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Diamond Dog Food Review: Pros, Cons, and Feeding Guide

Stepping into the dog food aisle of any grocery store becomes a tedious journey through countless brands and products. If you have a dog, or maybe more than one, you might agree with me here. And this only makes it harder to find a brand that offers high-quality products as well as a few flavors to experiment with.

One brand that I swear by is Diamond Dog Food. But just because it’s a favorite in my household and gets the tail wagging at each mealtime doesn’t mean that you should get it for your pup, at least not until you know more about it.

Dive right into this fairly detailed review of the Diamond Dog Food brand. You will find a 5-factor analysis that will cover the ingredients, recipes, nutrients, price, and even recall history to help you make the right choice for your furry companion.

ProductsTypeSpecial FeatureOur RatingAAFCO Nutrient Profile (Life Stage)
Diamond Naturals Extreme AthleteDryHigh protein level and free of grains4.5Adult
Diamond Naturals All Life StagesDryUses all-natural ingredients3.5All life stages
Diamond Naturals Large Breed Dog FoodDryImprove skin and coat4Adult

At A Glance: Diamond Dog Food

Let’s take a quick look at the key features of Diamond Dog Food, which I’ll also discuss later in more detail:

  • It Has been in the industry for over 50 years
  • Produces good quality dog food in America
  • The company offers many brands
  • Free of controversial and harmful ingredients
  • Uses only nutrient-rich and quality ingredients

All About Diamond Dog Food

Diamond Dog Food

4.0 Overall Editor Rating

Diamond Dog Food

  • Complex carbohydrates
  • Real chicken for superior taste
  • Easily digestible
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Diamond Pet Foods creates dog food recipes based on the latest nutrition research to meet the unique needs of dogs at different sizes and stages of life. They offer a variety of all-natural formulas and grain-free recipes for dogs with sensitivities.

Each formula contains real meat and fresh produce, providing natural vitamins and minerals. According to the company, they use the best quality ingredients available, making their products superior to most affordable dog foods.

One thing that sets Diamond apart from other brands is the inclusion of superfoods like spinach and blueberries in many of their formulas. These nutrient-packed ingredients are not commonly found in traditional recipes.

Who Makes Diamond Dog Food In 2023?

Diamond Pet Food includes a wide array of dog food brands under its umbrella. Schell & Kampeter Inc. owns the company Diamond Pet Foods.

Started in 1970 by brothers-in-law Schell and Kampeter, it continues to be a family-operated business. Their mission to provide other families and pets with high-quality dog food comes from their rich family history.

5-Factor Detailed Analysis of Diamond Dog Food

5-Factor Detailed Analysis of Diamond Dog Food

Now that you know about the company, its history, and who manufactures the products, it’s time for us to delve deeper into our research. Let’s finally give you the answer to whether Diamond Dog Food will be suitable for your pet dog or not.

I use 5 different factors to determine if a specific dog food is good, and I will be putting this brand through the same tests. So, shall we begin?

1. Recipes

The manufacturers at Diamond Dog Food realize that not every dog is the same and so their dietary needs might also vary. They offer dog foods under 5 categories, each targeting a specific need.

Some of the most popular Diamond dog food recipes are:

Diamond Naturals Extreme Athlete

  • Contains a good amount of chicken
  • Includes many high-quality ingredients
  • Offers extra energy for active dogs

Do you have a dog that is always on the go? Well, then, this recipe is best suited for your canine.

It comes packed with extra fat, more protein, and certainly more calories. This blend is ideal for active dogs like yours who have the energy to burn off all the calories. It also contains a good amount of fish.

It is a formula that is most beneficial for a high-impact athlete, as it encourages healthy bones as well as joints. This dog recipe is abundant in high-quality, nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables as well.

The only downside of this particular recipe is that it contains salt and even a few other vaguely described ingredients.

Diamond Naturals All Life Stages

  • Contains both meat and non-meat ingredients
  • Free of grain fillers
  • Abundant in unusual “superfoods”

Let’s move to the next blend, which you can get if you have dogs that are at different life stages. This recipe comes in a chicken and rice formula.

If you’re wondering what makes this recipe good for your dog, it’s the fact that the manufacturers use real meat protein and protein levels ranging from 23-26%. And that’s not all; it is a safe recipe entirely free of soy, corn, and wheat.

As you know, this comes from the Naturals product line of Diamond, so it contains probiotics and even superfoods that enhance the nutritional value of dog food. The nutrients that are abundant and can significantly benefit your pup’s health come from ingredients like coconut, papaya, carrots, and spinach.

Diamond Naturals Large Breed Dog Food

  • Formulated for large breeds
  • Contains more protein and less fat
  • Various sources of nutrition

Another recipe that I will review is the Diamond Naturals food for large breeds. It is something you want if you have a king-sized dog like mine.

This formula contains less fat than other adult foods offered by Diamond, which can compensate for more appetite. It contains special additives to improve a dog’s bone, joint health and also offers healthy skin or coat.

Your pup will also benefit from the nutritious ingredients included in this formula, like carrots, kale, blueberries, and spinach.

This recipe is only available in either a 6-ounce or a 40-pound bag. I can understand that you might want a larger bag of this recipe for your dog to support the larger appetite, but you’ll have to purchase the 40-pound bags only.

Our Rating

The wide array of categories and recipes offered by Diamond Dog Food is something that makes it stand out. It ensures I can switch recipes to keep mealtimes interesting for my pup and give the necessary nutrients without having to switch the manufacturer.

It’s a win-win for me!

