who manufactures member's mark dog food

Who Makes Member’s Mark Dog Food? (2023 Updated)

A pet dog can brighten not only your home but also your life. They bring a lot of happiness but also a lot of responsibilities, and it becomes imperative to take care of the little furry companions.

The easiest way to ensure their overall health and well-being is through diet. You must get dog food from a reputed and trusted brand that your pet will benefit from.

Here Member’s Mark comes into play, being a pet food brand that offers quality products. But do you wonder where it comes from?

Many people wonder if it is manufactured by Purina or Sam’s Club, but the right answer is Purina. Dive right in to learn everything about the brand Member’s Mark.

Who Manufactures Member’s Mark Dog Food?

Since 2020, when Nestle bought Purina, it has manufactured dog food from Member Mark’s. It is among the largest pet food producer globally and offers a variety of dry and wet dog food sold by Sam’s Club.

There are numerous rumors going around that a third-party firm, which is Purina’s subsidiary, produces all the dog food by Member’s Mark.

The Purina division of Nestle manufactures a lot of pet products, including treats, food, and many other items. Purina’s headquarters are in St. Louis, Missouri, implying that all the dog food is produced in the United States only.

All About The Quality And Ranking of Member’s Mark Dog Food

All About The Quality And Ranking of Member’s Mark Dog Food

When it comes to dog food, quality, as well as ranking, are some important factors to consider before investing in it. Moreover, finding great pet food becomes more challenging if your pup is a fussy eater.

If you’re looking for dog food that is both healthy and delicious, you can try Member’s Mark. It is among the few brands that a majority of owners rave about, and the rating of 4 or 5 stars on platforms like Sam’s Club only proves it.

Dogs and their owners adore Member’s Mark dog food because it is made with high-quality ingredients. Some notable ingredients that go into Member’s Mark food are:

  • Chicken: The manufacturers add it to the dog food as meat concentrate, and it offers 300% more protein when compared to fresh chicken.
  • Barley: It is a starchy source of carbohydrates and fiber, along with many other micronutrients.
  • Brown Rice: A complex carbohydrate that makes dog food digest easily.
  • Sorghum: Another starchy and gluten-free cereal that has the nutritional value the same as corn and boosts the blood health of a dog.
  • Flaxseed: It is a valuable component rich in omega-3 fatty acids, fiber, and protein.
  • Dried Peas: Peas are a great source of carbohydrates and dietary fiber and consist of 27% protein.
  • Lamb and Fish Meal: Both are concentrates rich in protein. The fish meal comes from dry and ground fresh tissue as well as fish cuttings.

Here are some highlights of the brand that most pet parents talk about:

  • Free of fillers, preservatives, and colors
  • No corn or meat by-products
  • Fortified with many essential nutrients and vitamins
  • Includes protein and natural fiber
  • Comes with a detailed feeding guide printed on the packaging
  • Dental dog treats are recommended by the Veterinary Oral Health Council
  • Free of gluten which reduces tartar and plaque in canines
  • Never had a recall since 2009

Flavor Offered By Member’s Mark

Member’s Mark offers several flavors that ensure your pet can enjoy a variety of recipes without having to change brands again and again. The manufacturers also use different ingredients to take into account the age differences of dogs.

The top flavors offered by Member Mark’s are:

  • Chicken And Brown Rice Formula (Only For Puppies)
  • Chicken And Rice Formula
  • Lamb And Rice Formula
  • Grain-Free Salmon And Pea Recipe
  • High Protein, Grain-Free Chicken And Vegetables Formula
  • Complete Adult Maintenance

If you’re wondering how to determine which recipe will be best suited for your canine, you can give a look at the AAFCO nutrient profile of each flavor written on the pack. Here’s what they signify:

  • G or Growth: Suited for growing puppies and young dogs
  • M or Maintenance: Best for adult canines
  • A or All Life Stages: Ideal for all stages
  • S or Supplemental: With additional nutrients that can boost a dog’s health
  • U or Unspecified: No information

All the flavors from Member’s Mark aim to offer your pet dog the right nutrition to promote growth and also prevent heart conditions. Since their recipes tend to vary in the concentration of fat, fiber, proteins, and carbohydrates, you can choose one depending on the nutritional needs of your pup.

