can dogs have everything bagels

Can Dogs Have Everything Bagels: Is it Good or Bad for Dogs?

When it comes to breakfast, a bagel is a safe and go-to choice for many people. If you’re someone like me who has busy mornings, an Everything bagel with unique toppings is an even better choice.

But what if your pup steals a bite of your Everything bagel? Is it safe for a dog to consume it?

The short answer is no. An Everything bagel is not suitable for canine consumption due to the number of harmful ingredients present in it.

Dive right in to learn all about Everything bagels and how they are not an ideal snacking option for your dog!

Is it Safe for Dogs to Eat Everything Bagels?

Is it Safe For Dogs to Eat Everything Bagels

No, canines cannot consume bagels. These snacks that you enjoy are not only loaded with carbohydrates but also contain numerous harmful and unsafe ingredients that your beloved pooch should stay away from!

Moreover, Everything bagels are especially detrimental to your pup’s health as they contain many toxic ingredients. With bagel spreads, toppings, cream cheese or peanut butter, and even meats like smoked salmon, these bagels might be hazardous for your four-pawed companion.

All You Need to Know About Everything Bagels

Everything bagels are a unique type of bagel with a wide range of toppings. These include sesame seeds, poppy seeds, dried onion flakes, and even garlic bits.

While some folks enjoy eating them as is, others prefer having them as a snack or even as a sandwich paired with a spread or cream cheese.

Here are some of the ingredients of Everything bagels that can adversely impact your pup’s overall health:

  • Poppy seeds
  • Onion
  • Garlic
  • Salt
  • Raisins
  • Sesame seeds, toxic in large quantities

What Could Affect Dog’s Health When They Eat Everything Bagels?

What Could Jeopardize Dogs' Health When They Eat Everything Bagels

Now that you know what the ingredients of an Everything bagel are, you must be wondering how exactly they will impact your furry friend’s health. Let’s deep dive to see the various health risks an Everything bagel can induce in canines:

1. Severe Allergic Reactions

You must remember that bagels fall into the category of highly processed foods and contain a range of ingredients that are harmful to your dog. If your pup has consumed a bagel for the very first time, it could instantly trigger an allergic reaction.

Wondering why? It’s because the dog’s digestive system can’t handle these filler ingredients.

2. Cause Anemia

An Everything bagel tends to contain onion or garlic, which are toxic for canines. Being a part of the Allium family, these two ingredients contain N-propyl disulfide, a compound that can damage your pup’s red blood cells and cause anemia.

Besides that, bagels with raisins can also be dangerous for dogs since grapes can cause kidney failure.

3. Digestive Issues

White flour is the primary ingredient manufacturers use in making bagels. The digestive system of any dog cannot break down the gluten, starches, and carbs present in the flour.

Since your pup cannot produce very high concentrations of amylase, a digestive enzyme, the dog can develop gastrointestinal disorders from consuming bread products. If you give an Everything bagel to your dog, it could lead to vomiting, bloating, constipation, or even diarrhea.

4. Lead to Fatigue

As a bagel is a bread product, it contains an abundance of carbohydrates, which could disrupt the blood sugar level of your pup and also decrease the energy level. Your dog might feel tired or even sluggish after consuming an Everything bagel.

5. Weight Gain

I cannot talk about carbohydrates and ignore weight gain. An Everything bagel can offer a lot of carbs, making it an unhealthy treat for a pet dog.

If your canine friend consumes too much of it frequently, it could lead to excessive weight gain, which will adversely impact their body, immune system, and overall health. Moreover, obesity could also be the precursor of several other health complications, like diabetes and heart issues.

What to do if My Dog Consumes an Everything Bagel?

What to do if my Dog Consumed an Everything Bagel

Your dog managed to steal a bite of your Everything bagel from the plate. What should you do now?

Well, firstly, don’t panic and try to remain calm because the more you panic, the worse it could be for your pet and you. You don’t have any reason to be stressed out just yet. Follow the instructions I’ve listed here.

1. Evaluate

The very first thing to do here is carefully evaluate and assess the entire situation. You must check the total quantity of Everything bagel your pup ate.

Make sure you also check if your pet ate any of the seasonings or fillings of the bagel. You can even note down the ingredients to remember for later.

2. Look Out for Side Effects 

The next step for you is to wait for a few hours and look out for any symptoms or side effects. Wondering what signs should you look out for? It can be basic symptoms like tiredness, diarrhea, and upset stomach.

If you don’t find any symptoms developing in the initial few hours, it’s best to still keep a close eye on the pup. However, if you think your dog hasn’t been moving, you can progress to the next step I’ve mentioned.

3. Consult a Vet

Consult a Vet

If you notice any minor symptoms in your beloved dog, it’s time to visit a veterinarian. Schedule a visit at the earliest possible and do not wait!

Your vet will be able to examine the condition of your dog and offer the required treatment accordingly to relieve it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Poppy Seeds Safe For A Dog To Eat?

No, it is not safe for dogs to consume poppy seeds. Seeds, as well as poppy buds, are harmful to canines.

Is A Bagel With Cream Cheese Bad For Dogs?

Yes, bagels with cream cheese contain a lot of carbs and dairy, which are not safe for dogs. Although a few bites won’t cause much harm, consuming too much of it could lead to digestive issues and allergies.

Can Dogs Have Sesame Seeds Bagels?

Dogs can have sesame seeds, as they aren’t toxic, but they can’t have bagels with these seeds.

Final Thoughts

Given how you share every moment, whether good or bad, with your furry family member, it is natural for you to want to share your food with them, too. While your dog can eat a lot of your human food, a lot of things aren’t safe for them, and Everything bagels are one such food item!

Made with a lot of harmful ingredients and full of carbs and calories, Everything Bagels might adversely impact your pooch’s health. So, it’s best to avoid feeding these snacks to your pup.

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