2. Ingredients

You would be relieved to know that Diamond Pet Foods is a brand that uses only high-quality ingredients in its dog food formulas. The manufacturer ensures the products offer balanced nutrition and also adhere to the AAFCO guidelines.

Some of the commonly used ingredients are:


One common ingredient you will find in most Diamond recipes is meat, listed as the primary ingredient. Diamond Pet Food uses animal protein for its product lines, including chicken, lamb, salmon, turkey, bison, and even venison.

These high-quality animal meats offer essential amino acids that a canine needs for healthy muscle development. Moreover, if you have an omnivorous dog, animal proteins will be easier to digest when compared to plant proteins.

Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and even a few vegetables can boost a dog food recipe’s nutritional value. Unlike a few dog food brands that are on the lower end in terms of quality, all the Diamond formulas include whole fruits and vegetables that boost nutritional content.

You can find kale, spinach, beetroot, carrots, berries, coconut, and even papaya in some of the recipes.

Superfoods and Prebiotics

A unique ingredient that features in some of the Diamond Dog Foods are superfoods like chia seeds. These ingredients offer your dog a nutrient-dense meal but without the extra calories.

Besides that, Diamond pet foods also come with prebiotics and probiotics. Present in each recipe offered by Diamond Dog Food; these ingredients can support gut health as they enhance nutrient absorption.

Chicken Fat

Another essential ingredient found in these recipes is chicken fat. Are you wondering where chicken fat comes from? The rendering of chicken is a process identical to making soup in your kitchen, during which the chicken fat itself gets skimmed from the liquid’s surface.

Chicken fat is abundant in an essential omega-6 fatty acid, linoleic acid. It might not sound delicious to you, but it will benefit your pup a lot!

Our Rating

There are many premium brands that may use better ingredients; however, Diamond Dog Food manages to offer decent quality at lower prices. The recipes contain a good mix of healthy and natural ingredients that can benefit dogs of every size and breed!

3. Nutritional Analysis

As pet parents, we know the importance of giving a balance of nutrients to our furry friends. The food formulas offered by Diamond Dog Food are suitable for all dogs and can easily meet their dietary needs.

NutrientContent Per Serving
Calories3,425 kcal/kg or 350 kcal/cup

Our Rating

Diamond Dog Food is abundant in nutrients, which also sets it apart from other substitutes in the same price range. The recipes contain above-average protein and fat content but below-average levels of carbs as compared to other brands’ dog foods.

If you wish to give your pet dog more proteins and less fiber to suit your furry friend’s dietary requirements, you can consider Red Flannel.

4. Price

Diamond Dog Food is below the average market price for dry dog food. It is a great choice if you want to give nutrient-rich food to your dog without disrupting your monthly budget.

A 40-pound bag of Diamond Naturals All Life Stages costs $46.99 and amounts to $1.18/lb.

Every formula contains nutritious, healthy, and high-grade ingredients suitable for your dog.

Our Rating

If you want to offer high-quality dog food at a good value, Diamond Dog Food is a great option. You will be able to give all the essential ingredients at affordable prices and wouldn’t have to worry about your pocket.

5. Recall History

Although Diamond Pet Food follows procedures and regulations, they have had a few recalls of its products. They are

  • 05.05.2012 – Pet food recall because of salmonella
  • 04.06.2012 – Dry dog food recall for the risk of salmonella
  • 05.21.2012 – Diamond Naturals Lamb And Rice Formula dry food due to salmonella

Our Rating

Despite a few product recalls in the past, Diamond Dog Food is a relatively safe and high-quality brand since it aims to follow the norms and procedures and offer only the best.

Diamond Dog Food: Is It Worth It?

Diamond Dog Food: Is It Worth It?

In my opinion, Diamond Dog Food offers dog owners an alternative that is better than average at a decent price. The brand uses a variety of high-quality ingredients, and each blend is formulated to offer a good level of nutrients.

Although the meat-derived options and even flavors are few, the delicious taste that entices my dogs makes up for it.


  • Diverse range of dog foods
  • Suitable for canines of all breeds, ages, and sizes
  • Free of artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives
  • Affordable options


  • Plant-based protein content in some recipes
  • Previous product recalls

Our Rating



Nutritional Analysis


Recall History

Overall Rating: 4.0

What strikes a majority of people who have dogs is that this family-owned pet food company offers high-quality dog food at a very affordable price.

Of the five dog food options, I recommend Diamond Naturals for dry dog food, as it offers unbeatable nutrition and value for money.

The reputation of this company has taken a hit with the unfortunate history of product recalls. However, I believe the new quality assurance standards will help it produce safe and high-quality dog foods.

Diamond Dog Food Feeding Guide

Diamond Pet Food gives this feeding guide as a starting point for the food quantity you can give to your dog:

Current Weight (In lbs)Cups Per Day
603 ¾
804 ¾
1005 ⅔
1256 ⅔
1507 ⅔
1758 ½

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Diamond Dog Food Suited For Older Dogs?

Yes, a few Diamond dog foods contain a lot of proteins and low levels of fats, making it ideal for senior dogs.

Does Diamond Dog Food Contain High Protein?

Diamond Dog Food is a brand that offers good levels of protein at 26%, which is above average than most brands.

Is Diamond A Healthy Food For Dogs?

Yes, Diamond Dog Food is a healthy and nutritious food option for your dog.

Final Thoughts

Every company has some hits and some misses, and so does Diamond Pet Food. Still, it is a great food choice for your pet dog as it provides natural, healthy, premium, and delicious dog food recipes that will make mealtimes a breeze for you.

I would recommend you give this brand a try, especially if you have an active dog that needs more energy from a high-calorie diet.

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