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Open Farm Puppy Food Review: Pros, Cons and Feeding Guide

As pet parents, we have a lot of responsibilities, right? There are so many things that we need to take care of, from taking care of our furry buddies and playing with them to feeding and training them.

One of the main responsibilities that we have is choosing the right food for them. And this is also one of the hardest things to do.

When you go to a pet food store, you are flooded with so many dog food brands with their variety of products – all claiming to be the best for your dog. And you feel lost. You don’t know which brand to trust.

Today, I’m going to tell you all about Open Farm. This brand is making the headlines these days for the quality of the products they are offering. Many users are raving about their dog food formulas.

But is this brand really worth the hype?

Here I have come up with a detailed and honest review of Open Farm puppy food. Once you finish reading, I’m sure you will be able to decide whether it is a good choice for your dog or should skip it.

Read on to find out!

Product Overview

When it comes to food for dogs, the brand Open Farm has many varieties to choose from. Here I have talked about three of their top-selling puppy foods in detail.

ModelBrandWeightDoes It Meet AAFCO Requirements?
Puppy Grain-Free Dry Dog FoodOpen Farm22lbs.Yes
Ancient Grains High-Protein Puppy FoodOpen Farm22lbs.Yes
Puppy Gently Cooked RecipeOpen Farm16lbsYes

About The Open Farm Brand

Open Farm Puppy Food Review

4.5 Overall Editor Rating

Open Farm Puppy Food

  • Science-based dry food formula for puppies
  • Fresh meaty protein for muscle development
  • Probiotic fiber for digestion
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In 2013, Open Farm Inc. was founded by Jacqueline Prehogan, her brother-in-law Derek Beiglemen, and her husband, Isaac Langleben. It has its headquarters in Toronto.

They believe in providing dogs with the highest quality ingredients that are humanely raised and responsibly sourced. Their products include raw, wet, dry, and fresh dog food.

Over the years, they have become a popular name in the dog food market, and today, they have over 5,000 stores in Canada and the USA.

Who is This Product For?

Dog food from this brand is meant for dogs of all life stages. Also, they have a specialized food section for puppies, adults, seniors, and small-breed dogs.

While placing an order, you can either choose the formula according to your dog’s specific needs or according to the type of food such as dry, freeze-dried raw, treats, and more.

5-Factor Detailed Analysis of Open Farm Puppy Food

5-Factor Detailed Analysis of Open Farm Puppy Food

As a fellow dog parent, I understand how difficult it is to choose just one brand. So, here I have made a detailed analysis of Open Farm puppy food while focusing on factors such as recipes and ingredients, usability, nutritional analysis, price, and recall history.

1. Recipes And Ingredients

Let’s start with the recipes!

Puppy Grain-Free Dry Dog Food

This kibble is a powerhouse of protein. It supports the development of a healthy brain. It is great for dogs who are suffering from allergy issues.

It is made from a mix of humanely raised pork, chicken, and fresh wild-caught salmon from the Pacific Ocean.

What I liked is that they have used only non-GMO superfoods. And they have not used any meat meals.

Ancient Grains High-Protein Puppy Food

I don’t like dog food brands that use rendered meat. And Open Farm has not used anything like that. All their ingredients are freshly sourced. The chicken in all their recipes is raised without adding any growth hormones or antibiotics.

A nutritious blend of ancient grains is used in this recipe, including chia seeds, quinoa, brown rice, millet, and steel-cut oats.

They haven’t used any fillers, preservatives, artificial flavors, corn, wheat, soy, by-products, and meat meals. Also, there are no potatoes, legumes, or peas.

Puppy Gently Cooked Recipe

This slow-cooked recipe from the house of Open Farm aids in your pup’s healthy growth and support. The fruits and vegetables used in this recipe are non-GMO.

My pup had issues with digestion, and after feeding him this recipe, I can clearly see a difference. I guess the prebiotics are working!

The bone broth in this recipe is great for the development of joints.

2. Usability

This brand believes in sustainability, which you can see in their packaging. Some of their product lines are even up for recycling.

In order to get the products, all you need to do is cut them along the tear line using scissors, and you are ready to feed them to your pup.

3. Nutritional Analysis

NutrientContent (per serving)
Crude Protein (min)32%
Crude Fat (min)16%
Crude Fiber (max)4.5%
Moisture (max)10%
Calories462 kcal/cup

The chart above shows how this brand follows the AAFCO standards for its protein, fat, and fiber content. Of course, this content can vary depending on the recipe you choose.

