Can Dogs Eat Earthworms? Here is why you should avoid

Can Dogs Eat Earthworms?

The answer depends upon the scenario.

Trying to control what your dog eats is more difficult than it seems. Whatever seems pleasant to your dog, he immediately tries to take it to the mouth. This is why you have to watch him carefully because some of the things he eats later cause problems.

Finding out your dog ate an earthworm can be scary, especially if you are unaware of the harmful effects that the earthworm could have on the dog. You should be prepared with information regarding the effects of the earthworm on your dog. It is the best approach to pass through this situation.

Why does your dog love earthworms?

Why does your dog love earthworms

Why do dogs eat worms?

Well, some dogs might gorge on earthworms, toys, clothes, and other fancy things. The habit of eating anything that seems good is called dietary indiscretion.

Often, dogs eat earthworms because they enjoy their taste or because they lack specific nutrients in their body. It’s also possible that your dog ate the earthworm when exploring its taste. That is why your dog eats earthworms.

Here is what happens when your dog eats apples.

Dangers of eating earthworms

While dogs generally appear fine after eating earthworms, they may be at risk in the long run due to the things that earthworms swallow when they’re in the soil. Some of the things they consume can be safe. For example, some bacteria can benefit dogs if they are eaten.

 The soil even contains roundworm eggs, which are eaten by earthworms. Consequently, if your dog eats the earthworm, he may experience stomach upsets due to ingesting the roundworms.

Furthermore, the soil is laced with chemicals that are poisonous to dogs. If your dog ate just one earthworm, the chemicals will likely not be toxic. However, if your dog consumes earthworms consistently, the chemicals may become problematic in the long run. 

This type of problem occurs more frequently in puppies than in older dogs.

What to expect when a dog eats a lot of worms?

Besides stomach upsets, earthworms can also lead to roundworm infections. These infections are easy to detect by the presence of spaghetti-shaped rings in the dog’s poop. 

A worm’s consumption of poisonous substances from fertilizers and other products may adversely affect dogs.

Earthworms can bring about the giant kidney worm Diaoctopyma Renale, which can infect dogs’ abdominal and kidney tissues, resulting in kidney failure. These worms are very large, growing to almost 40 inches in length.

What Should You Do If Your Dog Has Eaten Earthworms?

What Should You Do If Your Dog Has Eaten Earthworms

Earthworms are likely to have little impact on your dog, so there is little cause for concern if it was a single worm. However, observe the dog see if it shows signs of stomach discomfort or pain. If so, consult your veterinarian.

 Earthworms may pose a greater risk to your dog if he has eaten them a lot or over a period of time. 

Toxic chemicals pose the risk of infection first.

Additionally, dogs can suffer from parasites such as roundworms, so deworming them may be necessary. The case is especially true if you notice ring-shaped spaghetti in the dog’s poop.

You should contact your veterinarian if your dog shows any other abnormal signs that may indicate that the dog has been affected by the toxic chemicals present in the soil. The sooner you alert your veterinarian, the better the chances of proper treatment.

Always offer your dog the best foods. Prescription foods for dogs are great if your dog’s digestive system is not working properly.

How to keep your dog away from earthworms?

Take treats with you when you go for a walk. If you see your dog eating worms, tell him to leave it and bring his attention with a treat. 

Make sure there are no earthworms inside or outside of your home. 


Finally, can dogs eat earthworms?

Yes, they can.

Despite being edible, earthworms are dangerous if eaten raw. Your pet could suffer adverse effects from consuming raw earthworms, especially if your dog eats a lot of them. Avoid feeding earthworms to your pet to prevent serious problems.

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