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Fromm Vs Purina Pro Plan: Choosing the Ideal Dog Food

You will come across hundreds of brand names when searching for premium dog food for your furry friend. But two popular brands that will pop straight up are Fromm Family Pet Food and Purina Pro Plan.

Both brands use high-quality ingredients and offer a wide range of products. So, it can be pretty daunting for pet parents to choose one. Well, I was in the same situation a few years ago when I wanted to try a new dog food for my pup.

I did some extensive research and even got in touch with other pet parents.

If you are wondering which of the two brands I picked, I believe that my findings below will help you make the right choice for your pet.

Hence, here is a detailed guide where I discuss the recipes and compare the ingredients and nutrients. So, read ahead, pet parents!

FactorsPurina Pro PlanFromm Family Pet Food
Owned ByNestle, PurinaFromm Bros, Neiman & Co.
Launched In18941949
Special FeatureQuality meat makes it rich in proteinRange of dog foods with a high protein level
Number Of FormulasOver 140 recipes 96 products
Intended ForAthletic dogs with a high energy requirementDogs with a grain allergy

Get to Know the Champion Brand – Purina Pro Plan

Purina Pro Plan

4.6 Overall Editor Rating

Purina Pro Plan

  • Known for a diverse product range
  • High protein formula, with real chicken as the first ingredient
  • Aims to provide complete and balanced nutrition to pups
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Thousands of dog food brands have come and gone. However, Purina has stood its ground and been a tough competitor since its establishment in 1894. Previously known as Purina Mills, it was founded by William H. Danforth with a focus on making animal food.

Curious about its evolution into a dog food brand? Well, this transformation is the result of several mergers, acquisitions, and identification shifts over several decades.

Currently, Purina has emerged as one of the top pet food companies. They also have a dedicated research center where they work tirelessly to give optimal nutrition to your beloved four-legged companion.

All You Need to Know About Fromm Family Pet Food

Fromm Family

4.5 Overall Editor Rating

Fromm Family Pet Food

  • Fromm uses fresh ingredients and high-quality ingredients
  • Dog Food contains Duck, chicken meal, chicken, brown rice
  • You can find grain-free dog foods as well
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*We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

If you are a US citizen, you probably have heard about Fromm Family Pet Food. It is one of the oldest companies and has really built a strong reputation.

They’ve been doing their thing right here in Wisconsin for over 70 years now. But what are they primarily known for? They are well known for producing top-notch dog food that ranges from dog treats and kibbles to specialized stuff like raw foods.

But do you know what actually put them on the map in the first place? It is their specialized grain-free recipes that have become a popular choice among pet parents in the US.

Fromm is renowned for their commitment to giving your little fur ball the perfect balance of nutrition. They ensure that the recipes not only taste amazing but also help your pup stay healthy and happy.

The brand goes the extra mile by handpicking the ingredients from farms all across the country.

Fromm Family Pet Food Vs. Purina Pro Plan: A Detailed 4-Factor Comparison

Fromm Family Pet Food Vs Purina Pro Plan: A Detailed 4-Factor Comparison

Both Fromm and Purina Pro Plan are known for offering quality dog foods and have been among the top choices of pet owners. Their dog food offerings are made with a wide range of natural and high-quality ingredients to benefit your pup.

But here’s a detailed 4-factor comparison of the two brands to help you decide the best one for your beloved four-legged friend. Without further ado, let’s dive right into the comparison!

1. Ingredients

The main concern for every pet parent while choosing dog food is the ingredients of the product. What goes into the dog food will directly determine your dog’s health.

Here, I’ll discuss the ingredients that Fromm Pet Food and Purina Pro Plan use to help you differentiate between the two.

Fromm Pet Food

  • Animal Meat

A majority of the recipes from Fromm Gold list the primary ingredient as a meat source, and it is either chicken, chicken meal, or duck. Chicken meal sounds like a controversial ingredient; however, it is just the dry rendered chicken flesh and skin that is abundant in protein.

The recipes from the brand also contain other meat sources, such as whole egg, menhaden fish meal, and lamb, which make the food more nutritious for canines. When it comes to their grain-free options, the prime ingredients are beef and pork.

