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Kirkland Dog Food Review (2023, Updated)

If you have a membership of Costco, I’m sure you would be enjoying the variety of perks and benefits that come with it. And frequent buyers who are also pet parents might have noticed the Kirkland Dog Food on display in the stores.

I was in the same situation a few years ago and stumbled upon great dog food for my pup by sheer luck.

Are you wondering if Kirkland Dog Food is good for your pet? Should you invest in it? Through this detailed review, I’ll take you across the vital information you need to make those decisions.

Dive right in and find out everything about the recipes, ingredients, nutrients, price, and even recall history to know if Kirkland Dog Food is worth buying.

ProductsTypeSpecial FeatureOur RatingAAFCO Nutrient Profile(Life Stage)
Kirkland Signature Small Dog FormulaDryEnsures holistic growth of small breed dogs4.5Adult
Kirkland Signature Puppy FormulaDryFormulated to help puppies grow3.5Puppy (Baby)
Kirkland Signature Adult FormulaDryAntioxidants and prebiotics improve health4Adult

At a Quick Glance: Kirkland Dog Food

Before we delve deeper into discussing the brand and its products, here’s a quick glance at the key features of Kirkland Dog Food:

  • Known for making quality dog food
  • Signature brands available at good prices
  • Aims to provide wholesome nutrition
  • Uses a variety of premium ingredients

All About Kirkland Dog Food

Kirkland dog food

4.5 Overall Editor Rating

Kirkland Dog Food

  • Small Kibble, Omega Fatty Acid Nutrition
  • Sensitive Stomach Formula
  • Probiotics and Prebiotics Help Support Healthy Digestive
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Manufactured by Diamond Pet Foods Inc. for the retailer Costco Dog Food, Kirkland dog food is an entirely private label owned by Schell and Kampeter Inc.

In 1970, two brothers-in-law called Schell and Kampeter founded Diamond Pet Foods when they purchased Milling Meta Co in Missouri. They began by producing only 5% dog food but later expanded operations by opening a few plants.

Diamond Pet Food also owns many other brands, including Diamond Naturals, Taste of the Wild, and Nutra-Gold. It is also a packer and manufacturer of dog food for a wide range of brands.

Who Makes Kirkland Dog Food In 2023?

In 2023, Diamond Pet Foods manufactures Kirkland Dog Food available at Costco. They have five factories, all located within the United States of America.

You can buy Kirkland dog food through Costco, although some products are also available online on Amazon.

Five-Factor Detailed Analysis of Kirkland Dog Food

Five-Factor Detailed Analysis Of Kirkland Dog Food

Now, let us find out more about Kirkland Dog Food. And to help you with that, I use an extensive 5-factor analysis of the brand.

Here are the five factors that can help you decide whether Kirkland Dog Food is suitable for your furry companion or not.

1. Recipes

Kirkland offers 11 varieties of dog food, and each is specifically formulated to suit the needs of your pup. Here I will be discussing the three most popular recipes.

Kirkland Signature Small Dog Formula

  • Small kibbles suited for smaller breeds
  • Help support the dog’s immune system
  • Improves digestion

If you have a small breed dog, this food from Kirkland is the ideal choice for your pet. Since it’s formulated especially with the need for smaller breeds, it comes with prebiotic and probiotic fiber that will help your little pup with healthy digestion. Not just that, the kibble size is also small to fit into their tiny mouths.

Your dog can benefit immensely from the primary ingredients – chicken, whole grain brown rice, chicken meal, and even cracked pearl barley. You should note that the recipe is not grain-free and even contains dried yeast and egg, which your pet dog might be allergic to.

To give canines a balanced diet, this formula also contains fruit and vegetables that offer antioxidants and fiber to keep both immune and digestive systems healthy. The Omega-3 fatty acids present in this meal can make your dog’s skin and coat better.

Does your dog weigh under 40 pounds? If yes, then this formula is an ideal choice.

Kirkland Signature Puppy Formula

  • Good taste
  • Offers nutrients needed by puppies
  • Safe for nursing dogs

The Signature Puppy Formula from Kirkland Dog Food aims to offer balanced nutrition to both a pup and an adult nursing dog.

