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Best Sinking fish food – 10 Top Picks for Bottom Feeders

TetraMin Tropical Tablets Bottom Feeder Fish Food

Our research showed that Tetra PRO PlecoWafers Complete Diet for Algae Eaters Fish Food is the best sinking fish food (Bottom-feeder fish food)

As bottom feeders, fish that like to have their food at or close to the bottom of the water tank has plenty of food choices in the market. Bottom feeders are also referred to as “detritivores”. They essentially like to see their feed drift down to their bottom zone before they pounce onto it.

10 Best sinking fish food

If you have saltwater fish, you can read the saltwater fish food guide here.

Typically, bottom feeders include varieties of catfish, crabs, crayfish, starfish, etc.

When choosing foods for your finned companions, your usual primary targets are the well-known brand names like Tetra, Omega One, API, etc. There is an added comfort for the buyer if the food labelling includes the AAFCO statement. AAFCO (American Association of Feed Control Officials) is an association of local, state, and federal agencies that regular sale and distribution of animal feeds.

Here are the Top 10 best bottom feeder fish foods you can buy for your finned companions.

Tetra PRO PlecoWafers Complete Diet for Algae Eaters Fish Food

Plecos are the world’s largest family of catfish. They are also commonly known as suckermouth catfish or Plecostomus.

They are your typical bottom-feeder fish and Tetra Pro PlecoWafers are going to be a staple diet for your catfish. This sinking fish food for goldfish offers a nutritionally balanced diet along with algae food to the fish. The feed avoids the clouding of your tank water. It is rich in fiber for a healthy immune system. This type of bottom feed fish food has good amounts of Biotin and Omega-3 fatty acids. They attribute to a good metabolism which is vital to being a healthy fish.

Review of Earthborn Holistic

  • Excellent source of Biotin and Omega-3 fatty acids
  • All veggie boom feed fish food
  • Sinking fish food that has the best of both worlds co-extruded: good source of nutrition and algae food
  • Contains the essential micro-nutrients like vitamins to ensure the all-round health of your fish
  • Does not tend to cloud the water in your tank
  • The recipe does not contain wood pulp
  • Few bottom feeders may find it unacceptable
  • Does tend to cloud tank water if fish do not consume for a long time

Wardley Shrimp Pellets Formula Bottom Feeder Fish Food

Wardley is popular because of the best sinking fish food for ponds.

As the packaging indicates, as soon as the feed is added to the tank it literally sinks to the bottom. And your bottom feeders are going to fall for it. The formula is made of shrimps, which are accepted foods for most bottom feeder fish.

This pellet formula is targeted at tropical catfish. Including plecos and loaches that readily consume the pellets as soon as they hit the tank bottom.

These are the best sinking fish food pellets.

  • The trusted name for large bottom feeders
  • Each easy to store jar contains 4.5 ounces of slow sinking pellets
  • Scientifically formulated for catfish, plecos, loaches, and other larger fish
  • This product is also suitable for an Oscar fish topical freshwater fish like Bettas
  • Makes the immune system strong with its added ingredients like Vitamin C and Antioxidants
  • Maintains water clarity without clouding the tank water
  • Usually, the bottom feeder food gets eaten before it has time to break down, it may cloud water if fish do not eat it quickly
  • Works well with active feeders that clean up every crumb, otherwise, the feed looks like a fuzzy fungus kind of growth

Aqueon Shrimp Pellet Tropical Fish Food

This sinking pellet fish food is made out of shrimps in pellet form. It is suitable for all kinds of tropical fish, goldfish, loaches, catfish, and other bottom-feeding fish.

The shrimp pellets fish food is made from high-quality shrimp meal and premium whole fish meal from fish like salmon and herring varieties. Aqueon offers the best sinking fish food catfish.

These sinking fish pellets are approximately the size of a pomegranate seed. The formula can be useful for feeding lion head goldfish too.

  • Made from high-quality shrimp which is a staple for most tropical fish and they readily eat it
  • Appropriate for bottom feeders, goldfish, and tropical freshwater fish
  • It does not mess with the tank water
  • Can be used in combination with flakes and fish love the variety
  • Not many complaints about this product
  • It drops a bit too quickly and is supposed to be for body feeders
  • As they do not fully dissolve, if fish does not consume them, they stick to the tank and make it hard to clean

TetraMin Tropical Tablets Bottom Feeder Fish Food

If you want to buy the sinking fish food in bulk, TetraMin should be your choice.

The TertraMin Tropical bottom feeder fish food gives your fish balanced nutrition. The feed is an eligible diet for catfish and loaches. It is not suited for frogs. Can be consumed by aquatic snails.