  • Grains

Grains constitute a major part of the otherwise protein-rich recipes of Fromm Family Pet Food and make them balanced meals. The manufacturer adds carbohydrates through quality sources like brown rice, barley, and oatmeal.

These whole grains have a high amount of fiber, vitamins, and minerals essential for canines, like magnesium and iron.

  • Lentils

Fromm also adds healthy carbs to the recipes through lentils, peas, and also chickpeas. Besides carbohydrates, these pulses also contain a high level of fiber, protein, and many essential vitamins and minerals.

  • Vegetable

Recipes from this brand contain a wide range of veggies. You can be sure your pup is getting dried tomato pomace, which is a unique mix of tomato pulp, skin, and crushed seeds, along with celery, carrots, lettuce, and alfalfa meal.

These ingredients are known for being a rich source of antioxidants that will help boost a pup’s immune system. 

Purina Pro Plan

  • Meat Protein

Purina Pro Plan focuses on providing your dog with the required amount of protein to grow and stay healthy by adding a good amount of animal meat. They add selected and premium animal meat like chicken, fish, beef, pork, and even lamb in dog food recipes.

Almost all of the Purina formulas contain high-grade animal meats that provide dogs with a good amount of protein and amino acids to promote overall health.

  • Vegetables

Another ingredient that Purina Pro Plan is big on is vegetables. Shocking, right? It is one of the few pet food brands that aims to offer a well-balanced meal to your pup with a unique blend of vegetables along with meat.

It contains a mix of sweet potatoes, beet pulp, eggplants, and carrots to make the recipes healthy. Your dog will get fiber and essential vitamins and minerals from the vegetables.

Moreover, some recipes contain legumes, such as beans and peas, to enrich your pet’s diet with some vegetable protein as well.

  • Cereals

You might also notice some cereals listed in the ingredients section of Purina Pro Plan products. While some recipes contain barley, others can have corn, oats, rice, and even wheat.

You may assume that cereals are unhealthy for canines. But, in reality, they can provide carbohydrates, a raw energy source, as well as dietary fiber that will improve digestion.

Who Won?

Although both brands aim to deliver only the best dog food and use natural ingredients to ensure that, I think they are at par in terms of ingredients. 

However, Fromm Family Pet Food takes the lead here as the brand includes a wider range of ingredients in the pet food formulas.

2. Recipes

Next up on my list of comparison criteria is the range of recipes offered by the brand. 

While you may not realize it now, it is essential to find a brand that offers more products, especially if you have a pup with a sensitive gut or a picky attitude, so you can get a good variety without switching brands.

Fromm Pet Food

  • Has 96+ products for canines
  • Offers 9 different product lines to cater to different needs
  • Products are focused on age as well as breed size
  • You can find grain-free dog foods as well
  • Some foods are focused on health conditions

Purina Pro Plan

  • Known for a diverse product range
  • Offers 4 major categories on the basis of age and size
  • Has more than 28 dry dog food recipes
  • Aims to provide complete and balanced nutrition to pups

Who Won?

Well, if it isn’t evident already, Fromm certainly gives tough competition to the crowd-pleaser Purina Pro Plan in terms of recipes. Both brands offer a good variety and range of options to choose from, ensuring your dog gets the right nutrition.

Given the close call, I think it’s a tie between Purina Pro Plan and Fromm Family Pet Food when it comes to the product range.

3. Nutrition

As a dog owner, your task doesn’t end with checking the ingredients and recipes. You must also give consideration to the nutritional profile of the food you plan on giving to your furry friend.

Let’s take a quick look at the nutrients present in the products of Fromm and Purina Pro Plan.

Fromm Pet Food

The dog food offered by Fromm Family Pet Food is rich in nutrients, containing 28% dry matter protein, 18% fat, and around 46% carbohydrates. When compared to other brands, the protein level is above average, while fat and carbs are near average.

Purina Pro Plan

When it comes to the nutritional profile of Purina Pro Plan, the protein level is 29.55%, fat is 18.18%, and fiber is 3.41%. Similar to Fromm, Purina also has above-the-market average protein levels and near-average carbs and fat.

Who Won?

