Purina Pro Plan vs Taste Of The Wild

Purina Pro Plan Vs. Taste Of The Wild: Which is Best Dog Food?

While many dog food brands are available, the two reigning brands are Purina Pro Plan and Taste of the Wild. Both brands are favorites among pet owners as they boast high protein and don’t contain fillers.

Your dog will enjoy and benefit from the brands and the many recipes they offer. But how can you choose one of the two great options?

Deciding can take time, as both offer high-quality products to improve your dog’s health. But fret not; I have this detailed guide to help you through the decision-making process.

By the time you get to the end of this guide, you will know whether Purina Pro Plan is a better choice for your pooch’s health or whether Taste of the Wild will benefit them more. Dive right in to know the brands inside out!

FactorsPurina Pro PlanTaste of the Wild
Owned ByNestle, PurinaDiamond Pet Food
Launched In19861970
Special FeatureQuality meat makes it rich in proteinExotic meat ingredients and unique flavors
Number Of FormulasOver 140 recipes16 varieties of wet and dry food
Intended ForAthletic dogs with a high energy requirementDogs who have specific dietary requirements

Meet The Winner: Purina Pro Plan

Meet The Winner: Purina Pro Plan
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Purina is a renowned brand in the arena of dog food that many dog owners prefer. The brand uses organic, healthy, wholesome, and delicious ingredients to produce recipes from which your dog will enjoy and benefit.

History of Purina Pro Plan

Purina Pro Plan

4.7 Overall Editor Rating

Purina Pro Plan

  • 30 percent protein and 20 percent fat
  • Fine-tuned nutrition
  • High-quality dry dog food
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Purina, as an organization, has been making healthy and premium dog food for around 123 years. They ensure balanced nutrition by using only premium ingredients. Over the years, they have become a trusted name in the industry.

Both veterinarians and dog owners recommend Purina. Moreover, Purina Pro Plan has gained popularity due to its dedication to research and innovation.

The presence of 500-plus pet nutritionists helps the brand constantly enhance the formulas and develop new products to cater to the changing demands of dog owners. This dedication to innovation has made Purina amongst the top and most trustworthy brands in the vast dog food sector.

Purina Pro Plan offers a range of advanced pet foods that focus on a broad spectrum of issues. The powerful combination of all the essential nutrients provided by the brand is needed to support your pet’s protective systems, which leads to complete nourishment.

All About Taste Of The Wild

Taste Of The Wild

4.7 Overall Editor Rating

Taste Of The Wild

  • Omega fatty acids for healthy SKIN and COAT
  • Nutrient-rich and provides the energy to thrive
  • High-protein to help support bones, joints
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Taste of the Wild is a relatively small family-owned business known for its unique protein sources and premium ingredients. This 50-year-old company has been considered trustworthy and dependable by pet owners.

Their recipes utilize only novel protein sources such as bison, venison, and even wild boar. It’s one factor that makes Taste of the Wild different from all other dog food brands.

Due to this strategy, the company has left a more lasting impact on the severely congested dog food industry.

Purina Pro Plan Vs. Taste Of The Wild: A Detailed 4-Factor Comparison

Purina Pro Plan Vs. Taste Of The Wild A Detailed 4-Factor Comparison

Nutrition is among the most essential and easiest things you can do to ensure your canine stays healthy. So, it is imperative to get it right.

I have compared the two brands based on 4 crucial factors that will help you determine which one suits your pooch’s needs. Let’s begin!

1. Ingredients


The Taste of the Wild and Purina Pro Plan offers many recipes, each containing different ingredients. However, I am discussing the primary ingredients used by each brand to help you understand the difference.

Purina Pro Plan

  • Meat

The most crucial ingredient present in the dog food formulas of Purina is a high-quality protein like steak, chicken, and salmon. Vital amino acids further lead to stronger muscles and a healthy immune system.

  • Fruits and Vegetables

I love that all the formulations of their dog food include a wide range of fruits and vegetables besides protein. They offer all the essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants supporting overall health and wellness.

  • Meat by-products

This company also adds meat meals or by-products to its kibble. It is a good ingredient as meat can pack more protein than meat muscle.

  • Soy and Wheat

The manufacturers add corn, wheat, and soy in a few recipes. Some people feel it might be more demanding on your doggy digestive system; however, it’s not always true.

Taste Of The Wild

  • Exotic Meats

As I said earlier, Taste of the Wild adds exotic protein sources to their formulas, including wild boar, bison, and venison. These protein sources seem rare in dog foods, but they provide essential amino acids and make the food easy to digest for all dogs.

  • Other Proteins

The formulas from Taste of the Wild include a few other high-quality protein sources like lamb, fowl, or fish that make up a traditional recipe.

  • Ancient Grains

Ancient grains like millet and quinoa are another interesting ingredient in these recipes. These grains offer numerous health benefits for canines, providing minerals, fiber, and vitamins.

Who Won?

When it comes to the variety of ingredients and offering a well-balanced diet, the Purina Pro Plan formulas take the lead.

On the other hand, the brand Taste of the Wild offers a more unconventional protein source. Although they may be high in protein, the meats included in them might not suit your dog.

2. Recipes

You might want to avoid switching brands regularly and causing disruption to your pooch’s digestion. It would be best to have a brand with a wide range of formulations here.

You can rejoice as both brands cater to canines of all ages and sizes.

Purina Pro Plan

  • Puppy stage

Purina Pro has 10 puppy products in its range. These products have more fatty acids than adult kibbles, which aid brain and vision development.

