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Fromm vs. Taste of the Wild: Making the Best Choice for Your Pet

You might have come across some dogs that are pickier than others when it comes to food. Some just have a sensitive gut that cannot deal with frequent diet changes. If you have such a dog, I’m sure finding the right dog food will always be your top priority.

The two pet food brands that I think are ideal in such a situation are Taste Of The Wild and Fromm Family Pet Food. Both use natural ingredients to produce a wide range of dog food recipes that cater to the needs of almost every dog.

But how do you choose one from these exceptionally famous and equally good dog food brands? Well, that’s where I come in with my exhaustive research!

I wanted to help you chalk out the best diet plan for your pup, so I have curated this detailed comparison of the two brands. Dive right in to learn about the recipes, ingredients, nutritional profile, recalls, and, of course, which one is better between, Fromm and Taste Of The Wild. Let’s begin!

FactorsFromm Dog FoodTaste Of The Wild
Owned ByFromm Bros, Neiman & Co.Diamond Pet Food
Launched In19491970
Special FeatureRange of dog foods with a high protein levelExotic meat ingredients and unique flavors
Number Of Formulas96 products16 varieties of wet and dry food
Intended ForDogs with a grain allergyDogs who have specific dietary requirements 

Fromm Family Dog Food – Everything About the Brand

Fromm Family

4.5 Overall Editor Rating

Fromm Family Pet Food

  • Fromm uses fresh ingredients and high-quality ingredients
  • Dog Food contains Duck, chicken meal, chicken, brown rice
  • You can find grain-free dog foods as well
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You might not have heard of Fromm Family as much as you’d have come across the highly popular pet food brand i.e., Taste Of The Wild. But let me assure you, Fromm Family is quite an impressive brand.

They’ve been in the pet care business for decades now, even though they started off as a family venture. They have stuck to their roots and maintained the goodwill of their traditional business to date.

They go by the name Fromm Family officially and make some really good nutrient-rich pet food for cats and dogs. They manufacture the recipes in three different factories, two for dry treats and dry food and another one for wet formulas.

And guess what? All these facilities are right here in the United States. Since Fromm Family owns and runs the show, the brand is in charge of quality and safety.

Talking about their dog food, Fromm products cater to every type of pet. That’s why they curate recipes for different life stages, sizes, breeds, and even for the special needs of our furry friends.

Get to Know Taste of the Wild

Taste Of The Wild

4.7 Overall Editor Rating

Taste of the Wild

  • Omega fatty acids for healthy SKIN and COAT
  • Nutrient-rich and provides the energy to thrive
  • High-protein to help support bones, joints
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Taste Of The Wild is creating a real buzz in the dog food market, all thanks to their top-notch dog food recipes. This brand is a go-to among pet parents, mainly because they can get high-quality diets for their pets without breaking the bank.

This pet food brand has been in the industry for about 50 years and has been manufacturing products focusing on dogs and cats. Even though it now operates more like an independent company, it’s a part of Diamond Pet Foods.

What’s really neat is that this brand is all about its protein punch. They’ve stuck to this USP since they first started. In fact, all their recipes have real meat as the primary ingredient.

Moreover, Taste Of The Wild uses high-grade ingredients raised sustainably and humanely and manufactures products within the United States.

Fromm Family Dog Food Vs Taste of the Wild: 4-Factor Detailed Comparison

Fromm Family Dog Food Vs Taste of the Wild: 4-Factor Detailed Comparison

I’ve noticed that when I’m sure my pup is getting the right nutrition, it takes away a lot of my stress as a pet owner. And I’m positive that it must be the same with you guys, too.

With the right diet, you not only take care of many health issues your four-pawed friend is facing but also prevent a few that might develop in the future.

To help you find the best dog food brand for your beloved pooch, I’m going to compare Fromm Family dog food with Taste Of The Wild in detail. I’ve reviewed both brands based on these 4 factors.

1. Ingredients

When it comes to ingredients, both brands boast of using high-quality and natural ingredients to manufacture quality dog food products. But how good exactly are they?

