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Blackwood Dog Food Review: Pros, Cons And Feeding Guide

We hold our dogs dear to our hearts, so how can we compromise with their health? When it comes to my pet, I cannot do with substandard nutrition.

Did you know that when you slow cook any food, you can retain more nutrients that are usually reduced or diminished when set on high heat? Blackwood Dog Food knows that and allows every batch to get slow-cooked to maintain a higher nutritional level.

Blackwood Dog Food has left no stone unturned to take care of all the nutritional needs of dogs. How did I figure that out? I put everything it had to offer to the test.

ProductsTypeSpecial FeatureOur RatingAAFCO Nutrient Profile (Life Stage)
Everyday DietDryCrafted for everyday dogs from puppy to senior3All Life Stages
SolutionsDryFor dogs with sensitive skin & stomachs; Grain-free options4.5All Life Stages
Sensitive Skin & StomachDryIdeal for dogs with chronic dental problems3.5All Life Stages

At a Glance: Blackwood Dog Food

Here is a general overview of the Blackwood Dog Food brand:

  • Recognized by The Dog Food Advisor and Pet Life Today for their quality recipes
  • Manufactured by Blackwood Pet Food–an independent US-based company
  • Works with organizations and shelters to donate pet food to those in need
  • Affordable pricing options are available
  • Recall-free history for over 40 years
  • Limited availability compared to popular mainstream brands

About Blackwood Dog Food

Blackwood Dog Food

4.0 Overall Editor Rating

Blackwood Dog Food

  • Made for regular dogs of all ages
  • Nutritionally balanced for all life stages
  • Breed-specific formulas are available
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Blackwood has won many prizes for their kibbles and received tons of appreciation. It was leading the leaderboard for the finest dry dog food for both 2019 and 2020, according to a dog review by The Dog Food Advisor. Reviewers gave Blackwood’s 3000 All Life Stages, Lamb Meal, and Brown Rice a great woof.

Not only that, Pet Life Today announced Blackwood’s Salmon Meal & Brown Rice recipe as the Best Holistic Dog Food for 2020 in the Special Formula Holistic Dog Food category. So you can surely serve your furry friends the absolute best.

While Blackwood shines at the top with its delicious flavors, it shouldn’t be forgotten that the brand also strives to give back to the community. They work relentlessly with many animal shelters and non-profit organizations. According to their philosophy, there shouldn’t be one cat or dog who doesn’t have a bowl full of nutritious meals and enjoy a healthy tomorrow.

Blackwood and its sister companies By Nature Pet Food and Adirondack Pet Chow have recorded the highest donation of 74,848 pounds of their slow-cooked pet food during the COVID-19 outbreak. Their dedication to feeding needy pets was shown with nearly 3,00,000 meals delivered to stray cats and dogs.

Who Makes Blackwood Dog Food in 2023?

Who Makes Blackwood Dog Food in 2023

Blackwood Pet Food is a brand proudly made and delivered in the United States, and it exclusively produces Blackwood Dog Food. This company is based in the United States and is an independent pet food brand. It has no affiliation with other competitors in the pet food market, such as Purina Pro Plan or Puppy Chow, which Nestle owns.

They are situated in Lisbon, Ohio, and their products are made in state-of-the-art manufacturing plants throughout various states such as Ohio, New York, and Wisconsin.

Five-Factor Analysis of Blackwood Dog Food

Five-Factor Analysis of Blackwood Dog Food

Join us as we review what makes Blackwood stand out in the market and the essential factors you must consider. Here I will discuss the ingredients, nutritional analysis, price, and recall history.