It contains Active9 probiotics developed from probiotics that are present naturally in your dog’s GI tract. When your dog receives plenty of these active cultures from the food, it experiences healthy digestion. These components also help them live a very active life.

This healthy formula contains chicken and chicken meal as primary ingredients, ensuring your pooch gets plenty of fiber and protein. Enhanced with salmon oil, the recipe offers DHA and essential omega-3 fatty acids to help your pup’s eye and brain development.

Your pet can also benefit from the antioxidants present in it, like selenium and vitamin E.

If you have a small pup, you might know that they are extremely fussy during meal times. Don’t worry, as the small kibbles in this dog food are not only easy to chew but also have a tasty flavor that will instantly become a favorite!

Kirkland Signature Adult Formula

  • The primary protein source is meat
  • Abundant with antioxidants
  • Best suited for adult dogs

Another popular recipe that comes from Kirkland Dog Food is the adult formula. It provides a complete meal to adult dogs with a mix of ingredients like lamb, lamb meal, and even brown rice.

All these ingredients are not only good sources of protein but are also easy to digest. Your canine can also benefit from glucosamine and chondroitin present in this food, as they help improve the joints, while antioxidants can help maintain overall health.

If your dog’s immune system needs a little boost, this recipe is ideal as it contains omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids. With Active9 probiotics present in it, you can also say goodbye to frequent gut issues and vet appointments.

The recipe for adults also contains a few fruits, like apples and cranberries, and even healthy vegetables, such as peas and kelp.

Our Rating

With 11 recipes for dogs, I think Kirkland Dog Food offers a nice variety that will suit almost every dog’s needs. It gives me the option to experiment and add a little variety to my pet dog’s diet.

2. Ingredients

Kirkland Dog Food uses a wide array of premium ingredients in its products; however, they tend to differ as per the recipe. Some of the most common ingredients that go into dog foods are:

Meat Protein

The primary ingredient of any Kirkland Dog Food is animal meat. While some recipes include chicken, others have lamb, beef, salmon, and even turkey as the primary protein source.

Protein is essential for every dog, despite age, size, or breed. It will not only help build or grow muscles but also help maintain overall health.

Chicken Meal

The second most important ingredient present in Kirkland recipes is chicken meal. If you’re wondering what a chicken meal is, it’s nothing but a concentrate of meat that contains almost 300% more protein than regular chicken.

Brown Rice

The next ingredient used in Kirkland dog foods is brown rice. Although it is a complex carbohydrate, once you cook it, it becomes relatively easier to digest for your pup.

Brown rice offers a good energy boost to canines, but besides that, there’s not much nutritional benefit that they can derive from it.

Egg Product

A few recipes of this brand also contain egg products, which are unspecified forms of eggs that are shell-free. Eggs are relatively easier for your pup to digest and are rich in nutrients.

My only concern here is that the quality of eggs might vary significantly. The manufacturer may use lower-grade egg products from commercial hatcheries, although I have never seen any side effects in my dog that could be caused by it.

Our Rating

Kirkland Dog Food includes high-grade ingredients that pass through a checking process that ensures only quality products reach your dog. They also use good protein sources along with many other ingredients that constitute a balanced meal.

3. Nutritional Analysis

We’ve talked enough about the recipes and ingredients; now, let’s focus on the numbers that might concern you the most as pet parents. Yes, you’ve guessed it right, it’s the nutritional value!

Here are the nutrients present in Kirkland Dog Food as per the guaranteed analysis given on the product label.

Carbohydrates3,761 kcals/kg or 390 kcals/cup

The Kirkland Dog Food has an above-average level of protein, while fat and carbohydrates are near-average when you compare it to other kibbles. Despite taking into account the protein-boosting effect of ingredients like peas, flaxseed, and brewers yeast, these dog foods have a good amount of meat.

Our Rating

The nutrients present in Kirkland Dog Food are average. However, the one thing that sets it apart is the higher level of quality protein from meat.

Do you think your pet dog needs a protein-rich diet? Well, then, this can be your go-to brand of dog food.

4. Price

Kirkland Dog Food is a budget-friendly brand, which also makes it an instant favorite among pet parents. Given the premium quality ingredients and variety the brand offers, it is a good value-for-money option for you.

