can dogs eat fig newtons

Can Dogs Eat Fig Newtons? All You Need to Know

Sure, we love our four-legged kids, but you know, some treats aren’t a treat at all. So today, we are going to discuss if dogs can safely consume fig newtons.

Figs aren’t exactly your typical fruit. You may think about Figs, the fruit, as a package that contains all of its seeds inside it, much like a pomegranate. It is soft on the inside and has crunchy textured skin.

So most people assume that anything that has fruit inside is supposed to be healthy. That’s not quite the case with Figs. Let’s discuss if your dogs can eat fig newtons if it is bad for them, and what you can do about it.

What are Fig Newtons?

What Are Fig Newtons?

Fig Newtons are a popular American snack that comes in the form of cookies. Here is some general information about Fig Newtons.

1. History

There is a long and drawn-out history of Fig Newtons that tells the tale of how a regular fruit became a recipe in the mind of the creator and then one of the most widely bought snacks in America. And let me tell you, this story has plenty of flavor.

Fig Newtons were first introduced in America when British Immigrants started rolling them out as homemade treats. These treats are still very popular in the United Kingdom, but they are homemade.

Fig rolls are doughy pastry that contains a thick paste of sweet figs inside it. This slowly became what we know as Fig Newton in America.

You may have wondered whether this treat shares its name with the scientist who had an apple fall on his head – Sir Isaac Newton, but no. “Newton” is actually a town in Massachusetts, and it inspired the name for this treat.

In 2012, the manufacturing company, Nabisco, decided to drop the “Fig” from the cookies’ official name. Yes, the treats are actually just called Newtons now.

This rebranding was necessary because Nabisco wanted people to focus on the fact that they had many other flavors for this cookie, such as raspberry and strawberry. Figs are not the only flavor, but they are the first and most popular flavor.

However, prior to 1890, Newtons were just called “Fruit and cake,” so that means originally Nabisco wanted everyone to focus on their delicious Fig Cookies, but as the times have changed, so have they.

2. Nutritional Value and Ingredients

The ingredients used in making these treats are- Whole Grain Wheat Flour, Figs, Sugar, Corn Syrup, Invert Sugar, Vegetable Oil (Soybean and/or Canola and/or Palm and/or Partially Hydrogenated Cottonseed Oil), Soluble Corn Fiber, Oats and more.

One serving of Fig Newtons, or two cookies, to be precise, contains about 110 calories.

Can Dogs Eat Fig Newtons?

Can Dogs Eat Fig Newtons?

The short answer is no; dogs should not eat Fig Newtons. The longer answer would be that Fig Newtons contains Figs that have sap in them by the name of feasting.

These types of figs are purple in color, and fig trees have a kind of white sappy substance whenever you pull off a green leaf or a fig. You’ll see this white sappy substance oozing out of the wound on the leaf or from the stalk where you pull the leaf out.

This sap can cause a lot of harmful symptoms not only when eaten but by any form of physical contact. It can actually prove to be fatal.

The thing about Fig Newtons is that while it does have fig in it, it is processed food. Any processed food actually contains very less of the actual fruit. So while having one or two Fig Newtons might not be as detrimental as eating actual figs, it is still advised that you refrain from feeding your dogs Fig Newtons.

Another downside of Figs Newton being processed is that it contains a lot of high content of sugar, fats, and wheat. Even if there were no figs involved, Fig Newtons are particularly not a healthy treat to give to your dogs. Regular snacking of dogs on Fig Newtons might result in high blood sugar, heart diseases, and obesity.

There is a whole array of dog treats that are specifically made for dogs and are biologically good for them to consume. There are even some options that you can make at home. Human treats and dogs just don’t mix well together, even if we do not consider that figs are actually toxic for dogs.

1. Does Fig Newton Actually Have Figs in it?

Fig Newton contains dried fig paste inside pastry dough. This technique was first used by Charles Roser.

So, although the figs inside Fig Newtons are processed and not a significant amount, it does contain actual figs.

Even the ingredients list on the packaging says that figs are included in the recipe. If the ingredients list were to say “fig flavor,” we could assume that to be artificial.

But rest assured, Fig Newtons most definitely contains real figs.

While Nabisco will not actually reveal what’s inside the famous recipe, it is safe to assume that it contains dried mission figs since they are the most common type of fig.

Can Dogs Eat Figs?

Can Dogs Eat Figs?

Figs are potentially toxic for dogs when consumed. This includes any part of the Fig tree, even the leaves, and the bark. There is a white liquid (sap) that oozes out of this fruit and its tree called feasting. If digested, it can be a very painful and irritable experience for your dogs. It might highly irritate the skin and eyes if your dog has come into contact with it.

This is because of the fig latex. Even humans can experience this burning sensation when they eat a raw fig. This highly irritable sap is made up of a proteolytic enzyme. The more common name for this proteolytic enzyme is ficin.

What’s a proteolytic enzyme for those of you who aren’t PhDs and whatnot? Proteolytic basically means it breaks down protein.

Surely you have heard that pineapples have bromelain and papayas have papain. These are also enzymes that can be irritable allergens.

The reason that Figs and Fig trees have developed this proteolytic enzyme is for their own safety. Predators of any kind are not able to eat figs at their unripe stage.

These enzymes can also digest pests and worms, so you can imagine their power.

1. Fig Toxicity Symptoms in Dogs

While suffering toxicity from a fig, dogs might experience painful sensations that include abdominal pain, drooling, mouth pain, diarrhea, and vomiting.

If nothing goes down the food pipe, just wash your dog’s mouth with water, and if their skin is irritated, give them a thorough bath.

Usually, in these cases, you can notice the dog looking very distressed and rubbing its face with the floor or its paws. The eyes will start watering, and the dog might experience vomiting and diarrhea.

This might be confusing for some because Figs Newton was first popularized for dealing with indigestion.

Your dog’s life may not be in danger, but you do need to be quick on your feet so further complications don’t occur. Consult a veterinarian as soon as you get to know that your dog has ingested figs.

What if My Dog Accidentally ate Fig Newtons?

What If My Dog Accidentally Ate Fig Newtons?

No need to worry. If the quantity isn’t much, you can be assured that your dog will be fine.

However, be vigilant and watch out for any symptoms that indicate your dog needs assistance. They might get diarrhea, have watery eyes, and look very distressed.

If you can clearly see that your dog is having a reaction to Fig Newtons, it’s time to get the vet involved. The way a veterinarian can help your dog by inducing vomit so it can let all the toxins out of its system before they do further damage.

At home, you can make sure your dog drinks plenty of water.

Some people also worry that if their dog ate a whole sleeve of Fig Newtons, the result might be drastic.

Even if your dog has eaten plenty of Fig Newtons, they will likely be fine. It is advised to consult a veterinarian as soon as possible and also try to avoid feeding your dog Fig Newtons.


Who doesn’t love dotting on their baby dogs? However, mindless dotting can be harmful. It is good to check whether a snack is good for your dog before you actually try feeding it.

I suggest to avoid feeding human snacks to dogs altogether because you may never completely know what’s inside them. While these products are tested to be safe for human consumption, the same cannot be said for dogs.

Figs might be one of your favorite snacks, but to truly love your pets is to know what is right for them.

So even if your dog is fine if it munches on a few Fig Newtons, you may want to avoid feeding it to them. Never try feeding your dog actual figs because even if it doesn’t prove to be fatal, it will be a very painful experience to go through.

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