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Red Flannel Dog Food Review: (2023, Updated)

It’s time to turn difficult meal times into happier ones with Red Flannel dog food. The brand is popular among pet owners owing to its wide array of recipes for your pet dog.

Are you wondering if this food is right for your furry friend? Should you introduce your pup to Red Flannel dog food? As a pet parent, I had the same questions some time back.

It led me to thoroughly research Red Flannel and its various pet food formulas. Please keep reading to learn everything about the brand to decide whether you should get it for your dog! I will discuss all the information I gathered in this updated 2023 review.

ProductsTypeSpecial FeatureOur RatingAAFCO Nutrient Profile (Life Stage)
Red Flannel Hi-Protein FormulaDryHigh in protein meat3.5All life stages
Red Flannel Bites N' Bones FormulaDryCrunchy kibbles help keep teeth clean4All life stages
Red Flannel Canine Select FormulaDryGreat taste and nutritional value3All life stages

At A Quick Glance: Red Flannel Dog Food

Here’s a quick look at some Red Flannel dog food highlights that I will further discuss in detail in this review:

  • It uses natural and high-quality ingredients
  • Offers 7 different recipes for dogs
  • Include meat as a primary protein source
  • Has had 1 recall due to salmonella

About Red Flannel Dog Food

Red Flannel

4.0 Overall Editor Rating

Red Flannel Dog Food

  • Ideal for all breeds
  • Can help maintain health
  • Includes high-quality ingredients
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Red Flannel is a pet food brand from a reputed company, Exclusive Pet Food. The brand has set strict quality standards for all the ingredients, which they buy only from trust-worthy suppliers who meet their criteria.

They also ensure quality by inspecting the ingredients when they arrive at the manufacturing facilities and sampling them to analyze the nutrient levels.

Research is a priority to this brand, and everything from developing new ingredients to continuing research to better understand the microbiome, their team focused on researching and delivering the best nutrition to your pet.

Who Makes Red Flannel Dog Food In 2023?

Who Makes Red Flannel Dog Food In 2023

Exclusive Pet Food is currently manufacturing the Red Flannel dog food. The company believes in being careful with pet nutrition. It follows 3 principles: use proven quality ingredients, deliver consistent nutrition, and offer the professional support pet owners need.

The professional behind the Exclusive Pet Food research is Michael Hayek, Director of Companion Technical Solutions. He has contributed to the company as a research nutritionist since 2017 and has over two decades of industry experience.

5 Factor Analysis of Red Flannel Dog Food

5 Factor Analysis Of Red Flannel Dog Food

While searching for the best food for my dogs, I came across many companies,s brands, and formulas, making it more challenging to pick the right one. I devised 5 factors to compare all the dog foods to help me determine if it fits my dog’s need.

Let’s delve deeper into analyzing Red Flannel dog food on these 5 factors:

1. Recipes

Below are some of the recipes that Red Flannel contains. There’s a lot going for it, the presence of natural preservatives and antioxidants being a couple of them.

Red Flannel Hi-Protein Formula

  • It contains meat and bone meal
  • Rich in antioxidants
  • It has an abundance of fatty acids
  • Free of soy, wheat, corn, and artificial preservatives or colors

It is a high-protein diet suited for super active dog breeds to meet their requirements for muscle strength and protein needs. This recipe is best suited for energetic dogs that need more protein with chicken fat, meat, and bone meal.

The Red Flannel high-protein recipe contains whole grains and essential omega-6 fatty acids to boost your dog’s immune system. Besides that, the phosphorus and calcium content in this food supports their strong teeth and bones.

The proprietary yeast and beet pulp content can also support the digestive system and prevent gut issues.

Red Flannel Bites N’ Bones Formula

  • A complete and balanced meal
  • Supports healthy skin and coat
  • Can help improve immune function

Red Flannel offers Bites N’ Bones, a unique soy-free formula specially designed to support the lifestyle of active dogs and maintain overall health. It is a complete and balanced dog diet through all life stages.