The tablets you find in this packaging are about half the size of a nickel.

This food sinks to the bottom of the tank. Since it is a flaked food, it is also ideal for top and mid-water swimmers.

As it is made using Tetra’s patented ProCare blend of vitamins and Omega-3 fatty acids, it proves to boost immunity. It also saves your fish from disease and stress.

When you feed these sinking pellets, you will see fish swimming upside down because of joy.

  • Easy for your fish to digest
  • It does not leach colour of tank water, keeps it clean and clear
  • Balanced food for bottom feeders, suitable for mid-level swimmers too
  • Has the presence of vitamins thanks to ProCare blend from TetraMin
  • Contains the essential micro-nutrients like vitamins to ensure the all-round health of your fish
  • If your loaches or catfish do not like it, it can clog up your filter and make things messy
  • Does tend to cloud tank water if fish do not consume for a long time

API Sinking Shrimp Pellets Bottom Feeder Fish Food

This food formulation caters exclusively to bottom feeders and tropical freshwater fish.

They provide your fish with a balanced diet that does not leave them deficient in any nutrition. They are well suited for your catfish, plecos, and loaches.

You may feed your fiddler crabs with this fish food, but you can not consider it as a complete food for them as this does not provide them with daily minimum nutrition. You may have to supplement this feed along with other commercial foods, including algae wafers, sinking pellets, specialized crab food, dried bloodworms, etc.

The manufacturer claims that this food gives out up to 30% less ammonia than competition foods as they are produced using high-quality shrimp. These pellets also contain enhanced protein content for heightened digestion among your bottom-feeding fish.

  • Single complete diet for your bottom feeders
  • Gives out 30% less ammonia into the water, hence keeps the water changing frequency low
  • A delicious mix of the finest shrimp varieties and enhanced proteins
  • Can go together with seaweed and squid to ensure healthy growth of your fish
  • Contains the essential micro-nutrients like vitamins to ensure the all-round health of your fish
  • Can not be used in a tank that has snails and shrimp, will kill them
  • Not suited for Axolotl as it is focused on feeding bottom feeders only

API Sinking Wafers Algae Eater Fish Food

If your fish swimming sideways, these sinking wafers are the best.

The wafers, although targeted at feeding bottom feeders, will cause no ill effect on your snails and shrimp. This food is palatable to Plecos, Ancistrus, Otocinclus, and other algae-eating fish.

 As the name suggests, you can use this food for your algae-eating fish. It is rich in protein hence promotes growth. It also keeps water in the tank clear and clean. These wafer foods are suitable to feed your Corydoras Catfish

Like the API sinking shrimp pallets, this food produces 30% less ammonia in water.

The API sinking algae wafers are enhanced with protein to offer them a complete diet. API has formulated a unique mix of algae, omega-3 fatty acids, and alfalfa to ensure optimum digestion.

It is also an excellent source of fibre for your bottom feeder fish. The aquarium bottom feeders will love this.

  • A unique mix of Omega-3 fatty acids, algae, and alfalfa
  • Other contents like Yeast, garlic, vitamins C and E boost your fish’s immunity to the max
  • Disperses up to 30% less ammonia into the water, making the water live-worthy for longer periods of time
  • As the recipe is digestive, it reduces fish waste, thereby reducing tank cleaning frequency
  • Feed only the amount that your fish will be able to consume within 2 hours
  • Overfeeding can lead to increased ammonia dissipation in tank water

Zoo Med Pleco Banquet Block Fish Food

ZooMed offers the best food for freshwater bottom feeders.

The popular weekend food for your fish when you take off for the whole weekend. As the tablets settle down at the bottom, they are perfect for bottom feeders.

These food blocks in form of tablets time-release algae and wood fibre as a healthy fish food option. They are perfect for suckermouth catfish.

Zoo Med is also a favourite food of turtle.

You can use these vacation feeder blocks for either freshwater or saltwater fish.

This sinking catfish food would easily last your water tank for a week. Depending on the size and number of fish in your tank. A single block weight 0.45 ounces.

You might want to feed your snails in the same tank as your bottom feeders with these food blocks.

  • Not many complaints about the product quality and feeding sizes
  • Easily lasts you a week, perfect for vacation food for your fish
  • Plecos may seem to pounce onto these blocks as soon as they hit the tank bottom
  • Ideal for difficult choosy feeders
  • Contains the essential micro-nutrients like vitamins to ensure the all-round health of your fish
  • Your loaches and mollies might want to give these food blocks a miss
  • Does tend to cloud tank water if fish do not consume for a long time

Omega One Sinking Veggie Rounds

OmegaOne is famous among fish owners as it offers a complete range of food for freshwater bottom feeders.

