Solid gold review

Solid Gold Review – A great brand with few recalls

Solid Gold review
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  • Price
  • Recall history
  • Natural ingredients

Solid Gold review

The online Solid Gold reviews show that it is a great brand. However, the prices are a bit at the higher end.

Solid Gold Review

What is Solid Gold?

Solid Gold was one of the first pet food companies in the United States to use all-natural ingredients in their products. They are focused on giving the best food, enhancements, and healthy skin items for your pets. Solid Gold has expanded to meet every dog and cat’s exceptional dietary needs, while staying concentrated on conveying digestive wellbeing and generally prosperity all through each pet’s lifetime.

Solid Gold Products 

Solid Gold has continued to update the holistic pet food category with dry foods, wet foods, toppers, and supplements that support a pet’s health and energy.

Solid Gold dog and cat foods are available in Bisque, Chunks, Mousse, Paté, and Shreds in three, palatable textures.

Solid Gold products are also available for skin & coat, immune support, digestive and urinary tract health.

These products come in flavours like chicken, beef, turkey, sweet potato, salmon, duck, tuna, fruits & berries, lamb, pumpkin, buffalo, liver, quail, seafood, cinnamon, lentil, pork, tripe, vanilla, venison, and rabbit.

Solid Gold specializes in products for all Life Stages like Adult, Kitten, Large, Less Active, Puppy, Senior, Toy & Small and Very Active

Following are 5 best Solid Gold pet care products:

Solid Gold Hund-n-Flocken Lamb, Brown Rice & Pearled Barley Recipe

  •  Real Lamb is used
  •  Healthy whole grains and unique blend of nutritious superfoods
  • Promote gut health and overall immune support.

Solid Gold Wolf King Bison & Brown Rice Recipe

  • Functional SuperFood
  • Rich omega fatty acids and high-quality proteins
  •  No artificial preservatives added

Solid Gold Leaping Waters Sensitive Stomach Dry dog food

  • Gluten and grain-free ingredients
  • Easy to digest for sensitive stomachs
  • Complete antioxidants packed with carrots, pumpkins, and blueberries

Solid Gold Fit & Fabulous Low Fat/Low Calorie

  • Specifically for weight control
  •  Provide high-quality fiber & proteins
  • Necessary patented living probiotics

Solid Gold Indigo Moon with Chicken & Eggs

    • High in protein to helps to provide energy to muscles
    • 100% free from grains and gluten.
    • Blend of functional superfoods for overall immune support

Solid Gold Prices

Solid Gold dog foods and cat foods have different prices. The price of these products Started from $4 to $60.

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How to contact Solid Gold?

Solid Gold can be contacted through the phone number 1-800-364-4863 or send an email on

 Solid Gold also has an online forum and FAQ section.

Is Solid Gold a scam?

Solid Gold is absolutely not a scam. Customer’s review shows that it is a high-quality European pet food brand.

Solid Gold Recall

Our research shows that in 2012, Solid Gold recalled limited numbers of its Wolf Cub line for suspected salmonella after the bacteria was discovered in Diamond Pet Foods Gaston, South Carolina, facility.

 Do we recommend Solid Gold?

Yes, we definitely recommend it because it delivers premium quality that fulfils exceptional dietary needs of pets and they provide superior value for customers’ money. One product of Solid Gold was recalled in 2012 even though the issue was found in the limited number of quantities. We don’t find any reason not to recommend them.

The online Solid Gold reviews show that it is a great brand. However, the prices are a bit at the higher end.

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