It contains meat, bone meal, corn, ground wheat, animal fat, and natural flavors. The formula is abundant with fatty acids like omega-6, vitamin A, vitamin E, zinc, and many other essential vitamins and mineral that can make your pup’s coat soft and shiny.

The nutrition of grains can also help maintain overall health. Calcium and phosphorus present in it can boost the strength of bones and teeth, while the crunchy kibble also keeps teeth clean.

Red Flannel Canine Select Formula

  • Ideal for all breeds
  • Can help maintain health
  • Includes high-quality ingredients
  • Has natural preservatives

Another great formula from Red Flannel is the Canine Select Formula. The specifically formulated recipe is affordable for adult dogs of all breeds.

Given the mix of healthy nutrients, it can supply complete and balanced nutrition to your furry friend at every stage of life. It is ideal for energetic animals and has all the nutrients they require for healthy digestion.

What makes this recipe stand out is its great taste. This delicious recipe will make meal times much-awaited in your household!

Our Rating

The range of recipes offered by Red Flannel impressed me. Although the options are fewer, they still offer something for every dog and provide complete nutrition.

2. Ingredients

Red Flannel takes pride in using only high-quality and natural ingredients in all its products. While the ingredients vary as per the recipe, here are some common ingredients that go into their products:

Chicken By-Product Meal

The primary ingredient in most of their dog foods is chicken by-product meal. It is a dry-rendered product from slaughterhouse waste. After removing all the choice cuts, it includes what’s left of slaughtered chickens.

Besides organs, it also includes beaks, feet, undeveloped eggs, and everything besides the prime skeletal muscle.

On the positive side, by-products are only meat concentrates and can contain around 300% more protein than fresh chicken. However, the quality of it can vary depending on the raw materials used by the manufacturer.

Ground Wheat

Another ingredient that goes into most recipes by Red Flannel is ground wheat. It is a cereal grain commonly used as an inexpensive filler in many pet foods.

Ground wheat contains only carbs and fiber, but it doesn’t offer any other nutrients to dogs.


Corn is yet another inexpensive yet controversial grain that is commonly present in the recipes of Red Flannel. While it may boost your dog’s energy, the grain would provide little nutritional value.

Many pet parents consider it a “cheap filler” in dog foods, mainly because it has high carbs content and a low nutrition profile. Corns can also be high in cellulose, another insoluble fiber your dog might find difficult to digest.

Brewers Rice

Brewer’s rice is made of tiny milled parts of rice that separate from the large milled rice. The rice measuring 5/164 of an inch is also called dust or floor sweepings of rice.

Aside from the high caloric energy it offers, brewer’s rice doesn’t offer a high nutritional value to canines.

Chicken Fat

A few recipes of Red Flannel dog food also contain chicken fat. It comes from the rendering of chicken, a process identical to making soup in which the fat is skimmed right from the liquid’s surface.

Chicken fat contains a high amount of linoleic acid, an omega-6 fatty acid essential for overall well-being. It might not sound appetizing, but chicken fat is a quality canine ingredient.

Our Rating

The manufacturers use high-grade ingredients that undergo a stringent checking process, ensuring they deliver only quality products. They use chicken meat as a primary protein ingredient, making it a great food option.

However, their recipes include controversial ingredients like brewers rice, yeast extract, and ground wheat, which might not suit every dog.

3. Nutritional Analysis

The table will tell you about the nutrients in Red Flannel dog food as per the guaranteed analysis given on the product labels.

NutrientContent (per serving)
Calories3,510 kcal/kg or 345 kcal/cup

The dog foods from Red Flannel tend to include a protein content of around 27%, while the fat level is 14%. These figures could suggest that carbohydrate content must be close to 51% for the brand.

With a fat-to-protein ratio of 53%, the brand offers above-average protein content but below-average amount of fat.

Our Rating

Regarding nutrients, Red Flannel is similar to other brands. It looks like any other average dry dog food.

