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Kal Kan Dog Food Review: Top Pick for Your Furry Friend

Are meal times becoming stressful in your household? Is your dog, or dogs, making a lot of fuss while eating the regular dog food you’ve been giving? Well, I think it’s time to change their diet a little.

I know you must be wondering here about a good dog food brand to switch to. And I’m here with a good solution for you, i.e., the Kal Kan Dog Food.

Before I introduced this food to my dogs, I did detailed research and analysis of the brand, which I thought might help you and other fellow pet parents as well. So, I’ve compiled an in-depth review of Kal Kan Dog Food, including its history, products, ingredients, and much more.

What are you waiting for? Dive right in to figure out if you should feed Kal Kan Dog Food to your furry friend or not.

ProductsTypeSpecial FeatureOur RatingAAFCO Nutrient Profile (Life Stage)
Kal Kan Complete Adult Dry Dog FoodDryIncludes high level of meat protein3Adult

At A Quick Glance: Kal Kan Dog Food

Before we delve deeper into the details of Kal Kan Dog Food, let us take a look at the highlights of the brand, which I’ll discuss in detail in this review.

  • Makes healthy food using nutritional ingredients
  • Includes Omega-6 fatty acids
  • Supports adult canine health and well-being

About Kal Kan Dog Food

Kal Kan Dog Food

3.0 Overall Editor Rating

Kal Kan Dog Food

  • Bil-Jac has all the essential nutrients, vitamins & minerals your dog needs
  • Naturally preserved by freezing and uses no fillers
  • High-quality protein
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Even though it might sound like a new name, you would be shocked to know that Kal Kan is a very old dog food brand, with its origin dating back to 1936. But wait, hold your horses; you’d be stunned to know that Kal Kan included horse meat.

Even though Mars Petcare has now taken Kal Kan Dog Food under its umbrella, it continues to offer the same premium products to pups. Does Mars Petcare sound familiar? Well, it’s the same company that owns many other brands like IAMS, Pedigree, Crave, Royal Canin, and even Eukanuba.

Mars tried to transform a majority of Kal Kan foods into Pedigree, but they retained a smaller brand Kal Kan. When you look online, you might find a website with only one product page because that’s all the brand offers under the name Kal Kan.

But that’s not all; Kal Kan also helps develop as well as formulate pet foods for other brands owned by Mars Petcare. You can easily find it on the dog food aisles of retail stores such as Walmart or KMart, or even order online on Amazon and other platforms.

Who Makes Kal Kan Dog Food in 2023?

Mars Petcare has been manufacturing the products of Kal Kan ever since it took over the brand. The development and formulation process takes place at the Waltham Center, located in Nevada, USA.

5 Factor Analysis of Kal Kan Dog Food

5 Factor Analysis of Kal Kan Dog Food

I believe nutrition is the most essential aspect of a pup’s life, and I try to focus on that to keep my dogs healthy, active, and thriving. If and when I need to switch to a new pet food brand, the brands get evaluated on the basis of 5 parameters.

Are you ready to see how Kal Kan fares against the 5-factor analysis? Let’s find out.

1. Recipes

Kal Kan offers a Complete Adult Food recipe for dogs that can provide a balance of nutrients to your pup. It contains Omega 6 fatty acids, a healthy fat that can give your dog hydrated and soft skin while also nourishing the coat to give it an enhanced luster.

It is a protein-rich diet that includes farm-raised poultry or chicken. The recipe contains the protein your dog needs to develop and maintain muscles while also boosting immunity, energy, and stamina.

Is your dog facing dental issues like tartar or plaque buildup? This food comes in a crunchy kibble form that can take care of it with much ease. As Kal Kan dog food kibbles brush against teeth, it also helps clean them and freshen their breath.

We pet parents are always more concerned about the nutritional value of dog food, and this recipe will put all your worries at rest. This unique formula meets the nutritional levels set up by AAFCO for overall health maintenance.

Our Rating

Kal Kan offers only one dog food recipe currently, which I think is the smallest product range you could find. It is a dry dog food recipe formulated for adult dogs.

Since Kal Kan doesn’t produce any other dog food, be it for various life stages or breeds, it might be disappointing to you if you are looking for variety.

2. Ingredients

Let’s move on to the next thing you must be concerned about; yes, it’s the ingredients that go into Kal Kan Dog Food. Here’s a complete list of ingredients for you:


Kal Kan lists corn as the first ingredient, which is not only an inexpensive but also a slightly controversial cereal grain. Wondering why corn is controversial? It’s because, besides offering energy, the grain doesn’t offer much nutritional value to your dog.

Owing to it, you and even I might not prefer dog food that contains corn.

