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River Run Dog Food Review (2023, Updated)

Keeping a pet dog has its joy, but yes, it definitely comes with a lot of challenges too. If you’re a dog owner, you would know what I’m talking about, don’t you?

Yes, it’s finding the right food for your little canine companion. With numerous brands of dog food in the market and each offering countless recipes, it can become daunting to pick one.

A lot of people are talking about River Run dog food. Are you planning to give it a try? Are you wondering if River Run could be the right fit for your pet? Then you’re in the right place.

I came across the brand a few years ago and did a little research before buying it for my dogs, which I have used for this updated review. Dive right in to learn everything about River Run dog food.

ProductsTypeSpecial FeatureOur RatingAAFCO Nutrient Profile (Life Stage)
River Run Professional Formula 30-20DryMore fiber supports digestion4All Life Stages
River Run Hi-Energy 24-20DryOffers high energy boost3All Life Stages
River Run Puppy FoodDryHelps optimum growth3.5Puppy

At a Quick Glance: River Run Dog Food

Before you, and I embark on an informational journey of River Run dog food, let’s take a quick glance at the key factors of the brand.

Don’t fret; I’ll discuss these points in detail later in the review.

  • Includes high protein and fatty acids
  • Best suited for active dogs
  • Might have controversial ingredients

About River Run Dog Food

River Run Dog Food

3.5 Overall Editor Rating

River Run Dog Food

  • Meat Based Formula – No Soy
  • Formulated to Support Good Digestion
  • Balanced Nutrition for Growth with Added Vitamins

*We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

While there’s not enough information available about the brand, what we know for sure is that River Run is a dry dog food brand. The company formulates recipes for active, energetic dogs keen on sporting activities and working out.

River Run offers you and your pet dog a wide range of food formulas abundant with nutritional qualities. Many pet parents like me who research extensively about food options would know River Run as a well-established canine food brand that provides recipes for every age and size.

I think River Run stands out because it focuses on using wholesome ingredients to offer a nutritional balance. The brand tries to cater to your dog’s nutritional needs and promote its overall health and vitality.

5-Factor Analysis of River Run Dog Food

5-Factor Analysis Of River Run Dog Food 

Now that you are acquainted with this not-so-mainstream dog food brand, it’s time to see where it stands against my 5-factor analysis. So, should we begin?

1. Recipes

River Run offers a good range of options with 5 uniquely crafted dog food recipes. Here I’m discussing the three most popular ones.

River Run Professional Formula 30-20

  • More fiber that supports digestion
  • Includes omega-3 and omega-6 essential fatty acids

Do you have an overly active and sporting dog? If yes, then the River Run Professional Formula 30-20 might be a good pick. It provides more protein and fat for these breeds that tend to work overtime.

This recipe is a quick favorite of dogs because it comes in delicious and bite-sized chunks. Since it has nutrients, like vitamins and minerals, this recipe will help you keep your pet healthy and also keep hunting dogs like Terriers and Hounds in peak health.

River Run Hi-Energy 24-20

  • Abundant with proteins and fatty acids
  • Best for dogs with intense activity level

With a healthy mix of a few carbohydrate sources, like rice and grain, and a high-fat level, the River Run Hi-Energy 24-20 recipe is a great option for active dogs. This food will give your canine companion a much-needed energy boost for short and highly intense activities or even for hunting and working throughout the day.

River Run tries to create tasty chunks that contain abundant nutrients like vitamins and minerals. Whether you want to train your dog or just ensure overall well-being, this is the right recipe for you!

River Run Puppy Food

  • Meat-based recipe
  • The formula is free of soy
  • Supports digestion

You thought River Run made an inclusive range of recipes and didn’t offer anything for your cute, doe-eyed puppies? Well, that’s not the case.

River Run offers a specially formulated blend for puppies that is abundant with protein and energy that will help them grow healthy and strong. You can put your little furballs on this formula to ensure they get a balance of essential vitamins and minerals.

Our Rating

Although River Run has limited options when it comes to recipes, they are diverse and cover the needs of almost every dog. You might not like it if your pup prefers different flavors, but the recipes are decent.

2. Ingredients

Now that we’ve covered recipes, let’s move on to the common ingredients in popular recipes.

Meat and Bone Meal

River Run lists meat and bone meal as the first ingredient. It is a dry-rendered product that includes mammalian tissues and bone. You can rest assured as it doesn’t include blood, horn, hoof, hair, hide trimmings, and manure.

