a nice idea. Nobody likes eating the same thing repeatedly, not even your dog. However, the transition is difficult for every dog, which throws owners off even if they want to include variety in their pets’ eating.

But here’s the thing, it’s not worth spending this much on. Nutro is just fine regarding nutritional value, but the ingredients are much better than many rotten dog food you see on the market today.

If you insist on making your wallet lighter, feed non-processed food to your dog. Give them raw and nutritious food to include variety in their food, and I promise that your pup will love this more than any dry dog food.

Nutro Rotations gets 2.5 stars from me.

Pros And Cons of Nutro Rotations Dog Food


  • All organic ingredients and free from GMO
  • Most meat comes from animals that are farm raised
  • Nutro is an environment-friendly brand


  • Average nutritional values
  • Overpriced

Our Rating



Nutritional Analysis


Recall History

Overall Rating: 2.5


Where can I buy Nutro Rotations?

Earlier, Nutro Rotations used to be available on Amazon and Chewy. But they can no longer be purchased as they have been discontinued.

Is Nutro Rotations grain-free?

Nutro Rotations is not completely grain-free, but it does not contain corn, wheat, or soy.

How can I transition my dog’s diet to Nutro Rotation?

You may take your time switching between the brand that you’re currently using and Rotations. But, once your dog is hooked, you can immediately change into any of their recipes.


I don’t want to deny that Nutro, as a brand, is doing a fantastic job of using natural ingredients and protecting the environment. It was an outstanding attempt at making something meaningful.

On that end, it is better than a lot of brands. However, the reality is that the price needs to be more feasible. I’d like to see more of all this in the following Nutro dog food line with some affordability.

Have you found our review useful? Would love to hear from you!

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