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V-Dog Food Review: Pros, Cons, Ingredients, and Feeding Guide

Look, my job here is to tell you the facts. What we have on our hands here is a vegan dog food brand. I know it’s surprising to hear this, and it might even make some of you bring back the highly debated topic of – can dogs be vegan.

Well, as someone who believes in holistic nutrition, at least in the case of dogs, it’s a big NO for me. However, don’t count this vegan brand out yet; they have provided a list of studies that claim that our domesticated dogs have evolved alongside us and are perfectly capable of being omnivores instead of carnivores.

Now I won’t get into the nitty-gritty of these studies, and I’ll leave it to you to check them out and decide for yourself.

My job here is to tell you if this dog food is as good as it claims to be and that I’ll do very well through the five-factor analysis.

ProductsTypeSpecial FeatureOur RatingAAFCO Nutrient Profile(Life Stage)
V-Dog Kinder KibbleDryPlant-based vegan diet for dogs2.5Maintenance
V-Dog Kinder Kibble Mini BitesDryPlant-based vegan diet for dogs| Small sized2.5All Life Stages

At a Glance: V-Dog Food

Before we dive in, here’s a general overview of this unique dog food brand:

  • Made in the USA ( California)
  • Plant-based and vegan
  • Pea protein based
  • Sustainable sourcing
  • Plastic-negative
  • Mission-based company

About The Brand

V-Dog Food

3.8 Overall Editor Rating

V-Dog Food

  • Formulated by canine nutritionists
  • Experienced vetrenarians
  • Whitefish Meal And Potato Formula
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Not every day do we see dog food brands with a clear mission statement of wanting to save the planet. V-dog was founded in 2005, back when veganism was still a topic that was heavily debated. But it was surely making its way into mainstream discourse.

V-dog claims it has an all-vegan team and individuals who value animal lives.

It is a 100% vegan dog food company, meaning no animal or animal-based products are used to make its products.

The brand is proud of the impact it has made throughout its history. It has donated over 30,000 pounds of dog food kibble to animal shelters and rescue homes. Moreover, about 200,000 dollars have been donated to animal sanctuaries and non-profit organizations for animal welfare.

The brand not only focuses on veganism but also on farming and agricultural problems. It has saved over 480 million gallons of water by reducing animal agriculture. It also claims its vegan initiative has saved 35 million acres of agricultural land and forest.

The best thing that v-dog brings to the table is its reusable plastic. It has worked with rePurpose Global to remove about 2.3 million grams of plastic from the earth.

V-dog is a parent company to V-planet, a vegan dog food company now expanding worldwide.

Who Makes V-Dog Food in 2023?

V-dog food is made by V-Dog, Inc., headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area, West Coast, Western US. David Middlesworth founded the company.

Five-Factor Analysis of V-Dog Food

Five-Factor Analysis of V-Dog Food

Here’s my best attempt at breaking down this vegan pet food brand in terms of recipes, ingredients, nutritional value, pricing, and recalls. The main purpose of doing this is to know the basics about the brand and find different aspects of it to judge.

1. Recipes | ★★★★

Currently, V-dog Food only has 2 recipes in the dry dog food category.

V-Dog Kinder Kibble

  • Complete and balanced AAFCO formula
  • 100% plant-based nutrition
  • No animal products
  • No fillers, corn, soy, or wheat
  • Great for sensitive and itchy dogs
  • Includes Prebiotics, DHA, and healthy fats

V-dog says that pet nutritionists and veterinarians formulate this recipe. It’s said to be nutritionally balanced according to AAFCO standards. It contains superfoods, DHA, and omega-3 and 6 fatty acids.

V-Dog Kinder Kibble Mini Bites

  • Complete and balanced AAFCO formula
  • 100% plant-based nutrition
  • No animal products
  • AwNo fillers, corn, soy, or wheat
  • Great for sensitive and itchy dogs
  • Includes Prebiotics, DHA, and healthy fats

This recipe is the same in terms of ingredients and nutritional value V-Dog Kinder Kibble. The only difference here is the size of the kibble. The mini bites can be a great option for small breeds because they are less of a choking hazard.

2. Ingredients | ★★★★

I’m feeling iffy about the ingredients because there’s no sign of meat in there, but let’s keep an open mind.


Sorghum was a smart choice to put on the ingredient list for a vegan brand. This grain is very high in carbohydrates, but also it is gluten-free. Additionally, it provides some very needed nutrients such as B-complex vitamins, iron, magnesium, and phosphorus. The glycemic index of this grain is very low, which means it’ll help keep the blood sugar low.

Canola Oil

While the last ingredient deals with energy and all that stuff, this deals with coat health and your pet’s looks. Omega 3 and 6 are abundant in canola oil. These give your dog a shiny coat and improve its overall health. Canola oil can also be very easy to digest, which helps with nutrient absorption and good bowel movements. It may also improve the taste (palatability) of the dog food. One thing you should be wary of is that canola oil is an allergenic food for some dogs.