1. Recipes | ★★★

No two dogs are the same, and neither are their nutritional requirements. Therefore, Blackwood offers a wide range of recipes that can meet the preferences and nutritional requirements of all kinds of dogs. Here are a few examples:

Everyday Diet

  • Made for regular dogs of all ages
  • Nutritionally balanced for all life stages
  • Breed-specific formulas are available

Their “everyday diet” line is created keeping all kinds of dogs and their needs in mind. It has food for dogs of all sizes. Blackwood has it all, from puppies to seniors to even larger dog breeds. The recipe is made with ingredients rich in protein, such as chicken. Proteins can help with body maintenance as well as muscle development.


  • Designed for dogs with sensitive skin and stomachs
  • Includes grain-free options for dogs with specific dietary needs
  • Formulated to promote healthy digestion and support optimal nutrient absorption
  •  Provides complete and balanced nutrition for dogs of all life stages

Their “solutions” line is dedicated to pets with sensitive skin and digestive issues. It has grain-free options, a healthy alternative for these pets. These dishes are delicious, nourishing, and not too harsh on your pet’s stomach. It could be a good option if your pet has vomiting, constipation, or IBS issues. This line is free from common allergens.

Sensitive Skin & Stomach

  • Ideal for dogs with chronic dental problems
  • It helps address specific dietary sensitivities and promote digestive health
  • It contains high-quality ingredients that are gentle on the stomach
  • Provides essential nutrients for overall well-being

If your doggy has dental or oral issues, the “sensitive skin and stomach” line will benefit them. Many persistent dental issues in dogs require dietary changes, which can help their oral hygiene by keeping them tar-free. This recipe aims to provide this assistance.

The ingredients in this recipe are simple and will not be too harsh on the dog’s physiological health.

2. Ingredients | ★★★★

Ingredients are next on the list.


Meat is, in fact, a very important part of every Blackwood Dog Food recipe. Dogs can receive heaps of protein from meats such as chicken, lamb, and duck. The brand has a lamb supper recipe derived from free-range and grass-fed lamb from New Zealand. You can rest assured that no nasties are going in your pet’s food, and only the best source of protein makes the cut.

Fruits And Vegetables

Foods rich in essential nutrients, such as spinach, sweet potatoes, blueberries, and others, have a large stake in the ingredient list. Blackwood Dog Food utilizes many fruits and vegetables, which are proven healthy for a pet’s diet.

These fruits and vegetables have high amounts of vitamins and minerals. They are also dense in soluble fiber, which can assist in bowel movements. Substances such as sweet potatoes are a huge contributor to this.


Blackwood Dog Food also constitutes many superfoods in their recipes occasionally. Superfoods such as chia seeds and quinoa work as the perfect addition, as they are an excellent source of proteins, anti-oxidants, and omega-3 fatty acids. These superfoods have wonderful advantages for your pet’s health.


Many dog food companies stuff their food composition with additives and fillers, which isn’t good for your pet’s health. But not Blackwood. This brand adds superfoods, proteins, and meats to its concoction and ensures it is filled with minerals and vitamins.

Some common vitamins and minerals added to their foods are Zinc, Iron, vitamins A & E, and B Vitamins. They help with your dog’s energy levels, immune system performance, and skin and coat health. 

3. Nutritional Analysis | ★★★

Here is a simple nutritional analysis of Blackwood Dog Food that represents the brand as a whole:

NutrientContent (per serving)
Moisture8% max

Sure, dog food is extremely delicious, but what is the breakdown of the nutrients in the dog food? Here is an overview–first comes the protein! This dog food has an average of 22-26% of proteins! The fat amount received from the food is lower than 12%, enough to keep your pet energized without putting on extra kilos. It can easily turn your dog into a muscular superstar and keep their health stellar.

Fiber levels are astounding on this one. It is adequate to whisk your dog’s stomach and keep its bowel movements running smoothly.

The moisture content of 8% is good for texture, trust me. However, it reduces the amount of nutritional value, not by too much, but it does.

Your dog needs plenty of exercise throughout the day. The high carbohydrate levels in this food can help the dog be ready for all the activities.

4. Price | ★★★

Here comes the dreary topic of price.