Let’s take a look at the main ingredients that go into the making of their product range.

Fromm Dog Food

  • Animal Meat

Since dogs are carnivores; the Fromm Family aims to offer both meat protein and a delicious flavor that your pooch will not be able to resist.

Fromm incorporates meat as the primary ingredient in all of its recipes. They include poultry, fish, beef, rabbit, pork, and even venison. The kibbles also include duck meal, turkey or turkey broth, quail, goose, chicken, chicken meal, chicken, and pheasant.

  • Fruits and Vegetables

To give your pup a balance of nutrients, Fromm Family Pet Food also adds a combination of fruits and vegetables. You can find potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, pinto beans, watercress, and lettuce, in addition to fruits like pumpkin, apples, cranberries, and blueberries in these recipes.

  • Grains

Another noteworthy thing about these dog foods is that even though they’re big on protein, grains play a significant role, too. To make sure your furry buddies get the right amount of carbs, the manufacturers use healthy ingredients like brown rice, barley, and oatmeal.

And here’s the best part – these whole grains don’t just offer carbohydrates to your pets. They’re packed with a bunch of fiber, vitamins, and minerals like iron and magnesium that are important for your dog’s overall health.

  • Other Ingredients

Lastly, Fromm Family also aims to provide your furry friend with essential omega fatty acids and adds fish, fish oil, chicken fat, olive oil, flaxseed, and sunflower oil to the recipes.

Taste Of The Wild

  • Meat

Similar to the Fromm Family products, the formulas offered by Taste Of The Wild also contain animal meat in abundance. They rely on poultry, buffalo, beef, wild boar, lamb, bison, venison, and fish to make the recipes rich in protein.

It is exceptional how Taste Of The Wild combines meats with ocean fish meals to ensure your dogs are not only receiving loads of protein but also omega fatty acids.

  • Ancient Grains 

The next line of ingredients present in these recipes are ancient grains, such as millet and quinoa. These grains offer canines numerous health benefits as they contain fiber, minerals, and vitamins.

Some recipes may even include brown rice, sorghum, and cracked pearled barley to improve the overall nutritional profile.

  • Fruits and Vegetables

Taste Of The Wild also incorporates selected veggies and fruits in their products. Some of the vegetables are sweet potatoes, potatoes, garbanzo beans, tomatoes, and carrots, while the fruits are apples, raspberries, and blueberries.

Who Won?

Since both brands use a range of natural ingredients in their recipes, it’s tough to weigh them in this category.

I still think Fromm takes the lead here for including a more diverse range of ingredients, especially different meats, to give dogs a delicious taste along with the required nutrition.

2. Recipes

The next parameter in my comparison guide is the recipes offered by the brands. While you might not consider it important, it’s essential to find a brand with more recipes if you want to give your pup a variation of ingredients and recipes without having to switch the brands every now and then.

Let’s take a quick look at the recipes offered by Fromm and Taste Of The Wild.

Fromm Dog Food

  • Dry Dog Food – 34 Recipes
  • Wet Dog Food – 41 Recipes
  • Dog Treats – 18 Treats

Taste of The Wild

  • Dry Dog Food – 16 Recipes
  • Wet Dog Food – 5 Recipes
  • Dog Treats – None

Who Won?

Fromm Family dog food presents a wide range of flavors to choose from as compared to its counterpart. It offers a good number of options for dry food, wet canned foods, and even treats to help you motivate and train your pup.

Owing to the sheer variance of products and numbers, Fromm has a slight edge over Taste Of The Wild and emerges a winner here as well!

3. Nutrients

Being a pet parent myself, I know that while multiple recipes and ingredients are crucial factors, the most important factor is the nutrient profile of the dog food. Fromm Family and Taste Of The Wild both offer well-balanced as well as nutritious meals to dogs.

Still, here’s the exact nutrient content you must know before forming a verdict about who’s your ideal choice.

