9 Tips to Find Best Dog Food

A rapid advancement can be seen in the Dogfood market in the last decade. There are several dog foods available in the market. Sales of pet food worldwide reached 75.25 billion U.S. dollars in 2016, and the U.S. accounted for around a third of global sales in 2016.

So, you’re probably thinking How to find Superior Dog Food, here are nine easy steps you can follow through. By following this, you can choose the best diet for your canine friends.

This dog food guide 2021 will answer the following questions:

What to look for when buying dog food?

What is good dog food?

How to choose good dog food?

How to find the best dog food?

How to find the best dog food

Examine the Tag carefully

Choosing dog food is not easy.

To avoid the difficulty to read out a list of information that is mentioned on the pet food packet, it is highly recommended that go with the quality Dog food brands. They have a number of ingredients with the rating mentioned. It saves your time and also money.

Bad Dog food brands have a higher concentration of the following ingredients:

  • Less Meat
  • More By-products
  • Low-Quality Additives and Preservatives

Look for the Company’s name

In this regard, a lot of people prefer low brand companies.

They have the view that low-standard companies used better and safe products for the preparation of dog food. When we compare this supposition with facts and figures, we come to analyze that this conception is not true

Take this example:

Three companies in the USA- Mars, Purina and Big Heart produce 93% of all pet food available in the market.

Still, according to the facts available on the website, 73 of the 88 consume low brands.

We can say that even these low-quality brands account for just 7 % of the production yet account for 87% of the consumption.

Moreover, Interviews conducted for this purpose conclude that;

A large number of Dog foods have not met the criterion to the nutritional value mentioned on the packing.

This is so because a large number of people do not care about the nutritional value of dog food.

One thing that can be concluded from the facts mentioned above that small brands produce low-quality food as these (low-quality food) have cheaper ingredients in them.

Anyhow, large brands (with 2-3% exception) have prepared their products by the recommendation of Specialists in the fields of Animal Food sciences or Animal nutrition. They (specialists) follow extreme care in determining the food quality for your dogs. For this purpose, you can see a bird’s eye view of the methods they follow:

  1. For Impurities, Additives, and preservatives, they examined Raw Material.
  2. Quality control procedures and safety measures have been adopted.
  3. They even own and operate their manufacturing facilities.
  4. Before the shipment of the goods, they verify the products.
  5. Last but not least, they have built Testing laboratories even at their places.

Now it is apparent from the above facts and figures that Goods prepared by large companies are safer than the goods prepared by low brands.

Identification of the Manufacturer

What to look for in dog food?

Nowadays, it is not the same thing in the pet food market as it was before. The Dog Food market has been largely expanded.

It is not the case 100% that those who manufacture the dog food, sale it by their name. It can be the probability that the food has been prepared by someone else and has been sold by the other.

In any case, you just take care of the manufacturer’s history so that you can identify their position in the market to analyze the invincibility of their products.

Confirmation of Nutritional Testing

AAFCO has provided nutritional consolation that every Dog food brand has to follow up with.

In order to meet nutritional values, A testing clause has been there. This clause can be meet up by following one of the two testing procedures, i.e. laboratory analysis or Feeding Trials.

You must consider this step when you choose food for your pet dogs as some companies have not followed this procedure.

Question about the product’s preparation

How ow to select dog food?

You will be amazed by the fact that pet food had been prepared by non-professional over the years.

As there is no law related to this, even brands used this practice.

So, confirm from the Company that Animal Nutritionist or veterinary professionals should prepare the food you are using for your dogs.

Examine the ingredient sources

How to determine the best dog food?

How to pick the right dog food?

Food is what its ingredients make it. In other words, you can say that the ingredients in the food make the quality of the food.

But this is not always the case as ingredients have also their quality. You don’t know what type of ingredients are used in the product.

Federal law also doesn’t guide about this, so this is not the pinpoint for many brands and customers as well.

In simple words, you cannot analyze, by just the names of, the ingredients about their sources, i.e. whether they are purchased from the countries having low food quality standards or have bought from open market’s inferior bidder.

On the other hand, in order to maintain the quality of the brands, Big brands in the market mention this information too.

So, keep this point in your mind that you should inquire about the source of the ingredients in the food your pet dogs.

Demand transparency

When there is a question like how to find good dog food?

Consider that you have asked some questions about the food you have been purchased, from the concerned Company and they do not respond to it.

What will be your perception of this Company?

Without any doubt, their products are not healthy for your dogs.

These companies use such practices:

  1. By creating customer calls by using the same answers recorded in voice messages.
  2. They don’t even maintain a product website.
  3. They resist questioned by even independent websites, e.g. The Dog Food Advisor.

When asked about such practices, they answer it in a diplomatic way that to find the proper answer to a question about the product, one must be a veteran of Animal Nutritionist.

This type of response is completely irrelevant as you can analyze it by yourself what kind of above discussion demanded that you should be a veterinarian or an animal nutritionist to understand the quality of the food you are giving to your pets.

Such type of companies is hostile or defensive ones. Surely, they are something to hide, and their products and their method of manufacturing are not transparent.

Contradict to these companies; some good Pet food brands work very hard in order to satisfy the customer by responding to their(customers) queries related to the food products they are selling, as they (companies) have nothing to hide. They are sure about the quality of their product.

For this reason, it is highly recommended that you should consider the Company of which food you are choosing for your pet dogs.

Understand Nutrition and Food Types of Dog

Verification of the Quality Control Measures

During purchase, all pet food has the probability of containing:

Perishable Toxins (aflatoxin, vomitoxin)

Pathogens (Salmonella, Listeria) causing Diseases

Harmful Nutrients Levels

Environmental Pollutants

Though a number of pathogens have been killed during the process of pasteurization, i.e. cooking, boiling still harmful toxins remain in the food, and in some conditions, they may accidentally come in contact with finished goods.

So, never buy pet food from companies that haven’t adopted strict safety measures.

However, some big companies are very careful. They obtain a negative test result for any kind of contamination before the shipment. They even test every batch of products a lot randomly

Contradict to it; bad food brands do not adopt any testing procedure.

Take a glance over the recession history

The manufacturing capacity of a company can analyze through dog food recalls.

Most of the pet owners ignore this aspect and underestimate this important event.

Though this is unforeseen and even the big dog food brands cannot predict them.

Yet, there is a difference between the attitudes of big and low standard companies during the recession period.

Big companies do not tend to hide this and tell the reason behind it. Furthermore, they make extreme care in order to overcome this.

On the other hand, some brands remain silent on this and do not conceal this information.

Apart from this, keep in mind that recession doesn’t mean that a company collapsed and all of its products are unhealthy.

Must remember that usually, recession involves a selected number of batches of items.

So do not underestimate the entire brand.

Hence, from the clues mentioned above, you can easily select the best dog food for your pet dogs.

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