Sojos vs Honest Kitchen

Sojos Vs. Honest Kitchen: Which Dog Food Is Better?

Dog parents spend hours and effort intending to find the best for their furry pets. I’m one such pet parent, and if you’re here, I’m sure you’re a part of the same clan.

One of the most crucial yet time-consuming decisions that we have to make for our pet dog is the food. Well, Sojos and Honest Kitchen are some names you might have encountered while browsing the market for the best dog food.

Both brands are popular for offering dehydrated dog food, but they are quite different from one another. This can make it challenging for you to pick one out of the two.

But with my experience with Sojos and Honest Kitchen, I have curated this detailed guide to help fellow dog parents. Read on, and by the end of this article, you will know which brand best suits your pup!

FactorsSojosHonest Kitchen
Owned ByWellPet LLCMonarch Alternative Capital LP
Launched In19852002
Special FeatureRaw and fresh dog foodDehydrated pet food
Number Of FormulasSix recipes50+ products
Intended ForDogs that have grain-sensitivityActive dogs that need more energy

About Sojos


4.2 Overall Editor Rating


  • Melticulous Quality And Safety Standard
  • Contains Only Premium
  • All Natural Ingredients With No Artificial Preservatives
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Sojos came into being in 1985 and has been transforming the lives of pets for the last three decades. It started merely as a new concept struggling to make a place, but today it is a leading contender.

The brand Sojos aims to bring your dog the best of both worlds—excellent nutrition and raw, fresh food in the form of kibble.

Sojos manufacture dog food as well as the treats in Minnesota using nutrient-rich, all-natural superfood ingredients. The product range of this American brand includes complete recipe food, pre-mix food, and dog treats.

Their freeze-dried dog offers a unique blend of nutrition with delicious flavors, ensuring your dog enjoys and benefits from it.

Sneak Peek Into Honest Kitchen

Honest Kitchen

4.7 Overall Editor Rating

Honest Kitchen

  • Free of artificial flavors or preservatives
  • A delicious and nutritious add-on for dogs of all breeds,
  • Human-grade ingredients in a human food facility
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Honest Kitchen began in the year 2002 in California in a woman’s kitchen. The founder Lucy Postins used to prepare food for her dog at home but soon got tired of it and began using dehydrated ingredients.

She turned this idea into a business when friends began asking for her recipe. The company has been growing tremendously ever since, although they still produce the products in California only.

The brand understands the gap between conventional pet food available in the market and the requirements of a dog. They aim to bridge this gap by offering dogs clean, safe, and nutritious food.

Sojos Vs. Honest Kitchen: A Detailed 4-Factor Comparison

Sojos Vs. Honest Kitchen A Detailed 4-Factor Comparison

Giving healthy, safe, and nutritious meals to your dog can take care of a majority of health issues that they are facing or may develop in the future. It is a great way to ensure their overall well-being.

Sojos and Honest Kitchen aim to ensure your dog gets the right nutrition, but let’s see how they fair based on this in-depth 4-factor comparison.

1. Ingredients

The two brands offer numerous dog recipes, each containing a wide range of natural ingredients. However, I will discuss some of the main ingredients that go into making their product range.


  • Meat

The primary ingredient in Sojos’ complete dog meals is meat. Their range of recipes includes turkey, beef, lamb, chicken, and salmon as protein sources.

The abundance of meat content ensures Sojos products offer protein and other essential nutrients like amino acids that your dog needs to sustain a healthy and happy life.

  • Sweet Potato

Another primary ingredient in Sojos recipes is sweet potato. The vegetable is a good source of gluten-free complex carbohydrates and is also rich in fiber and beta-carotene.

  • Whole Eggs

Whole eggs go into most formulas produced by this brand. They are easy to digest for your dog and offer a high biological value.

  • Broccoli

The recipes also contain a good amount of broccoli, a green vegetable belonging to the kale family. Broccoli is also rich in vitamin C, fiber, and many other nutrients.

Since it is a cruciferous vegetable, broccoli can offer anti-cancer benefits.

  • Fruits

Your dog can benefit from the fruits that come in the recipes by Sojos. It contains apples and cranberries; both fruits have reasonable amounts of nutrients as well as fiber and help improve a canine’s health.

  • Flaxseed

It is a good plant-based source of essential omega-3 fatty acids. When ground into a dog meal, flax seeds also offer soluble fiber.

Flaxseed contains around 19% protein, which you must keep in mind when checking the meat content of Sojos dog food.

Honest Kitchen

  • Chicken

Dehydrated chicken is the first and most essential ingredient in Honest Kitchen dog food recipes. It is a meat concentrate that contains roughly 4 times more protein than fresh chicken.

Dehydrated chicken, unlike chicken meal, doesn’t get exposed to higher temperatures during the processing stage. Therefore, it can help preserve more natural nutrients in the meat.

They use free-range and GAP-certified chickens in the majority of their recipes.

  • Barley

Barley, a starchy carbohydrate, can supply fiber as well as numerous other nutrients to your dog. It is essential because of the energy content, but this cereal grain present in the recipes offers modest nutritional value to dogs.

  • Dried Potato

Dried potatoes also go into Honest Kitchen recipes. It is a dehydrated ingredient that comes from the by-products of processing potatoes and may contain 10% dry matter protein.

  • Flaxseed

Flaxseed contains an abundance of omega-3 fatty acids and fiber. The seeds also contain 19% protein, which can benefit your dog.

  • Dried Peas

The recipes from Honest Kitchen also include dried peas, an excellent source of carbohydrates and dietary fiber. Dried peas also contain around 27% protein, which is essential for dogs of all ages.