Even though it is a protein-rich concentrate, the meat and bone meal might be less digestible than other meat meals. It could be because of the decreased absorption rate.


Next up is corn, which is an inexpensive cereal grain and comes with a lot of controversies. If you’re wondering why, it’s because this grain doesn’t provide your dog with a lot of nutrients except a boost of energy.

Due to this, many pet parents, including myself, prefer dog food free of cereals like corn.

Wheat Middlings

Wheat mill run, also called wheat middlings, is commonly present in River Run dog foods. You might assume that it’s wholesome, but wheat mill run is another inexpensive by-product of cereal grain processing.

Wheat middlings include milling dust and floor sweepings, which you might often find in lower-quality dog foods.

Rice Bran

Next up on the list of ingredients is rice bran. It is a healthy by-product of the process of milling whole-grain rice.

Bran, the outer layer of the grain, is rich in fiber, protein, starch, fat, vitamins, and minerals.

Animal Fat

Some River Run recipes also include animal fat, which is a by-product of the process used for making meat meals. As the brand doesn’t specify, animal fat can include meat from any animal, regardless of quality.

Our Rating

While River Run impressed me in terms of recipes, the ingredients were a letdown. The brand uses controversial ingredients and doesn’t specify what kind of animal meat and fat goes into the recipes.

3. Nutritional Analysis

Let us discuss the most important thing now – the nutritional profile. Here are the nutrients present in River Run dog food.

NutrientContent Per Serving
Calories295 kcal/cup

Our Rating

River Run dog food is a good choice in terms of nutrients. Given the numbers, the protein and fat levels offered by the brand are above the average, while carbohydrates are below the average compared to dry dog food.

4. Price

Besides nutrition, are you also concerned about the price? Well, I know keeping a dog can be expensive, so it’s natural for you to wonder how much River Run you can afford without breaking the bank.

A 50 lbs bag of River Run Professional Formula will cost you $42.99.

Our Rating

Compared to other dry dog foods available today, River Run is an affordable option. It ensures your dog can get the required balance of nutrients at an economical price.

You can get your money’s worth with these dog food variants from River Run!

5. Recall History

There have been several recalls of River Run due to excessive aflatoxin levels. Aflatoxin is a harmful chemical produced by molds that can cause sickness and even severe harm to your pup.

A few River Run recipes produced at the Cargill plant in Lecompte, Louisiana, were recalled. Cargill Animal Nutrition also advised pet owners to return unused recalled dog food for a full refund.

Our Rating

Given River Run’s recent recalls and controversies, it might not be the safest dog food brand available today. I recommend you be cautious about this aspect of the brand to keep your pup safe.

Should You Purchase River Run Dog Food?

River Run is a brand that offers special recipes formulated for highly active dogs that require more energy. These dog food formulas have an abundance of protein, fiber, and even carbs and give your pup a balance of nutrients.


  • More proteins for sporty dogs
  • Meets the nutrient criteria by AAFCO
  • Promotes healthy development of dogs
  • Free of soy


  • Can include grains
  • Has undisclosed meat ingredients

Our Rating

River Run Dog Food



Nutritional Analysis


Recall History

Overall Rating: 3.5

River Run Feeding Guide

We have also compiled a feeding guide for some of the younger pet parents who might not have the requisite experience handling this dog food brand. This guide will help you feed your canine properly and cater to its nutritional needs.

Size Of The DogWeight Of The Dog (lbs)Daily Amount (cups/day)
Toy5 - 15⅔ - 1 ¼ 
Small15 - 251 ¼ - 2
Medium25 - 452 - 3
Large45 - 803 - 5 ⅓ 
Extra Large80+5 ⅓ + 1 cup for every 20 lbs

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Ingredients In River Run Dog Food?

Whole ground corn, meat and bone meal, corn gluten meal, brewers rice, and dried beet pulp are some ingredients in River Run recipes.

What Happened To River Run Dog Food?

There was a voluntary recall of River Run dog food by Cargill.

Which Dog Food Has The Highest Rating?

Royal Canin has the highest rating when it comes to dry dog food.

Final Thoughts

River Run is a good dog food brand, especially considering the range of recipes and affordability. Although it contains controversial ingredients, with the high protein content and energy boost, it is a good choice for active dogs running around the entire day.

You can still contact your vet to know if River Run dog food will suit your pup and benefit them!

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