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Mighty Dog Canned Food Review: Pros, Cons, and Feeding Guide

Whether you’re only a new pet parent or have had a pet for as long as you can remember, you know how hard finding the right food for your dog is. While you may want to try a new brand or formula, you want to avoid the experiment taking a toll on your furry friend’s gut and overall health.

Are you planning to give Mighty Dog canned food to your pet but wondering how to know if it suits them? Well, fret not.

Based on my experience feeding Mighty Dog canned food to my dogs and extensive research, I have decided to review this brand for all the extra cautious pet parents like me. It covers the recipes, ingredients, price, nutrition, and even recalls, along with the pros and cons of the brand.

Keep reading to learn about this dog food brand to make the right decision for your pup!

ProductsTypeSpecial FeatureOur RatingAAFCO Nutrient Profile (Life Stage)
Mighty Dog Hearty Beef DinnerWetHigh beef protein and moisture content3Adult
Mighty Dog Pulled-Style Chicken DinnerWetAn abundance of chicken proteins4Adult
Mighty Dog Thick-Sliced Beef Dinner in GravyWetRich in amino acids3.5Adult

At a Glance: Mighty Dog Canned Food

Before we delve deeper into the brand and the many products it offers, here’s a glance at Mighty Dog canned food:

  • It comes from the famous manufacturer Nestle Purina
  • Offers a range of recipes rich in meat proteins
  • Includes some controversial ingredients

All About Mighty Dog Canned Food

Mighty Dog Canned Food

3.5 Overall Editor Rating

Mighty Dog Canned Food

  • No Added Artificial Preservatives
  • Ground Wet Food for Small Dogs
  • 100% Complete Nutrition for Small Adult Dogs
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Nestle Purina owns Mighty Dog, a unique brand specializing in wet canned food. They offer a wide range of products that come in a variety of delicious flavors as well as styles, and each focuses on the well-being of small dogs.

The Mighty Dog Foods line is rich in protein and aims to offer 100% complete nutrition to a dog through all life stages. They recommend that you give this food to your pup along with standard dry kibble as a treat that offers extra nutrients.

Who Makes Mighty Dog Canned Food In 2023?

The canned food line Mighty Dog comes from the company Purina Pet Food. Purina has industry experience of more than 90 years and has managed to develop high-quality pet foods owing to their concern for pets and pet parents.

Purina started the first pet nutrition center in the year 1926 in Missouri. They began the tests to check the palatability of their products on dogs and, over the years, grew into a successful company that sells an array of dog foods that cater to the diverse needs of growing dogs.

Today, Purina offers personalized dog foods to target your pup’s needs and delivers them to your door. The company believes their passion helps them make the best dog food and build lasting relationships with pet owners who want the best for their dogs.

5-Factor Detailed Analysis of Mighty Dog Canned Food

5-Factor Detailed Analysis of Mighty Dog Canned Food

Since we have already covered everything about the company Purina and its canned dog food brand Mighty Dog, it’s time to look at the products.

Here I will be discussing the crucial aspects like ingredients, recipes, nutrition, price, and recall history to help you understand if this is the food you want to give to your dog.

1. Recipes

The Mighty Dog line from Purina includes 12 different canned dog foods. The most popular recipes offered are:

Mighty Dog Hearty Beef Dinner

  • The small texture makes it ideal for small dogs
  • Rich in minerals, vitamins, and amino acids 
  • Meets AAFCO requirements

The primary ingredients of the Mighty Dog Heart Beef Dinner are beef and water. Like most moist foods, the water content is standard to meet the moisture requirement.

Beef offers your canine the much-needed protein and amino acids to develop and grow. Mighty Dog Heart Beef Dinner also contains an animal liver, but the manufacturers haven’t specified it.

The recipe also contains meat by-products to add more protein to your pup’s diet. However, these meat by-products come from unknown sources, so their nutritional value is unclear.

What made this recipe an instant hit with dogs is the delicious taste. It takes no time to get dogs accustomed to the flavor. Rather, they will be excited for food every time.

Mighty Dog Pulled-Style Chicken Dinner

  • Easy to eat and digest because of the finely ground texture
  • It comes with a higher amount of protein needed by small dogs
  • Free of artificial preservatives

The Mighty Dog Pulled Chicken recipe caters to the needs of small dogs. According to the manufacturers, this recipe can give small breeds the energy they need throughout the day.

It contains slow-cooked chicken and gravy, which form a good meal for your dog. The chicken part consists of muscle flesh and is among the first five ingredients of this recipe.

This recipe also contains liver organ meat, which can be good for a pup; however, they don’t specify the kind of liver it is. It might not be good, especially if your dog is sensitive to a particular protein. You wouldn’t know exactly what you are feeding it.

The formula also consists of wheat gluten, which people often consider an inferior ingredient as it is just the starchy residue of wheat processing. Besides that, it also includes meat by-products, which have a lot of protein, but come from the waste in slaughterhouses and consist of eyeballs, beaks, tongue, etc.

Mighty Dog Thick-Sliced Beef Dinner in Gravy

  • Contains beef and chicken protein 
  • The abundance of amino acids makes it best for growing dogs
  • Has plant-based protein

The first ingredient of this Mighty Dog Beef Dinner is water. Although water doesn’t add any nutrition to this recipe, it gives moisture, which is present in almost every canned dog food.