Meat & Bone Meal

Moving on to the second and also the essential part of this recipe, it’s the meat and bone meal. It is a dry product that comes from the rendering of mammal tissues and bone but excludes hair, horn, hoof, blood, hide trimmings, stomach, and even rumen contents.

The meal comes with a lower digestibility than other meat meals. Many scientists and dog experts also believe that the higher ash, as well as the lower content of amino acid, leads to decreased absorption.

What makes it even worse is that Kal Kan doesn’t list what goes into this meal. So, it can be a mix of many animals like cattle, sheep, pigs, or goats, which can make it impossible for you to identify specific food allergens.

Meat and bone meal is very rich in protein and will help your dog stay healthy, but it is more generic.

Soybean Meal

This recipe also contains soybean meal, which is a by-product of the manufacturing process of soybean oil. Soybean meal contains around 48% protein and becomes an inexpensive plant-based product that boosts the total protein level.

Chicken By-Product Meal

The next ingredient that goes into Kal Kan dog food is chicken by-product meal. It is a dry, rendered product of slaughtered chicken waste left after the removal of choice cuts.

Besides organs, the by-product meal can also contain beaks, feet, undeveloped eggs, and skeletal muscle. You’d be surprised to know that by-product meals, as well as meat concentrates, can give your dog around 300% more protein than regular fresh chicken.

Corn Gluten Meal

Kal Kan also adds corn gluten meals to their recipe. If you’re wondering what gluten is, well, it’s a rubbery residual corn with most of the starchy carbohydrate content washed out.

Despite being a corn gluten meal and containing 60% protein, it has a lower nutrient value than animal meat. However, you must remember that it can boost the protein level given on the label.

Our Rating

The combination of ingredients in this Kal Kan recipe offers a balanced nutritional profile. It can contain a few controversial ingredients, but overall, it can offer your dog much-needed biological value.

3. Nutritional Analysis

Now is the time for important numbers that you, as a pet owner, just cannot overlook, the nutritional value.

NutrientContent Per Serving

Our Rating

As per the numbers, Kal Kan dog food contains below-average protein and fat, whereas the level of carbohydrates is more than any typical dry dog food.

4. Price

As it uses affordable ingredients, Kal Kan turns out to be a budget-friendly option for pet parents. When you give consideration to the quantity the brand offer, the prices are below average to the market prices.

A 52 lbs bag of Kan Kan Adult Dog Food costs $19.98.

Our Rating

If you are a little budget conscious at the moment and need a dog food that provides the right nutritional value, this is the right pick. It will give you good value for your money!

5. Recall History

As per my research; there hasn’t been a recall of any product of Kal Kan Dog Food. It is a very longstanding dog food brand, and the clear and impressive record is a testament to the safety and quality measures adopted in the production process.

Our Rating

I believe that Kal Kan is a much smaller brand. When compared to bigger and more famous brands, its record may not be that impressive.

But despite this, you must be vigilant of future recalls from Kal Kan to ensure your pup stays healthy and safe.

Should You Purchase Kal Kan Dog Food?

Should You Purchase Kal Kan Dog Food?

Kal Kan is a great brand with an impressive history spanning many decades. Throughout its glorious and untainted past, the brand has managed to deliver quality products at a very economical price.

It might not offer a variety or offer a lot of information about the ingredients, but Kal Kan dog food can be a great option for someone with a limited budget.


  • Organic minerals improve absorption
  • Economical pet food
  • Limited product range removes confusion


  • The nutrition ratio is not optimum
  • Low meat content

Our Rating



Nutritional Analysis


Recall History

Overall Rating: 3.0

Kal Kan Dog Food Feeding Guide

Are you planning to introduce your little furry friend to Kal Kan dog food? I recommend you start slowly and increase the intake of this food gradually over time.

You can give an adult dog 1 cup or 8 oz of Kal Kan adult formula. If your pooch regularly exercises for more than an hour or has an active lifestyle, you can provide 1/4 cup more food for every 10 lbs of body weight.

When feeding your dog, don’t forget to give fresh water at all times and store it in a dry and cool place.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Makes Kal Kan Dog Food?

Mars Petcare took over Kal Kan and has been manufacturing dog food since then.

What Are The Top Three Dog Food Brands?

The top three dog food brands in the market are Purina Pro Plan, Royal Canin, and The Farmer’s Dog.

Is Turkey Dog Food Safe?

Yes, turkey dog food is safe, and it is rich in nutrients like protein, phosphorous, and riboflavin.

Final Thoughts

Although Kal Kan dog food contains numerous controversial ingredients and has a limited product range, it is an affordable choice. If your dog gets accustomed to the taste and also benefits from the nutrients present in it, it will be a win-win situation for the dog and your wallet.

In case you’re still unsure, I recommend you pay a quick visit to your vet or schedule a call to make sure Kal Kan dog food will suit the needs of your furry friend!

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