If you wish to give your pet dog more proteins and less fiber to suit your furry friend’s dietary requirements, you can consider Red Flannel.

4. Price

Red Flannel dog food is an affordable and economical option for pet parents by Exclusive Pet Food. When you consider both the quality and quantity they offer, the prices are average and fall in the similar range as other competitors.

The Red Flannel Puppy dog food costs $35.99 for a bag of 40 lbs.

Our Rating

The dog foods offered by Red Flannel are high-quality and provide great nutritional value. It offers essential ingredients at affordable prices without drilling a hole in your pockets.

5. Recall History

A great way to know whether the brand is safe for your pet dog is to check the recall history of their products. It indicates whether there has been an incident of quality compromise and how the brand tackled it.

Red Flannel follows strict procedures to ensure the quality and taste of all its dog foods, much like all the brands offered by Exclusive Pet Food. There has been only one case of recall of Red Flannel foods in 2007 due to the possibility of salmonella contamination.

Our Rating

Apart from the one product recall, Red Flannel is a relatively safer and quality product since the manufacturers adhere to strict norms and procedures.

What Sets Red Flannel Dog Food Apart From Its Competitors?

What Sets Red Flannel Dog Food Apart From Its Competitors

Red Flannel stands out in the variety of recipes and ingredients they provide when I compare it to many other popular dog food brands. Their dog foods are well-suited for active dogs that need more energy.

The manufacturers include only natural and high-quality ingredients to ensure they deliver only the best to dogs.

Should You Purchase Red Flannel Dog Food?

The protein-rich diet with real animal meat makes Red Flannel dog foods good for canines. It is a trustworthy and economical alternative that will enable you to not compromise on nutrition while ensuring your budget isn’t impacted!

Although the manufacturers use quality ingredients to produce dog foods in their facilities, some recipes can include controversial ingredients. You must take it into account while making your buying decision.

Pro And Cons of Red Flannel Dog Food


  • Doesn’t include plant proteins in top 5 ingredients
  • Includes minerals that improve absorption
  • Affordable alternative
  • Rich in proteins, antioxidants, and fatty acids
  • Free of preservatives


  • It contains a lot of carbohydrates
  • It doesn’t contain probiotics for improves digestion
  • Includes soy, corn, and wheat

Our Rating



Nutritional Analysis


Recall History

Overall Rating: 4

Red Flannel has been popular among pet parents as their dogs enjoy the taste and benefit from the nutrients of these recipes. The formulas of this brand can take care of the needs of all active dogs, no matter the breed, size, or even age.

Although a few ingredients might not be ideal for your pup, you must check with your vet if they will suit your pup.

Red Flannel gets a rating of 4 out of 5 stars.

Red Flannel Feeding Guide

When introducing this dog food to your furry companion, it’s best to start slowly and gradually increase the amount of Red Flannel. Here are the recommended daily feeding guidelines:

Weight (lb)Cups To Feed Per Day
3 – 15½ to 1-¾
15 – 251-¾ to 2-½
25 – 502-½ to 4
50 – 754 to 5
75 – 1005 to 6
100+6 cups + ½ for every 10 pounds of weight over 100 lbs

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Present In Red Flannel Dog Food?

Red Flannel recipes can include ground wheat, yellow corn, chicken fat, meat and bone meal, brewers rice, and even beet pulp.

Can I Buy Red Flannel pet foods online?

Yes, the dog foods from Red Flannel are available online for you to purchase.

How Should I Introduce Red Flannel To My Dog?

If your dog is consuming another brand, add only 10% of Red Flannel to the previous one and gradually increase the content of Red Flannel over 7-10 days.

Final Thoughts

Although there are many controversies and drawbacks associated with Red Flannel, it emerges as a good choice for active dogs. With the high meat protein content and other natural ingredients, these foods can help meet your dog’s nutritional requirements.

Ensure you consult a vet before you switch to ensure it doesn’t hamper your pup’s health and keep them healthy and happy!

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