The Kirkland Signature Puppy Formula costs around $32.99 for a 20-pound bag.

Our Rating

If you want quality pet food without breaking your bank account, don’t look further than Kirkland Dog Food. These products are affordable and benefit people like me who have more than one dog in their homes.

5. Recall History

Do you want to know about the safety of a dog food brand? My suggestion is to check its recall history. What makes a brand safe is not just that there have been no recalls in the past but also how they tackled it.

Despite following strict quality procedures, there has been one case of a product recall by Kirkland Dog Food in 2012 due to possible salmonella contamination.

Our Rating

Kirkland Dog Food is a relatively safe and high-quality dog food from the manufacturers Diamond Pet Food. They follow strict quality control measures to ensure they deliver only top-of-the-line products.

What Sets Kirkland Dog Food Apart From Its Competitors?

What Sets Kirkland Dog Food Apart From Its Competitors?

You must be wondering why you should choose Kirkland over other dog food brands. Well, it’s the high ingredient quality and low price of this signature brand that makes it stand out.

The brand is doing a great job of offering complete and balanced meals to dogs by using a wide range of high-quality and nutritious ingredients.


  • Offers a variety of both dry and wet food recipes
  • Primary ingredients can improve the overall health
  • Includes Active9 prebiotics
  • A pocket-friendly option


  • Kirkland doesn’t manufacture the products
  • Lack of specialized meals

Our Rating



Nutritional Analysis


Recall History

Overall Rating: 4.5

Overall, Kirkland Dog Food is a good option for pet parents looking for protein-rich meals at affordable prices. The recipes of Kirkland Dog Food are entirely free of soy, wheat, and corn, ensuring low carbohydrates.

Although the brand doesn’t offer specialized recipes, they have meals formulated for puppies, adult dogs, small breed pups, and even for weight management. The variety of ingredients makes their products a complete meal!

Kirkland Dog Food Feeding Guide

Kirkland gives this feeding guide that you can adhere to when deciding how much food (cups) you can give to your dog in a day:

Weight (lbs)6 - 12 Weeks3 - 4 Months5 - 7 Months8 - 12 MonthsAdult Dogs
3 - 5¾ - 1 ¼¾ - 1⅔ - 1½ - ¾½ - ⅔
5 - 101 ¼ - 21 - 1 ¾1 - 1 ⅔¾ - 1 ⅓⅔ - 1
10 - 202 - 3¼1 ¾ - 31 ⅔ - 2 ¾1 ⅓ - 2 ¼1 - 1 ¾
20 - 303 ¼ - 4 ⅓3 - 42 ¾ - 3 ⅔2 ¼ - 31¾ - 2 ⅓
30 - 404 ⅓ - 5 ½4 - 53 ⅔ - 4 ½3 - 3 ⅔2 ⅓ - 3
40 - 605 ½ - 7 ½5 - 6 ¾4 ½ - 6 ¼3 ⅔ - 53 - 4
60 - 80-6 ¾ - 8½6 ¼ - 7 ⅔5 - 6 ¼4 - 5
80 - 100--7 ⅔ - 96 ¼ - 7 ¼5 - 5 ¾
100 - 125---7 ¼ - 8 ½5 ¾ - 6¾
125 - 150---7 ¼ - 8 ½6¾ - 7 ¾
150 - 175---9 ¾ - 117 ¾ - 8¾

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Manufactures Kirkland Dog Food?

Diamond Pet Food Inc. manufactures Kirkland Dog Food sold at Costco stores.

Is Kirkland Puppy Food Good?

Yes, the puppy recipes offered by Kirkland Dog Food are abundant with nutrients and help with overall growth.

Which Is The Best Kirkland Dog Food?

The best dog food from Kirkland is the Signature adult dog food.

Final Thoughts

Kirkland Dog Food is safe, reliable, and high-quality. Given the plenty of healthy nutrients and a wide variety of formulas, the brands offer good value for your money. It can take care of the dietary requirements of your pup without hampering your budget.

Make sure you consult a vet before introducing it to your dog to ensure it doesn’t cause an adverse impact!

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