  • Adult stage

For adult dogs, the brand offers 23 dry kibbles that cover a range of sizes, flavors, and dietary needs. They have higher protein and come in 3 main protein flavors: chicken, lamb, and salmon.

  • Senior stage

Purina has 4 kibbles that are senior-specific, and they have an option for smaller and larger breeds. Their fat content is lower when compared to adult options to suit the needs of older dogs better.

Taste Of The Wild

  • Puppy stage

There are 2 puppy foods from the Taste of the Wild. They are for all breed sizes and come in 2 flavors – High Prairie and Pacific Stream, each packed with quality ingredients for best development.

  • Adult stage

Taste of the Wild has 13 dry kibbles for adult friends. All of these diets are entirely grain-free.

  • Senior stage

When it comes to senior-specific food, the brand doesn’t have any options. However, the manufacturers claim their adult options are also suitable for old dogs.

Who Won?

Purina Pro Plus also emerges as a clear winner in the case of recipes. The fact that they offer more varieties for different ages and dietary requirements indicates their dedication to catering to all segments.

The brand Taste of the Wild stands out in terms of the flavors and meats they use in their formulas.

3. Nutrition

Both brands claim to offer a well-balanced and nutritional recipe for dogs. They provide a detailed analysis of nutrients present in their products to help you make the right decision. You can compare the two brands and then pick one, considering your dog’s requirements.

Crude Protein

Protein is the most crucial part of a dog’s diet to ensure they are healthy and happy. A dog’s body needs protein for several natural processes, like the growth and maintenance of tissues and muscles and the development of new skin and hair cells.

While Purina Pro Plan has around 29% of crude protein content, and Taste of the Wild contains 27%.

Crude Fat

Another necessary nutrient in a dog’s diet is crude fat. It aids its ability to live longer and healthier. Dogs with an active lifestyle need fatter to feed the muscles and get the energy to go around.

Both brands have a higher fat content within healthy limits – around 20%. The crude fat content in Purina formulations is 18%, while it is 16% for Taste of the Wild.

Who Won?

Regarding the nutrient level, both brands have close competition with similar crude fat and protein levels. There is a tie here, but if I have to pick one, I will go for Purina Pro Plan, as it has higher nutrients, even though it is just marginally more.

4. Recalls

An essential factor that helps understand the safety of a brand is the recall history. It allows pet parents to know how often the food has been recalled owing to safety concerns and how the brand deals with it.

Purina Pro Plan

According to the FDA website, Purina Pro Plan has not had any recalls. But another source shows one recall for their wet dog food.

Purina recalled a few batches of Beneful and Purina Pro Plan wet dog foods in March 2016. It was because they didn’t contain the right level of vitamins and minerals.

Taste Of The Wild

There was also one recall for Taste of the Wild, but it was for the entire Diamond Pet Foods and not just this brand. The manufacturer-wide recall affected all brands under the facility of Diamond Pet Food owing to salmonella contamination that made both pets and owners sick all over the country.

Who Won?

Since both brands have had one recall in the past, it seems like a tie. They were quick to notice and took immediate action to recall the food from the market, which indicates their interest in taking care of dogs and ensuring their wellbeing.

Highlights Of The Two Dog Food Brands

Before I go on to announce the apparent winner, let’s take a look at the key factors of the two dog food brands:

Purina Pro Plan

  1. It is an old and well-established brand known for offering high-quality dog food.
  2. The brand has conventional recipes with meat ingredients like chicken, lamb, and salmon.
  3. Their recipes have higher water content.

Taste Of The Wild

  1. A family-owned pet food brand.
  2. Use exotic meats such as bison, venison, and wild boar as protein sources.
  3. No fillers like soy, wheat, corn, or other additives exist.

The Winner: Purina Pro Plan

The Winner: Purina Pro Plan

Purina Pro Plan and Taste of the Wild are both quality pet food brands and are very popular. But in this battle, Purina Pro Plan wins thanks to the broader range of kibble and wet food options that cater to different sizes, ages, dietary requirements, and ailments.

Pros And Cons


  • It uses quality ingredients to ensure the dogs get the nutrition they need.
  • They use a lot of water to keep your dog hydrated.
  • It is an affordable dog food that wouldn’t affect your budget.
  • They also add fish oil to promote a healthy heart.
  • It has high minerals and vitamins.


  • The protein level is lower compared to other brands.
  • It contains corn as a filler that might be harmful to your dogs.

What Led to Taste Of The Wild Losing?

Taste of the Wild is among the few dog brands that cost the most. It is not an ideal choice if you are trying to cut down on costs.

Moreover, the flavors are limited, especially compared to the vast range of Purina Pro Plan. If you have a picky dog, finding something they will like might be challenging.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Vets And Pet Owners Recommend Purina?

Yes, veterinary and pet parents consider Purina Pro Plan a good dog option.

Why Is Purina Pro Plan Better Than Most Brands?

The affordability and wide range of flavors make it a favorite among pets and pet owners.

What Makes Taste of the Wild A Good Pet Food Brand?

They add protein sources like boar and venison and other natural ingredients that make it a good choice.

Final Thoughts

Every brand has pros and cons, and the same applies to Taste of the Wild and Purina. While both brands are good, you must consider your pup’s age, size, dietary requirements, and preferences to pick one.

Purina Pro Plan takes the overall lead as a brand. It offers better recipes, quality ingredients, and more nutrients to keep your furry companion happy and healthy!

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