If you compare the numbers of each brand, it can be tough to choose the winner. While both Purina Pro Plan and Fromm Pet Food are at the same level, I think Purina is the winner for me.

Wondering why? It’s clearly because of the high amount of protein and fiber present in the products, which are essential for any dog.

4. Recalls

It’s natural for you as a pet parent to get only the best food possible for your dog. Apart from the nutrients and ingredients, the recall of the products can tell you a lot about the quality and safety standards maintained by the manufacturers.

If you want to know how safe Fromm and Purina products are for your dog, here are the details about their product recalls:

Fromm Pet Food

Over the journey of Fromm Pet Food, there were 2 recalls:

  • 2016 – Due to elevated vitamin D level
  • 2021 – Increased level of vitamin D 

Purina Pro Plan

In its history spanning many decades, the Purina Pro Plan line has only been recalled three times:

  • 2022 – Due to mislabeling
  • 2023 – Elevated vitamin D level

Who Won?

Even though Purina has had more recalls since it began operations, I still think it takes the win here because of how the brand handles product recalls.

They are quick to pull the products from the market as they aim to offer only the best foods to pups. 

Highlights of the Two Dog Food Brands

While you must be eager to know the winner, let’s take a quick look at the key aspects of Fromm Family Pet Food and Purina Pro Plan.

Fromm Dog Food

  1. Offers a wide variety of recipes
  2. Includes fresh and natural ingredients
  3. They prioritize protein content
  4. Caters to all breeds and life stages
  5. Has grain-free as well as grain-inclusive recipes

Purina Pro Plan

  1. Uses high-grade ingredients
  2. The brand offers meals for every dog
  3. Approved by veterinarians 
  4. Ingredients sourced within the USA 

The Winner: Purina Pro Plan

Despite the close competition given by Fromm Family Pet Food, I believe Purina Pro Plan is the winner for me. It has a good range of dog foods available, ensuring there is something for every pooch! 

What makes it better than Fromm and many other dog food brands is its commitment to providing safe, healthy, and nutritious meals to dogs.

Even though it uses fewer ingredients and offers less flashy recipes, Purina Pro Plan food comes enriched with higher protein and fat, essential to keep your dog healthy!


  • Uses safe ingredients
  • Caters to all life stages
  • Range of specialized formulas
  • Less recall history and handles properly
  • Provides a balanced nutrient profile


  • Some recipes include chicken by-products
  • Doesn’t offer grain-free options

What Led to Fromm Family Pet Food Losing?

What Led to Fromm Family Pet Food Losing

A family-owned business that has been operating for 5 generations, Fromm offers an exceptional line of dog food. But when compared to Purina Pro Plan, it lacks in terms of popularity as well as nutrition.

Although Fromm has recalled the products only once, and that too voluntarily, throughout the long-standing history, it still raises concerns about the safety of their products.

Besides that, Fromm Family dog recipes are on the pricier end, so it might not be the best option if you’re on a budget. Lastly, the lack of specialized formulas for dogs made my decision sway in the direction of Purina Pro.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Vets Recommend the Purina Pro Plan?

Do Vets Recommend the Purina Pro Plan?
Yes, veterinarians recommend Purina Pro Plan to pet owners as it is a safe and high-grade food that will benefit them.

Is Fromm Dog Food Grain Free?

Fromm Family Pet Food offers recipes that are both inclusive and free of grains. So, if your pet has a grain allergy, you can choose grain-free meals.

Is Fromm Dog Food Made In The USA?

Yes, Fromm has manufacturing facilities set up in Wisconsin, America.

Final Thoughts

Every brand has its fair share of successes and failures. However, the multiple positives of both the Fromm Family and Purina Pro Plan outweigh their negatives. This can make it pretty challenging to compare them and select a single option.

While Fromm Family’s dog foods contain a wide variety of ingredients and recipes, Purina Pro Plan promises better nutritional value as well as safe products.

But I prefer Purina over Fromm Family due to their rich history and popularity over the years and commitment to offering delicious yet healthy products.

As a pet parent, you now know what’s best for your furry friend and can choose based on their diet, health, and preferences. But if you have doubts, always consult a vet and get their expert opinion.

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