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Best Turtle Food – Top Picks and Feeding guide (2022)

Have you ever wondered what food do turtles eat? Turtles, just like humans, need proper food to survive and be healthy. Depending on the type of turtle, the nutrition greatly varies. Not that all turtles are picky eaters, but since there are over 300 species of this ancient reptile, it’s good to know what to serve them and what your pet turtle specifically needs.

10 Best Turtle food

ImageTitleOur RatingsBuy
Zoo Med Large Sun-Dried Red Shrimp Turtle Treats9.6View on Amazon
Zoo Med Natural Aquatic Growth Formula Turtle Food9.5View on Amazon
Zilla Reptile Munchies Vegetable Mix Lizard Food9.3View on Amazon
Mazuri Aquatic Turtle Food9.3View on Amazon
Wardley Clear Water Odor Reducing Probiotic Sticks Turtle Food9.2View on Amazon
Fluker’s Large Pellet Tortoise Diet Land Turtle Food9.0View on Amazon
Tetrafauna ReptoTreat Gammarus Turtle, Newt & Frog Treats8.8View on Amazon
Omega One Adult Turtle Floating Sticks Food8.7View on Amazon
Repashy Superfoods Veggie Burger Gel Premix Reptile Food8.5View on Amazon

Fluker’s Gourmet-Style Mealworms Reptile Food

This reptile food comes from the brand Fluker’s Farm founded by David Flucker in 1953. The family-run business grew to become one of the biggest sellers of feeder insects and supplies for pets. The mealworms-infused reptile food product provides nutritional values, such as crude protein, crude fat, crude fiber, and ASH which are necessary for your aquatic turtle’s well-being. You can include Fluker’s mealworms in the daily turtle’s meal however, the amount depends on your pet. Remember not to feed it more than it can consume in five minutes. The price is affordable, $2.09 per for 1.2-oz can. You can receive the order over $49 in 1-3 days.   Pros
  • Full of nutrients and vitamins
  • The product is ideal for daily meals
  • Long-term freshness due to the sealed cover
  • Delicious and nutritious meal
  • Perfect for aquatic turtles
  • It can easily mold if it’s not refrigerated
  • Due to the worms being dead, some pets refuse to eat them

Zoo Med Large Sun-Dried Red Shrimp Turtle Treats

Providing a well-balanced diet for your turtle means mixing proteins and vegetables in its daily routine. Crickets, mealworms, and waxworms are some of the varied nutritional options that you can give your turtle. Having this in mind, you will make the best decision when purchasing food. All thanks to the company’s truly innovative products, reptiles, amphibians, birds, and aquatic pets are fully satisfied since 1977.  Zoo Med takes pride in offering excellent top-quality food for exotic pets, such as turtles, lizards, tropical fish, and frogs. The company’s goal is to provide only the best food, supplements, and habitats for exotic pets. Since turtles could benefit from a little extra care, the supplements that Zoo Med provides can be an addition to the turtle treats, thus providing an extra step in your pet’s daily nutritional needs. The Zoo Med’s Large Sun-Dried Shrimp Turtle Treats is rich in crude protein, crude fat, crude fiber, and moisture, all necessary for the pet’s well-being. The product is ideal for your aquatic turtle. ZooMed is also a topper in Hermit crab foods. Due to its quality, your turtle will increase weight in a matter of days. Best consumed as an occasional meal, the treats will give a nutritional boost to your beloved pet. Pros
  • A treat full of proteins
  • Can be used as an occasional treat or a standard meal
  • Increase in weight in a few days
  • Tastes delicious
  • When served as a staple food, can be used 3-4 days a week
  • Some dryland turtles refuse to eat the food
  • Customers complain about treats being torn apart when opened

Zoo Med Natural Aquatic Growth Formula Turtle Food

It’s no wonder that both aquatic turtles and tortoises love the Zoo Med Natural Aquatic Formula Food. Free from artificial preservatives and colors, this dietary product contains 35% protein adequate for growing turtles. If your turtle prefers eating in a watery environment, you won’t make a mistake purchasing this product. The pellets don’t sink, which is much easier for aquatic turtles when eating. Some of the main ingredients include soybean milk, wheat flour, fish meal, wheat mill run, corn gluten meal, and fish oil. Put one level teaspoon from the product and let the turtle feed for one hour. If there is any food left, you should discard it. For turtles that eat the food in a shorter amount of time, increase the amount. Pros
  • Contains 35% protein
  • The pellets float making it easier for turtles to eat
  • Pet owners, zookeepers, and veterinarians highly recommend this product
  • No artificial colors
  • It’s only for 2-6 inch turtles
  • Pieces are too large for smaller turtles