Natural Flavor

Being 3rd on the list, we can assume a lot of flavors are used in this dog food which is understandable when it’s a plant-only diet. Natural flavor is derived from plants and added to food to improve taste, smell, and texture.

I don’t know if you have noticed, but dogs can be very picky eaters. I’d be surprised if there weren’t some flavor elements in the dog food.

Oh, and the natural part here means that this flavor is not artificially created.

Sun Cured Alfalfa Meal

Finally! I’m glad to see some fiber action in this dog food. Alfalfa is full of fiber, but it’s not the only thing it offers.

Vitamin K, Vitamin C, Calcium, and Iron are all part of this ingredient. This ingredient is common in dog foods because of its high palatability, but it may also be an allergen.

When trying to gauge if Alfalfa is a good choice in dog food, you must look at all the other ingredients and how they complement them.

Brewer’s Dried Yeast

Brewer’s dried yeast has all the bs. I mean vitamin B1, B2, B3, B5, B6 , and B9. All of these play a very specific and important role in the general functioning and upkeep of the body.

Yeast is a probiotic ingredient, and it can promote the growth of healthy bacteria in the gut. Why are these important? Well, the good bacteria in the body give our dogs a good digestive system and strong immune system, which helps them fight off all kinds of diseases. It can improve skin ailments such as coat health, dryness, and itchiness.

Controversial Ingredients

Dried Peas

Dried peas are a source of plant-based protein, but many argue that plants are not easily digestible by dogs. Phytates are a compound that may create complications during nutrient absorption. Moreover, some studies link this legume to canine dilated cardiomyopathy. However, definitive studies are yet to be done on this.

Pea Protein

Just as it sounds, this is a protein derived from peas. Pea protein has significantly less biological value when compared to the protein derived from meat.

Sodium Selenite

Sodium selenite is a synthetic but essential mineral. It has been linked to many health issues and is potentially toxic when taken in high amounts. Nothing surrounding this ingredient is certain yet, but it gets scrutinized whenever it’s added to a dog’s food.

3. Nutritional Analysis | ★★★

This nutritional analysis showcases the nutritional value of V-dog food as a brand and tries to shed some light on how it compares to meat-based dog food.


The protein content of V-dog food is moderate but fails to compete with the ideal amount of protein in dog food.

Fat is very low in this diet, which is good news for those planning to put their dogs on a diet, but fat can be crucial in absorbing fat-soluble vitamins.

The calorie content is higher, so an active dog may survive on this diet.

4. Price | ★★

24lbs bag for 89 dollars. That is unbelievable. I’ll say no one will pay 89 dollars just to free their dog plants, or at least stuff that they can’t be sure is good for them except the evidence of a few carefully selected studies. I understand the saving the planet motto of this brand, but the pricing of this dog food is nothing short of ridiculous!

5. Recall History | ★★★★

There have been no recalls concerning the V-dog food brand. However, this brand is fairly recent and new to the market.

How Does V-Dog Food Compare to The Competition?

How Does V-Dog Food Compare to The Competition?

Compared to other vegan dog food on the market right now, this dog food is better than theirs and comes very close to the nutritional value of dog food with actual meat.

Feeding Guide V-Dog Food

V-dog food can be fed to your dog like any other normal dog food. However, you should gradually shift the dog to this diet, especially if your dog has been a meat lover. You may include a protein supplement alongside this diet after some advice from your veterinarian.


  • Eco-friendly
  • Cruelty-free
  • Mission-based program
  • Challenging norms
  • A moderate amount of protein


  • No meat
  • Very little fat content
  • Highly-priced
  • Not enough fiber
  • Some controversial Ingredients

Our Rating



Nutritional Analysis


Recall History

Overall Rating: 3.8


Is V-dog formulated by Vets?

According to V-dog, nutritionists and veterinarians are on board to help formulate the dog food.

Does V-dog food follow AAFCO guidelines?

V-dog kibble meets all AAFCO standards. They do not do animal testing but rather test their products through extensive nutrient analysis.

How does V-dog ensure safety standards?

All V-dog products go through 48-hour quality checks for safety and nutrition. Even their packaging cans and happy harvest undergo safety checks.

Are there any cat products or cat food from the V-dog brand?

Yes, V-dog makes some cat treats.

Is it okay to freeze Happy Harvest?

V-dog does not recommend freezing food once opened because of the fear of losing nutrients.

A Final Recap

It’s not every day that we come across a vegan dog food brand. The impact this one brand is making on the planet alone is undeniable. Aside from having no meat, there’s also an issue of it being very highly-priced. The price range is not sustainable for the long term, even if you wish to switch to a vegan diet for good.

I’d like to see more dog food brands take up green initiatives because someone must think about future generations, ours, and our dogs’.

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