A typical green color tint is visible on these wafers. This translates to the fact that Omega food has the highest quality in the market.

This bottom-feeder fish food is a complete food so there is no need to give supplements to your fish. It is suited for consumption by the bottom feeder, marine fish as well as tropical freshwater fish.

It is fit for consumption by aquatic snails too. Your cory and emperor tetras will also like to get a taste of these wafers as they are so full of natural goodness.

Omega also claims that these wafers were produced using fresh ocean kelp from the Gulf of Alaska.

  • It dissolves slowly so you can be sure that your slow eating fish can finish their food without creating a mess in the water
  • These veggie wafers are globally accepted by almost all varieties of bottom feeders
  • Perhaps the best quality fish food available in the market and its green, literally
  • As they dissolve slowly, fish can eat the maximum part of the wafers without them mixing away into the tank water
  • They often don’t sink for quite some time which makes it hard for bottom feeders to reach them
  • Does tend to cloud tank water if fish do not consume for a long time

Aqueon Tablets Bottom Feeder Fish Food

This tablet sinking food is well suited for all bottom-feeding fish, including the Bronze Corydoras and crayfish.

It does not contain any type of added colour. Keeps your fish full of energy and healthy by supplying complete nutrition as a balanced diet.

These tablets sink instantly and dissolve slowly. They are made keeping in mind the feeding habits of bottom feeders. Contains all-natural ingredients needed by your fish on a daily basis.

  • All-natural ingredients with added vitamins and minerals
  • Contains all-natural color, no artificial color added
  • Does not cloud the water in your fish tank
  • The formula contains ingredients that fish like hence does not leave any leftover materials in the water tank
  • Contains the essential micro-nutrients like vitamins to ensure the all-round health of your fish
  • At times not all of the wafers sink to the bottom, fish remain hungry
  • Does tend to cloud tank water if fish do not consume for a long time

Omega One Veggie Slow Sinking Mini Pellets Fish Food

 Made from ocean kelp harvested by hand along the Gulf of Alaska. It contains spirulina and several other fish proteins. Contains the best ingredients so your fish will digest them completely without leaving much scope for waste.

Omega-3 fatty acids ensure boosted immunity and your fish remain full of energy.

These pellets are ground to an optimum size that is easy for fish to suck up each pellet is approximately 0.5mm in size. It is suited for Tiger Barbs.

Omega One Veggies slow sinking mini pellets are suited for all bottom-feeding fish – marine fish, and tropical freshwater life.

Hermit crabs love omega one.

  • Ocean kelp and Spirulina are a perfect combination for most natural food
  • Naturally rich in omega 3 & 6 HUFA to ensure long life and best immunity
  • Perfect size for small fish to consume
  • Contains the essential micro-nutrients like vitamins to ensure the all-round health of your fish
  • Can go together with seaweed and squid to ensure healthy growth of your fish
  • Not all fish may accept this food, perhaps due to tiny shape
  • Make sure you start feeding in lesser quantities initially so that fish learn to eat them properly and avoid pellets from getting stuck in their food pipe

Bottom feeder fish food

What is bottom-feeder fish?

The type of the fish which feeds at the bottom is known as bottom feeder fish or sinking fish.

What does bottom-feeder fish eat?

It mostly eats dead fish and invertebrates. If it’s herbivore, it prefers algae and plant materials.

How does bottom-feeder keeps the tank clean?

It is believed that bottom feeders in aquariums eat up all the algae and help keep the water clean. So, in a way, they help reduce the frequency of draining and cleaning out the aquariums. They also eat up the remnants of foods left by other inhabitants of the aquarium. They eat the algae and help maintain oxygen levels in the tank water.

How to change sinking fish diet?

You can change the food by feeding less quantity of food in regular intervals.


A good and healthy diet is key to many problems that your fish may have, so be prepared for the right actions and products for your fish tank residents. All the foods discussed above are well suited for bottom feeder fish, and a few of their cousins like the snails and shrimps.

A detailed guide for fish food

Your fish may tend to be choosy with their meals. While some fish find it easy to accept a new food in their diet, others may need some time and a gradual transition as you mix their existing food with the new food.

As the saying goes, “Even a fish wouldn’t get into trouble if he kept his mouth shut”, you as their companion should make sure that your fish friends are well-fed to keep active and full of energy. And stay healthy and blessed.

 Written by: Usman H. Yahya  Reviewed by: Stephanie G. Gabriel

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