Now let’s have a look at the nutrients in their primary ingredients.

  • Humanely-raised chicken is the first ingredient in many of their puppy food recipes. It is a significant source of healthy fats and proteins. It helps your pup develop lean muscles. Also, the omega-6 fatty acids keep your pup’s coat shiny and healthy.
  • Wild Pacific salmon is filled with omega-3 fatty acids such as DHA and EPA. They help in the development of your pup’s brain. Also, it is a powerhouse of protein.
  • Ocean whitefish meal contains protein that is about 300% more than you can find in fresh fish.
  • Sweet potatoes are high in dietary fiber and filled with beta-carotene. It is a great source of gluten-free complex carbohydrates. They give your pup all the energy they need for their daily activities.
  • Field peas have about 25% protein. They are a great source of natural fiber and keep your pup’s digestive system healthy.

4. Price

When it comes to price, I can say that it is a lot more expensive than the other brands of dog food that you get to see in the market.

But, if you ask me, I would say it is totally justified looking at the premium ingredients they use in their dog food formulas.

Also, they do multiple quality checks during the dog food-making process and at different stages to ensure your dog gets the best on their plate.

Of course, if you are on a budget and can’t afford premium food for your four-legged buddy, you can skip this brand.

22 lb of their grain-free puppy dry dog food costs $87.99. The price depends on the recipe you choose.

5. Recall History

If the FDA, AVMA, is to be believed, Open Farm has never been recalled for any of their products.

What Sets Open Farm Puppy Food Apart from its Competitors?

What Sets Open Farm Puppy Food Apart from its Competitors

Open Farm is a brand that sources its ingredients from farms that are audited by the Global Animal Partnership and Certified Humane. This ensures they get only the best animal proteins, such as humanely-raised pork, grass-fed beef, and more.

This is something I have not seen in any other dog food brand.

Another thing that makes them stand out from the crowd is their commitment to animal welfare and sustainability. Honestly speaking, I have not seen any other brand that is so concerned about protecting the environment and, of course, the animals.

They have formulas for dogs of all sizes. They have a specific product line named “gently cooked.” The formulas under this category offer your dog ultra-premium nutrition. This is again something that not many brands offer.

Should You Purchase Open Farm Puppy Food?

If you are someone who wants to feed their pup with the best quality food available in the market and is conscious about the environment, Open Farm is the brand for you.

This premium dog food brand has some freeze-dried and dry formulas that are some of the best in the market.

Of course, the price of this brand’s puppy food is on the higher side, especially if you compare them with other premium brands.

But I can say that the measures Open Farm takes to source its ultra-premium ingredients are nothing like those of other brands.

When it comes to food for small or large breed-specific options, this brand has made me disappointed. The options are very limited. I wish they had a more health-specific approach.

But overall, in my opinion, this is a very good brand that has made me look at dog food from a different angle.

And YES, you should definitely go for Open Farm puppy food if you don’t have a tight budget.

Pros and Cons of Open Farm Puppy Food


  • They come in a wide variety of options to meet your dog’s unique needs
  • Both grain-free and grain-inclusive options are available
  • Humanely raised, responsibly sourced ingredients – from farm to bowl
  • High-quality vitamins and minerals
  • You can trace each and every ingredient back to its source
  • No fillers, by-products, rendered poultry and meat meals
  • No potatoes, legumes, and peas
  • You can get a subscription discount of 5% on their products


  • Their products are expensive compared to its competitors.
  • They have used fish meal in their products, which I didn’t like
  • They don’t have many options for puppy-specific recipes
  • Not many small and large breed-focused options

Our Rating

Recipes and Ingredients


Nutritional Analysis


Recall History

Overall Rating: 4.5

Open Farm Puppy Food Feeding Guide

If you are introducing it to your pup for the first time, include it in your dog’s diet slowly, with little amount. You can increase the amount a bit with every passing day until you reach the desired amount.

If you are feeding a dry food formula to your pup from the house of Open Farm, storing it in the original bag would be better. Also, make sure to feed it within two months from the time you open it.

This way, you can make sure that you are feeding the freshest flavor.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is there any nutritionist in the dog food formulation team?


Is it true that all the ingredients in all their products can be traced back to their origin?

Yes, 100% true. They receive a certificate of origin for each of their ingredients.

Where are all the recipes formulated?

In the brand’s head office in Toronto.


Now that you know all the important details of Open Farm puppy food, I’m sure you can make an informed choice about whether this brand is a good fit for your pup or not.

Did you find this review helpful?

Let me know in the comments!

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