Fromm Dog Food

Fromm Family dog foods are rich in nutrients, with 28% protein, around 18% fat, and fiber standing at 6.8%. As per the average standards, the protein level is beyond average, while carbohydrates and fats are near average.

Taste of The Wild

Taste Of The Wild is also enriched with essential nutrients. Their recipes contain around 32% protein in dry foods, 17.8% fat, and 4.6% fiber.

Who Won?

When you look at the numbers, Taste Of The Wild contains more protein; however, Fromm takes the lead in fat and fiber content. Since protein is essential for dogs of all ages and sizes, it’s safe to conclude that Taste Of The Wild is the clear winner here.

4. Recalls

In the end, a brand’s product recalls can also be a good indicator of the quality and safety measures adopted by them. Recalls give us an idea of a brand’s product issues and how they dealt with the situation.

Fromm Dog Food

Fromm Pet Food has had two recalls since its inception; they are:

  • 2016 – Elevated vitamin D level
  • 2021 – Increased level of vitamin D

Taste of The Wild

There has been only one recall of the brand:

  • 2012 – Salmonella contamination

Who Won?

Although Taste Of The Wild had one product recall and Fromm had two, I still believe Fromm Family to be a much safer brand. It uses safety measures and also ensures the products are free of harmful ingredients to provide high-grade meals to your pup.

Thus, my verdict is that Fromm Family emerges as the clear winner in this category as well.

Highlights of the Two Dog Food Brands

I know that you are keen to know the winner, although it is obvious here. First, let’s do a quick recap of Taste Of The Wild and Fromm Family brands.

Fromm Family Dog Food

  • A brand with a long-standing history
  • Offers recipes that cater to dogs of all breeds and sizes
  • Includes natural ingredients, focusing on protein
  • Has grain-free and grain-inclusive recipes

Taste Of The Wild

  • A dedicated family-owned dog food brand
  • Adds exotic meat proteins like wild boar, venison, and bison
  • Free of fillers, corn, soy, wheat, and other additives

The Winner: Fromm Family Dog Food

The Winner: Fromm Family Dog Food

In this very close battle between Fromm Family and Taste Of The Wild dog food, both brands have delivered exceptional results against my comprehensive, 4-factor comparison. However, I believe Fromm Family Dog Food emerges as the winner here, but only by a close margin.

They offer a wider range of recipes, including more healthy and nutritious ingredients, and have a decent nutritional profile, putting it in front of most pet food brands, not just Taste Of The Wild.


  • Various dog food lines and recipes
  • Contains natural and wholesome ingredients
  • Offers balanced nutrition for all dogs
  • Comes with probiotics


  • Lower protein level
  • Lacks specialized recipes

Why Did Taste of the Wild Lose?

Taste Of The Wild offers dog foods that are abundant in proteins to help your pup stay healthy and grow. Even though the brand has a lot of benefits to offer to dogs, it might not be the ideal choice compared to the Fromm Family products.

Wondering why? It’s because the cost of Taste Of The Wild products is quite high. It is among the most expensive dog food brands and is not ideal for pet parents with a limited budget.

Besides that, I feel the brand has a limited flavor range. So, if your pooch is a picky eater, it might become challenging for you to find a recipe it will like if you are going with Taste Of The Wild.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Taste Of The Wild A Good Brand?

Yes, the dog food brand Taste Of The Wild is good and offers well-balanced and healthy food options for your pup.

Is Fromm Owned By Purina?

No, the brand Fromm Family is owned by Tom Neiman, who inherited it from his grandmother in 1983.

Is Fromm Dog Food Free Of GMO?

Yes, the dog food offered by the Fromm Family is entirely free of GMOs.

Final Thoughts

Without letting my biased views come in the way, I can say that both Fromm and Taste Of The Wild are reputed pet food brands that you can consider for your beloved pet. They have shown commitment and dedication to providing only the best to canines by using high-quality ingredients and safety standards.

But if I had to choose one, it’d certainly be Fromm Family dog food. With its diverse product and ingredient range, it stands out from the many names in the market. You can get it for your pup and ensure they stay healthy and happy!

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