My name is Usman Yahya. I was born into a family that loved agriculture. From sowing crops to raising livestock, I have been a part of everything since childhood.

In 2014, I decided to adopt agriculture as my career after completing Secondary school. I selected agriculture as my major subject for undergraduate studies. I completed my masters in 2020 with a degree in plant breeding and genetics.

I love to write and that is what I do for my bread and butter. I am a top-rated freelancer on Upwork.

My Goal

My goal is to help pet parents, owners, and pet lovers around the world so that every pet gets a healthy diet and lives a happier life.

My Mission

I love to work for animal welfare. I believe that a pet can be healthy and happy only through proper nutrition. My mission is to spread awareness through:

  • Research
  • Reviews
  • News
  • Buying guides

My Research Process

I love animals. In fact, everybody does. To ensure excellence, I have a rigorous research process.

  1. I keep an eye on the research published every day.
  2. After thorough research, I write a quality piece loved by pet owners.
  3. Finally, I cross-check the facts and publish the content.
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