Regarding the price tag, Blackwood Dog Food gets my approval. With options ranging from $9.99 to $49.99, Blackwood offers packages in various sizes that cater to every budget-conscious pet parent. They believe that providing wholesome nutrition doesn’t mean emptying your pockets.

Before you start chasing your tail over the cost(Bad!), let me tell you something, friend. Using high-end ingredients isn’t cheap. All the money you spend on this product is accounted for somehow. They say, “You are what you eat,” and the same holds for our pets.

5. Recall History | ★★★★

That’s right, folks! Blackwood has managed to avoid all recall dramas. They’ve managed to remain recall-free for 40 years. Recallable? Nope! We call that remarkable!

How Does Blackwood Dog Food Compare to The Competition?

How Does Blackwood Dog Food Compare to The Competition?

Blackwood enters the fight as a powerful contender. There’s quality, assurance, and affordability. What more can a pet owner ask for?

Don’t rely just on my word, though. Examine the ingredient lists in more detail, compare all nutritional values, and give your dog’s taste receptors a test run. You’ll quickly learn that Blackwood is a better dog food by far.

Pros and Cons of Blackwood Dog Food


  • High-Quality Ingredients: Blackwood uses only the best ingredients to give your pet a balanced diet.
  • Balanced Recipes: Each of their recipes has been carefully formulated to meet the dietary requirements of dogs at various stages of development.
  • Cost-effectiveness: all pet owners can afford Blackwood’s premium dog food because of its low cost.
  • Variety of Choices: They offer a selection of recipes to accommodate various dietary preferences and sensitivities.
  • Transparent Sourcing: Both the sourcing of Blackwood’s ingredients and the company’s manufacturing procedures are open and honest.


  • Limited Availability: Blackwood may not be as widely available as some popular mainstream brands, requiring some searching or online purchasing.
  • Limited Specialty Options: Blackwood provides a wide range of recipes, but their specialized options may be limited compared to some niche brands.

Our Rating



Nutritional Analysis


Recall History

Overall Rating: 4

It’s self-evident that Blackwood Dog Food is worth a whopping 4-star rating from me.

Want to understand Blackwood Dog Food better? How about a pros and cons list? Also, a feeding guide, as promised.

Feeding Guide For Blackwood Dog Food

  • Please select the appropriate feeding amount for your dog based on his weight, age, and activity level. Seek advice from the feeding recommendations on the Blackwood Dog Food packaging or website.
  • Spread the recommended daily amount over two or more meals to encourage a healthy digestive system.
  • Make sure you’re giving your dog the right amount of Blackwood Dog Food by measuring it with a cup or scale.
  • Ensure fresh water is always accessible, and serve the food in a clean bowl.
  • Monitor your dog’s weight and overall health, and adjust the portion size as necessary. Speak with your veterinarian for suggestions on customized feeding.
  • Every dog is different, so paying attention to their needs and adjusting as necessary is important.


What stores sell Blackwood Dog food?

You can purchase Blackwood Dog Food from accredited merchants and online. You can search online stores that sell their goods or find a store locator on their website.

Are there any guarantees for Blackwood Dog Food?

The products’ quality is guaranteed by Blackwood Dog Food. According to their satisfaction guarantee, a refund or replacement will be given if you and your dog are unsatisfied.

What country makes Blackwood Dog Food?

Blackwood Dog Food is a product of American manufacturing. They place a high priority on using high-quality ingredients from reliable vendors.

What does Blackwood Dog Food primarily focus on?

The primary goal of Blackwood Dog Food is to give dogs of all life stages wholesome nutrition and balanced recipes. They prioritize using real meat and high-quality ingredients to support overall health and well-being.


Blackwood Dog Food is the kind of dog food you don’t have to stress out over. It is perfectly balanced and takes care of your buddies’ needs for you. At this point, the only thing this dog food is not good at is taking your dog for a walk. So try it, and please let me know how it went in the comment section below.

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