can dogs eat potato salad

Can Dogs Eat Potato Salad: Is it Good For Dogs?

Potato salad is not safe for your canine buddy, and you should refrain from feeding it to them.

You may have encountered a viral trend in recent times where pet owners try to make their dogs and cats eat all sorts of things and how they react to it. While some of these foods are not harmful to pets, some pet owners unwittingly feed some fruits, vegetables, or food items that do not agree with the digestive system of their dogs.

If you are thinking of following this trend and plan on feeding potato salad to your dog, then you should refrain from it. While a bite or two of raw potato may not harm your pooch, potato salad is an entirely different thing. It is loaded with cheese, mayonnaise, onion, garlic, chili flakes (if you love the spicy version), and many other ingredients, depending on how you may have prepared it.

The store-bought versions are worse because the ready-to-eat varieties often have many preservatives that could be toxic for your dog. And the ones made in diners or cafes often have processed ingredients. A combination of all these ingredients can harm your dog’s digestive system, even though they may be slurping it with joy.

What to do if Your Dog Ate Potato Salad?

What to do if Your Dog Ate Potato Salad

Even if you had no intention of serving potato salad to your dog, they might have eaten some from your bowl if you left it unattended. This could happen if you are used to sharing food from your plate with your dog.

In such cases, evaluating the situation before panicking is essential, as that will further harm your dog. A lot depends on the ingredients that went into the potato salad, the quantity your dog ate, the age of your dog, and its overall health.

If you managed to stop your dog just after a bite or two, then perhaps there is nothing much to worry about, although you should keep a watch on them for the night. If your dog eats more and starts showing signs of distress after a while, you should contact a vet.

Make a list of the ingredients as best as you can remember, and they will treat your dog for the symptoms it shows. Do not try to induce vomiting yourself in an effort to clear the dog’s stomach, and let the vet handle the situation if your dog becomes sick.

How Can Potato Salad Harm Your Dog?

How Can Potato Salad Harm Your Dog

Dogs are generally supposed to be on a carnivore diet that consists of meat because that was their predominant diet before they were domesticated. Hence, your dog may suffer from certain symptoms if the potato salad does not agree with them. While some dogs may be very sick, other dogs may show mild symptoms. Here are some of them.

1. Digestive Issues

Your dog may have digestive issues if they cannot digest the potato salad. This is especially true for puppies as their digestive tract will be unable to digest the mayo, the toppings, and other seasoning that may have been in the salad.

You may notice your dog vomiting, burping more or refusing to eat their regular food because they are in discomfort.

2. Diarrhea

Another symptom that your dog is sick due to eating potato salad is that they may have diarrhea. They could have runny and smelly poop, and they may even be dehydrated in extreme cases.

Diarrhea can cause loss of essential minerals and nutrients from the body, so you should consult your vet immediately to replenish them. This could become extreme if your dog consumes a lot of potato salad.

3. Restlessness

Your dog will become very restless if the potato salad does not agree with them. This is a common symptom with any food that will not agree with your dog.

They could experience discomfort from the toppings and seasoning and stay up all night. Or, they will become quiet and show severe signs of lethargy.

4. Allergies

Your dog may have an allergic reaction to certain ingredients in your potato salad. Despite knowing your dog’s medical history, you may not have known they are allergic to some ingredients simply because they have never been fed those items before.

Hence, it could be the first time they had those ingredients in the potato salad and developed an allergy. It could be skin rashes or some other form of irritation. Notify your vet immediately when it happens.

5. Bloating

Bloating is another issue your dog may suffer if they have potato salad. Your dog’s tummy may feel swollen and even a bit hard.

They might not be pooping and peeing regularly, and they may also pass a lot of gas. The condition may subside on its own, but if it doesn’t, then you should consult the vet.

Signs that Your Dog is Sick from Eating Potato Salad

The signs of your dog being sick from the salad might not be very evident, but here are some signs they will display if they are sick.

1. Vomiting

You may notice your dog vomiting if the potato salad does not agree with them. This could be because of the toppings and seasonings that could have caused a reaction. While vomiting may clear the stomach, you should consult the vet if there is too much of it.

2. Burping

If your dog keeps burping, which they do not do as much after they have had their regular food, it could be due to the potato salad.

Burping is a sign of indigestion, and in some cases, it can also have a sour taste, which can make your dog very uncomfortable. You should consult your vet if you see your dog pacing or whining with the burp.

3. Sleeplessness

Your dog will suffer sleeplessness if uncomfortable with the potato salad. They will refuse to sleep at night and could also bark through the night. They may refuse to go on walks or play, indicating they are uncomfortable doing such activities.

4. Obesity

Obesity could become a problem if you frequently feed potato or potato salad to your dog. Some dogs do not show any symptoms of physical discomfort, so their owners often feed potatoes to their dogs.

However, potatoes contain high amounts of carbohydrates, and your dog may become obese if you keep them to your beloved furbaby.

Should You Never Feed Potatoes to Your Dogs?

Should You Never Feed Potatoes to Your Dogs

Potatoes do have some nutritional value. They are rich in carbohydrates and minerals, along with Vitamin B6, thiamine, potassium, and calcium, among others. Nevertheless, it would be best if you only fed potato in boiled or mashed form as an occasional treat and not more than that.

The cheese and mayo from the potato salad are very fattening and could also block the arteries. If you use processed meat in your potato salad, like bacon, that can also be toxic for your dog.

Try to keep the potato treats to a minimum and watch your dog for the symptoms mentioned above. If they display any of those signs, be sure to keep the potato salad out of their reach.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are a pet owner and a first-time dog owner, it is natural to have some questions about your dog’s diet, especially with something commonly eaten like potato. Here are some of them.

Can potato salad cause food poisoning?

Potato salad could cause food poisoning in your dog if consumed in large quantities. It is mainly because of the ingredients in the salad, like cheese, mayo, or toppings. 
If your dog is too young or old, their digestive system may not be able to process the food, and it could cause food poisoning.

Can potatoes lead dogs to gain weight?

Yes, if you regularly feed your dog potatoes, they could gain weight over time. Potatoes are high in carbohydrates, and if they do not get sufficient exercise to burn the calories, it could lead to weight gain.
You should avoid regularly feeding your dogs potato or potato salad and only reserve them for treats.

Are boiled and mashed potatoes good for dogs?

Boiled or mashed potatoes without any seasoning can sometimes be a good treat for your dogs. Please do not feed them too often, but an occasional scoop could provide them with minerals and micronutrients that could be healthy.
However, a protein-rich diet with more compatible food should form your dog’s regular meals.

Final Thoughts

Your pooch is perhaps your best friend; in most cases, they are as dear as your children. Hence, you have to be as mindful of them as you are about your kids’ diet. Potato salad is not healthy for your dog, and you should try to keep it away from your dog as much as possible.

If you want to include them in your happiness during holidays and celebrations, simply give them some mashed potatoes with any toppings and seasonings, and your dog should be safe.

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