  • Carrots

The products also include dried carrots. It can prove beneficial for your dog as the vegetable contains dietary fiber, beta-carotene, and minerals.

Who Won?

In my opinion, Honest Kitchen includes a wider range of ingredients in its products. They add GPA-certified chicken along with other meats for protein, making it beneficial for dogs.

I think Honest Kitchen takes the lead over Sojos in terms of ingredients.

2. Recipes

While only a few people realize it, it is essential to check the recipes offered by the company. It becomes especially important if you want to give your dog a variety of flavors without switching brands every now and then.

Let’s dive deeper into the recipes offered by Sojos and Honest Kitchen.


  • Offers raw and fresh dog food 
  • Made for dogs of all sizes and life stages 
  • They make some blends, especially for senior dogs
  • Complete recipes include 5 different formulas
  • Offers a unique mix-a-meal recipe
  • Has three options for dog treats

Honest Kitchen

  • Offers a wide range of products
  • Has unique recipes for puppies, adults, and senior dogs
  • Focus on protein ingredients
  • Include wet food, dehydrated foods, treats, broths, and supplements
  • Delivers human-grade meal recipes for pets

Who Won?

Since both brands offer a diverse range of recipes, they are giving each other close competition in this context. However, Honest Kitchen has the edge over Sojos as it offers more variety in terms of recipes and products.

3. Nutrition

The most essential aspect of choosing a dog food is the nutrition it can offer to them. Like every other brand, Sojos and Honest Kitchen boast of offering dogs a well-balanced and nutritious diet.

Still, you must know the exact nutrient content before making the final decision.

Crude Protein

Dogs need 22 amino acids to stay healthy and sustain life. While they naturally synthesize 12 amino acids, the remaining 10 must be consumed, and protein is the nutrient that can provide some, if not all, ten essential amino acids to canines.

There is a significant difference regarding the crude protein content of both brands being discussed here. While the dry dog food recipes from Sojos contain 34.2% of protein, it is slightly less for Honest Kitchen at 29.3%.

Crude Fat

A dog needs fats as a part of a balanced diet, as they provide energy and ensure the development and functioning of a dog’s body. Fats can help your dog produce prostaglandins, which can help reduce inflammation.

There is a minor difference between the two brands in terms of crude fat content, which is around 15% for both.

Crude Fiber

As essential dietary fiber is for the human digestive process, it is equally necessary for canines. Sojos contains relatively less fiber at 5.7%, while it is 6.3% for dry recipes of Honest Kitchen.

Who Won?

Sojos takes the lead in terms of crude protein content, whereas Honest Kitchen offers more fat and fiber. Since protein is vital for dogs of all ages and breeds, it is safe to say that Sojos takes the win here!

4. Recalls

The last important criterion of comparison is the safety of products, which is indicated by the number of product recalls done by the brand. Recalls will give you an idea if there have been any instances where the product’s quality and safety have been questioned.


Over the years of their operations, Sojos has never recalled a product. It goes on to show that the brand holds true to its aim of delivering healthy, safe, and hygienic dog foods.

Honest Kitchen

Honest Kitchen recalled 5 of its products once on 2/21/2013 as there was a chance of salmonella bacteria contamination.

Who Won?

When it comes to product recalls, Sojos has never had a single instance, but Honest Kitchen has once recalled products from the markets.

Here, Sojos proves to be a better choice here with no history of product recalls, proving its determination to offer only the best to your dog.

Highlights of Both Brands

You might be eager to get to the part where I tell you which brand I prefer, but first, I’d like to give you a little recap of Sojos and Honest Kitchen.


  • An old and reputed dog food brand
  • Manufactures products in Minnesota
  • Offers protein-rich meat-based recipes

Honest Kitchen

  • Made in California, USA
  • Chicken is the primary protein ingredient
  • Offers a wide range of recipes and products

The Winner: Honest Kitchen

In the battle between Sojos and Honest Kitchen dog food brands, both brands give each other tough competition. However, Honest Kitchen wins by a close margin.

The manufacturers use certified and natural ingredients to give your dog the best possible diet and ensure they are healthy and happy!


  • Uses human-grade ingredients
  • Wide range of options to pick from
  • Convenient packing
  • Suited for canines with sensitive guts


  • It can contain sodium selenite
  • Bit pricey

Why Did Sojos Lose?

Why Did Sojos Lose

Although Sojos has a lot of good things to offer to your furry companion, it might be the ideal choice for them, especially when compared to Honest Kitchen. Sojos dog food not only has more carbs, but it contains more plant-based proteins.

Besides that, there are no probiotics present in Sojos recipes that help improve the digestion and overall health of canines. The lack of variety in terms of products is yet another drawback of this brand.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Do Sojos Manufacture Their Products?

All the products from Sojos are made in the USA in Minnesota Kitchens.

Are Honest Kitchen Products FDA Approved?

Yes, Honest Kitchen has applied for and received FDA approval to label the dog foods as human grade.

How Long Does The Dog Food From Honest Kitchen Last?

The dog foods offered by Honest Kitchen have a shelf life of 12-24 months.

Final Thoughts

While each brand promises to give the best products made from high-grade ingredients, not all can deliver them. Here, it becomes essential for you as a dog parent to carefully research and then make the right pick depending on your dog’s needs and dietary preferences.

In the case of Sojos vs. Honest Kitchen, the latter stands out in terms of ingredients, recipes, nutrition, and range of options, making it a clear winner for me. It can make mealtimes delicious and fun for your furry companion!

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