Zilla Reptile Munchies Vegetable Mix Lizard Food

Don’t let the title of the next product fool you. Although titled “Lizard Food”, it’s more than adequate for turtles and tortoises’ nutrition. The natural ingredients, such as carrots, green beans, peas, zucchini, and sun-dried bok choy render the necessary nutrients and vitamins for your pet. If your pet turtle prefers a vegetarian diet, go ahead and purchase this product. It goes along with leafy greens or pellets, or it can be a tasty treat on its own. Depending on the size of your pet, the meal ratio varies. Unlike the Zoo Med pellets, place this treat in a feeding dish. Mixing one part lukewarm water with two parts of the Zilla Reptile Munchies is the best way to feed your turtle. Remove any leftovers. The 4-oz bag is more than enough for many joyful treats that your turtle will enjoy. Pros
  • Comes with a convenient package
  • Provides vitamins and nutrients
  • Doesn’t need refrigeration
  • Perfect for a nutritious meal alongside leafy greens or served as a treat
  • Not suitable for turtles that dislike vegetarian food
  • Some customers complained that the bag contains a small number of real vegetable pieces

Mazuri Aquatic Turtle Food

Your freshwater turtle will be in for a treat with the Mazuri Aquatic Turtle Food. Not only that this nutrient-rich food is packed with fish and animal protein, but the floating diet makes it easier for your turtle to digest. Adequate for painted or red-eared turtles, this product satisfies even the pickiest turtle’s carnivorous palette. The menhaden fish meal, ground corn, dehulled soybean meal, and poultry by-product meal are just some of the ingredients that Mazuri’s tirelessly implements in their products. Mazuri Aquatic Turtle Food comes in two sizes, 12-oz bag, and 25-lb bag. Feeding your juvenile or adult carnivorous turtle once per day from this product is more than enough. Since it can be scattered on the water, make sure that you regularly wash the watering bowls. Cool and dry places, free of insects, are the best for product storage. Reseal the package between uses, so the food doesn’t go moldy. Pros
  • Offers complete nutrition-packed diet full of minerals and vitamins
  • Food adequate for placing it in water
  • Provides high levels of protein
  • No added colors or flavors
  • It takes time before some turtles enjoy this food
  • The pellets may be hard to digest

Wardley Clear Water Odor Reducing Probiotic Sticks Turtle Food

One thing that helps to maintain a clean tank for your turtle and tortoise is the Wardley Clear Water Odor Reducing Probiotic Sticks Turtle Food. By promoting live bacteria necessary for healthy digestion, this product also reduces waste and odor. The floating sticks are full of Vitamin C giving immune system support, and calcium necessary for a strong shell. Wardley’s product, being one of the most popular for turtle food consumption, contains no artificial colors. Thus, helping to maintain clearer water for your underwater buddy. Once or twice per day, every day is enough for consumption. Feed as much as your shelled friend can consume in five minutes. The highly digestible fish-meal product will keep your turtle and tortoises full, leaving to want more.  Pros
  • Floating sticks perfect for placing them in water
  • No artificial colors or flavors added
  • Help maintain a clean tank or terrarium
  • Full of Vitamin C and high levels of protein
  • Some customers complained that the water gets dirty if the sticks stay there for a long time
  • Not adequate for land turtles

Fluker’s Large Pellet Tortoise Diet Land Turtle Food

Fluker’s Large Pellet Tortoise Diet Land Turtle Food gives your large turtle all of the necessary vitamins. Because it is mainly for larger land turtles, the vitamin-rich pellets are easy to consume and meet daily needs. The ingredients, such as ground oats, ground corn, calcium carbonate, and ground oat hulls, make for the necessary intake of crude protein, fiber, fat/oil, copper, and Vitamin A, E, D3. This product also comes in two sizes, 7-oz jar, and 3.25-lb jar, lasting for a long time. Fluker’s Tortoise Diet is great for all dry land turtles. Feeding it once daily, three to five times a week will give the best results. You don’t have to add water, and if your land turtle is keen on greens, then serve it with fresh fruits and vegetables. Pros
  • A delicious taste that is irresistible
  • Perfect for land turtles and tortoises
  • The formula is rich in vitamins necessary for growth
  • Provides a well-balanced meal
  • Proteins, fats, minerals, and vitamins-infused product
  • Not adequate for aquatic turtles
  • The pellets can be rather big for smaller-size turtles

Tetrafauna ReptoTreat Gammarus Turtle, Newt & Frog Treats

Who doesn’t love an occasional snack or two? Turtles do too. The Tetrafauna ReptoTreat Gammarus Turtle, Newt & Frog Treats provide a delicious treat for your shelled-buddy, as turtles truly enjoy shrimp. The company that stands behind the product is none other than Tetrafauna. It has been around for more than 50 years, offering thousands of products for our exotic pets. One of those products is the 100% natural, whole, sun-dried freshwater Gammarus shrimp treats which are high in protein. Adding variety to your pet’s diet is beneficial for having well-balanced nutrition. The baby shrimps are ideal for all aquatic turtles, regardless of their size. Feed your aquatic turtle from this product several times a week, along with a staple diet. Let your pet consume as much as it can within several minutes. The remaining food should be discarded. The only ingredient is the sun-dried shrimp, and this product comes in a 0.35-oz bag for a very affordable price. Pros
  • 100% natural shrimp
  • Provides variety to your turtle’s diet
  • High in protein
  • Your turtle will enjoy the natural shrimp flavor
  • Offers healthy snack to your pet’s staple diet
  • Only comes in one size
  • The amount of shrimp “dust” muddies the water