Beef ensures your dog gets all the ten essential amino acids they need for overall health. The recipe contains beef in the form of the clean flesh of slaughtered cattle. It can include skeletal muscle and the muscle tissues from the heart, tongue, diaphragm, or esophagus.

This formula also offers another good ingredient – chicken. Chicken meat includes flesh and skin derived from carcasses and is rich in amino acids.

Since we are discussing controversial ingredients, this formula includes wheat, gluten, and soy. While both are plant-based proteins, they can be a part of the meat protein content. It also includes liver and meat by-products, like most Mighty Dog recipes.

2. Ingredients

Here are some of the primary ingredients that go into these recipes. Read on to know more.


The protein-rich recipes of Mighty Dog include animal meat as an ingredient. They include a variety of chicken, lamb, beef, steak, bacon, and even eggs.

The manufacturers make these recipes for small dogs considering the high protein requirements to help them grow into healthy adult dogs.

Meat By-Products

Mighty Dog canned foods also include by-products from animal processing in slaughterhouses. It can include skin as well as tissues from various body parts.

Since the brand doesn’t specify the animal or the body parts that constitute by-products, it could be anything.


Water is also part of a majority of their canned recipes. While it adds moisture and helps with processing these foods, it doesn’t add any nutritional value.

Ground Rice

Some of the formulas include ground rice as well. Rice has low fiber content and is quick to digest, making it ideal for puppies with upset stomachs.

3. Nutritional Analysis

Besides recipes and ingredients, you must also focus on the nutrients your dog will get from the products. Your furry friend will need micro and macronutrients to sustain their daily activities and grow into healthy adult dogs.

Mighty Dog canned foods include a mix of essential nutrients for your pet dog.

NutrientContent (per serving)
Calories817 kcal/kg or 127 kcal/can

If you look only at the ingredients of Mighty Dog, it is an average canned food. While the dry matter protein content is about 46%, the fat level is 14%, and it contains 33% carbohydrates.

This brand under Purina contains above-average proteins, below-average carbohydrates, and average fat if you compare it to competitors’ products. Despite the protein-boosting effects of soy flour and wheat gluten, the canned product contains a good amount of meat.

4. Price

When you start considering the prices of canned foods from Mighty Dog, you must consider the real cost of the food. You can find it by looking at how often and how much food you give your dog.

Mighty Dog foods are pricey compared to other brands offering canned foods. They might not be the best choice if you’re looking for budget-friendly dog food.

A 24 Purina Mighty Dog Lamb & Rice Wet Dog Food 5.5 Oz case will cost you $19.11, much more than any other brand.

5. Recall History

During my research, I came across only one instance of a product recall for Mighty Dog. Purina recalled the 5.3oz Mighty Dog Pouch manufactured between 3rd December 2006, and 14th March 2007, due to possible melamine contamination.

Besides that, there have been no recalls for Mighty Dog, which indicates the manufacturers’ dedication to pet safety and well-being.

Mighty Dog Canned Food: Is It Worth It?

While Purina has many pet brands, Mighty Dog focuses on canned foods best suited for small dogs. These recipes have an abundance of protein that can promote growth and take care of their daily energy needs.

Most of their formulas focus on meat-based proteins that give your dog the essential amino acids they need to sustain.


  • Recipes have a good taste
  • Has high meat protein
  • Contains amino acids, vitamins, and minerals
  • Has a small texture and smooth consistency for small dogs


  • The changed formula might not suit all dogs
  • It is a bit expensive compared to other brands

Our Rating



Nutritional Analysis


Overall Rating: 3.5

Mighty Dog canned food is a great option for small-breed dogs that need more nutrition and care to grow. It has a smooth consistency and small texture, so a puppy can eat it easily and digest it quickly.

Although I had concerns about a few ingredients, like the meat by-products and liver, my dog loved the taste of these recipes, and it also helped improve its gut health.

I would give Mighty Dog canned food an overall 3.5 stars out of 5!

Mighty Dog Canned Food Feeding Guide

Mighty Dog Canned Food Feeding Guide

When you start transitioning your pet dog to new dog food, there are chances of digestive issues. You must do it gradually and carefully.

Increase the amount of Mighty Dog food while reducing other food. Mix only 10% of Mighty Dog food with 90% of the regular food you have been giving. I suggest you do the transition over 7-10 days to ensure you don’t adversely affect your pup’s stomach.

You must give one can of Mighty Dog canned food for every 7-8 lbs of body weight. When it comes to puppies, you can feed them up to twice the amount and adjust it to maintain the ideal body condition.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Mighty Dog Canned Food Free Of Grains?

No, Mighty Dog foods are inclusive of grains like soy and wheat.

Can I Give Mighty Dog Canned Food To Puppies And Adult Dogs?

Yes, Mighty Dog canned foods are suitable for both puppies and adult dogs. These products meet the levels established by AAFCO and help grow and maintain pups and mature dogs.

Where Do Mighty Dog Products Come From?

They manufacture all Mighty Dog canned foods in the USA only while adhering to all safety regulations.

Final Thoughts

Every brand has benefits and drawbacks; the same goes for Mighty Dog canned foods. The brand offers delicious, healthy, and smooth recipes abundant in proteins and essential amino acids.

But before offering it to your dog, consult a veterinarian to ensure it doesn’t impact their gut and overall health!

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