How to Choose The Right Member’s Mark Recipe For Your Dog?

How to Choose The Right Member’s Mark Recipe For Your Dog?

Since Member’s Mark offers various recipes and each has varying nutritional values, it becomes imperative to choose the meal that benefits them the most. Being a pet parent, you can decide which formula suits them more.

Take into consideration these tips to decide which Member’s Mark food is best for your dog:

1. Your Dog’s Breed

Do you have a labrador or a bulldog? It can help you greatly in deciding which dog food from Member’s Mark is ideal for the pup.

This can be a crucial factor as it can determine its genetics and characteristics. For example, a labrador is quite active and will require food that offers more calories when compared with a breed like a bulldog.

2. Size of Your Dog

Smaller dogs need more calories for every pound as compared to large dogs, as they can have a higher metabolic rate. Therefore, you must check the level of carbohydrates present in a recipe to ensure you don’t overfeed a larger dog.

Moreover, larger dogs need specific nutrients to prevent the chances of serious heart disease and many other health conditions.

3. Your Dog’s Age

While a puppy requires more proteins to grow and build tissues, adult dogs need carbohydrates to get energy. A senior dog with serious heart issues might need a low-fat diet and wet foods that are easier on the teeth.

4. Your Dog’s Overall Diet

Canine nutrition experts always advise dog parents that they must change the diet of their pet at various life stages, especially if they’re giving commercial food, such as Member’s Mark.

Offering a wide variety of ingredients and flavors over time will help your furry friend benefit from different nutrition sets and help maintain their health. You may even consider changing brands and companies or trying a homemade diet.

When you feed your dog the exact same food, your pet will get bored over time, and it may lead to a dip in their appetite and energy levels. It might also become the reason for other diseases.

5. Consult a Vet

A veterinarian knows which nutrients your dog will need on the basis of their age, breed, health, and appearance and also what flavors they might not like.

They will also take into account your dog’s gut and liver health, kidney stones history, and other preexisting health conditions like allergies, blood pressure, and diabetes and then recommend the best diet.

Where Can You Buy Member’s Mark From?

Member's Mark Dog Food

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Member’s Mark Dog Food

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  • World’s finest ingredients
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Purina sells the dog food of Member’s Mark under the retail warehouse chain Sam’s Club, but it doesn’t mean that you cannot buy it elsewhere.

Member’s Mark products are also available online. You don’t have to go through the hassle of carrying heavy and huge bags of pet food at the store simply by placing an order online and getting them delivered right to your doorstep.

Sam’s Club offers all the products on its website, or you can also buy from online stores like Walmart or Amazon. Some online grocery stores like Instacart might also deliver these products to you.

The cost of dog food from Member’s Mark can range from $18 and $30 for bags available in 20, 28, 30, 35, and 55 pounds. These bags are quite consistent with other products from Sam’s Club.

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out these FAQs if you haven’t got your queries solved in the above discussions.

Where Do They Make Member’s Mark Dog Food?

All the dog foods from Member’s Mark are manufactured in the USA using both local ingredients and a few globally sourced ones.

When Was Member’s Mark Started?

Member’s Mark began operation in the year 1998, and Sam’s consolidated 20 proprietary brands under their label in 2017.

What Is The Slogan Of Member’s Mark?

Member’s Mark brand embraced a new slogan, – “Made with Our Member and Planet in Mind,” to commit to their sustainability aim.

Final Thoughts

A brand like Member’s Mark and a manufacturer like Purina is a testament to quality and safety. The brand also offers a very wide range of products, becoming a go-to option for pet parents and dogs alike.

The manufacturer uses quality, high-grade, and safe ingredients to produce dog food. Their products are also enriched with the essential nutrients that will help them maintain overall health and grow into healthy and happy dogs.

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