Omega One Adult Turtle Floating Sticks Food

The next product is ideal for adult aquatic turtles. The Omega One Adult Turtle Floating Sticks food’s main goal is to provide health and vitality to your exotic pet. Having in mind the benefits of whole, nutritious ingredients, Omega One puts an accent on producing top-quality products. This product, in particular, is rich in proper levels of vitamins and minerals. The floating sticks are full of fresh ingredients, so the turtle’s diet is more enjoyable and nutritious. Some of the ingredients include whole salmon, whole herring, halibut, wheat flour, wheat gluten, whole kelp, and many more. Another great benefit of this product is that these turtle sticks are naturally insoluble, reducing water pollution. The low levels of starch reduce turtle waste, as well. Here is some top dog food for Rottweiler. When feeding your aquatic turtle, use only as much food it can eat in two minutes. Don’t feed your pet more than one to three times daily from the floating sticks. You can purchase the Omega One Adult Turtle Floating Sticks Food in three sizes, a 3.5-oz jar, a 6.5-oz jar, and a 12.5-oz jar. Pros
  • Proper levels of vitamins and minerals
  • Comes in three different sizes
  • Floating sticks easier for consumption
  • Whole fresh ingredients, such as whole salmon, whole herring, and halibut
  • Rich in Omega 3 & Omega 6 fatty acids
  • High in calcium beneficial for shell development and health
  • The sticks may dissolve quickly
  • Since the turtle sticks dissolve quickly, the water in the tank can become muddy

Repashy Superfoods Veggie Burger Gel Premix Reptile Food

Repashy Superfoods Veggie Burger Gel Premix Reptile Food keeps your aquatic turtle or tortoise happy, fit, but most importantly healthy. Created to provide the necessary nutritional needs of omnivorous pets, this product will leave your veggie-loving exotic pet full and satisfied. This reptile food is rich in vegetarian plant-sourced protein from rice and peas, as well as fruits that contain essential vitamins and minerals. Don’t hesitate to purchase this food product, as we guarantee that your buddy will thoroughly enjoy the delicious flavor. In fact, who doesn’t love wholesome foods like coconut, alfalfa, molasses, and watermelon? The best part is that this product has them all. Before serving, make sure you cook it with boiled water (1 part powder to 2-3 parts water), so a gel-like substance could form. Feed as much as your turtle can digest. For the best consumption, treat it is as fresh food. Should you decide to refrigerate the cooked food, seal it carefully. It can last up to two weeks in a refrigerator, or up to six months in a freezer. It only comes in one size, a 3-oz bottle. Pros
  • Full of protein coming from plants only
  • Rich in fruits and botanicals
  • An easy-to-make formula that is great for omnivorous reptiles
  • Renders high-quality ingredients such as seaweed meal, hibiscus flowers, marigold flowers, and brewer’s yeast
  • To support overall health and well-being, the product contains essential amino acids, vitamins, and minerals
  • It may give an unpleasant smell
  • Not adequate for dry land turtles
What do turtles eat?

Turtles in general like eating both meat and plants. However, some are carnivores, which means that they feed on other animals, while others prefer a vegetarian diet.

One thing that all turtles share in common is the love for leafy greens, so don’t be shy serving small leaves of kale, collards, or mustard greens to your turtle several times a week.
Are commercial foods good for turtles?

Yes, they are. Opting for commercial turtle food is beneficial for them. Anything from canned turtle food, low-fat turtle treats, turtle pallets, and dried-fish food is available both online and in pet stores, however, some of these products should be consumed away from water.

How to find a suitable diet for your pet turtle?

Before you do all the food shopping necessary for your little friend, it is good to ask a veterinarian about its species, what kind of jaw it has, and its habitat. It will help you find the best turtle food.


Choosing the right food for your turtle is not always easy. We explained the Best turtle foods. Before purchasing all the disposable products out there, have in mind that not all turtles are the same.  Some prefer munching on leafy greens such as kale and parsley, while others prefer a wide variety of protein coming from crickets or mealworms. Since aquatic turtles are the most popular among exotic pet owners, purchasing products that contain pellets is always a good idea. Finding products that don’t fall apart in water and are free from artificial colors and flavors is always a plus. Anything from floating sticks to veggie mix and odor-reducing treats can be quite important in your pet’s daily food intake. Regardless of the product you select, make sure that it’s appropriate and contains all the necessary ingredients that your shelled buddy truly deserves. Parrot Food Guide  

 Written by: Usman H. Yahya  Reviewed by: Stephanie G. Gabriel

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